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The Brownlow's and the Jenkins' toast the New Year.  Arthur wishes everyone a happy new year and kisses Alice Jenkins.  "Oh I've heard about you at the office party," she whispers to Arthur.  She takes Arthur's hand and squeezes it.
Iris Scott comes into the Brownlow's living room and says that they haven't touched the turkey.  Kath tries to tell her to be quiet.  Mr Jenkins apologises if they have caused them any trouble.  
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and finds Reg Cotterrill on his own.  Reg tells her that Alison has gone to her convent.  He tells Doris that he hasn't valued Doris's friendship as he should have.  He says he hasn't got a lot of friends and perhaps he should have married.  Doris says he might not have been any happier.
Arthur Brownlow tells Iris Scott off for blurting out about the food.  He says it'll be all around the office, that he can't organise anything.  Iris says from where she was standing Alice Jenkins couldn't keep her eyes off him.
Alison Cotterill goes to see Mother Mary Peter and tells her that she can't come to the convent.  Mother Mary Peter guesses it has something to do with Reg Cotterill.  Alison meets Sister Celestine outside the convent and she notices that Sister Celestine is dressed in ordinary clothes.  Alison tells her she looks very different, and tells Sister Celestine that she must come and visit her.  They hug each other.
Barbara Hunter arrives at the motel and Meg asks her what is happening.  Barbara tells her that David has to stay in Guernsey because his aunt is elderly and she needs taking care of.  Barbara tells Meg that David's aunt wants him to run the Guernsey hotel, but assures Meg that David won't be selling his shares.
Meg asks Walter Fallon to come to the sitting room and tells him that David isn't selling his motel shares.  Walter Fallon says that can't be right, and says he had David's financial situation checked out and it wasn't good.  Meg tells him that Barbara helped out with the money from her books.  Adam Chance joins them in the sitting room and Meg explains the situation to him.  Walter Fallon tells Adam that he is sure that he will find a buyer for his shares soon.  Adam tells Walter that he said he would buy them, and Walter tells him that 10% is too trivial and he will have to back out.
Alison Cotterill tells Reg that she won't be going into the convent and Reg says he is glad.  He gets his bible out and places it in the centre of the table.  Alison asks him what he wants her to read and Reg quotes a verse and line.  Alison finds it in the bible.  "Wither thou goest I will go and wither thou shalt lodge I shall lodge," reads Alison.
Iris Scott puts on airs and graces about her new job and tells Glenda and Doris Luke that they can stay cleaning floors if they want. 
Adam Chance introduces Barbara Hunter to Rita Hughes.  Barbara tells Jill Harvey that she has just heard about her engagement, and invites her and Tom Peterson to the Coach House for dinner.  Barbara asks Rita Hughes and Adam Chance if they would like to come too but Rita says she has something else on, and leaves the room.
Glenda Brownlow arrives home after work and takes some tablets for her headache.  She tells Iris that she hasn't exactly helped, going on about her job.  Iris Scott tells Glenda that she can do more with her life than waitressing.
Becky Foster arrives at the motel for work at the same time as Barbara Hunter.  Sandy introduces them to each other.  "Mrs David Hunter?" asks Becky Foster.  "Yes.  You know my husband?" asks Barbara.  "Just to say hello to," replies Becky.  Becky Foster goes into the kitchen. 
Sandy asks Barbara if she would write a brochure for the motel.  Barbara asks Sandy about Becky Foster and Sandy tells her that she took over from Sharon Metcalfe as Victor Lee's secretary.
Barbara Hunter goes into the staff room and finds Becky Foster.  She asks Becky if she is staying locally and Becky tells her that she in staying at Diane Hunter's flat whilst she is in America.
Adam Chance wishes Jill Harvey luck for her marriage to Tom Peterson.  Jill gets out her bottle of pills and Adam asks her why she needs them if she is happy.  Jill tells him it's only for a little while.  "You wouldn't by any chance be hooked," says Adam.  "of course not," says Jill.
The next day Jill Harvey runs out of tablets and moans about it to Rita Hughes.  Jill says it doesn't really matter anyway because she has got a repeat prescription.  "That's handy," says Rita Hughes.
Jill Harvey introduces Tom Peterson to Barbara Hunter.  As Tom and Jill leave together Barbara tells Meg that they make a nice couple.  Barbara tells Meg that she invited Adam Chance, Jill, Tom and Rita Hughes to dinner at the Coach House but she got a strange reaction from Rita Hughes.  Meg tells Barbara that Rita Hughes used to be Tom Peterson's girlfriend.
Becky Foster gives Sandy a lecture on endangered species of animals, and Sandy escapes to answer the phone.  Barbara phones Sandy from the Coach House and tells Sandy that she has forgotten some papers.  Sandy tells her that he found them.  Becky Foster tells Sandy that she will take the papers to Barbara on her way home. 
At the Coach House Becky Foster arrives with Barbara's papers.  She looks through Barbara's bookshelf and tells Barbara that she must have the complete works of Eleanor Ruskin.  "Don't you find Eleanor Ruskin soppy?" asks Becky.  "Eleanor Ruskin is hard work.  I know that because I am Eleanor Ruskin," says Barbara.

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