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Lynn Baxter talks with her parents and tells them she loves Sandy and wants to make him happy.  Mr Baxter says they haven't got anything against Sandy, they just want to make sure she isn't making a mistake. 
Jane Smith goes to see Lucy Hamilton and Lucy tells her that her father is coming over from America to see them.
Jill phones Meg and Meg tells her that she has been worried about her.  "Jill I've tried to let you work this out by yourselves, but so you know what you're doing to us.  You're breaking our hearts," says Meg close to tears.  Jill hangs up.
Sandy comes into the sitting room and seeing Meg's anxious expression, asks what is wrong.  Meg explains that Jill just phoned but didn't say where she was calling from.  Sandy says he remembers a friend of Anthony Mortimer's who had a flat in London.  "He might know where Anthony is," says Sandy.  Meg says it's worth a try and dials the number Sandy gives her.  She suddenly slams the phone down.  "What is it?" asks Sandy.  "It was her," answers Meg.  "Well what do we do now?" asks Sandy.  "I don't know.  At least we know where she is," says Meg.
*** End of Episode 2876 ***
David Hunter asks Kate Hamilton if she would consider leaving the motel and going to work at the casino but Kate assures him that she wouldn't.  "I'm glad to hear it," says David.
Lucy Hamilton's father arrives at the cottage and Lucy hugs him.  Kate Hamilton arrives hom shortly after and Lucy tells her that they have a visitor.  Rick Hamilton comes through into the living room and hugs Kate but Kate holds back.
Anthony Mortimer comes to the motel to see Meg.  He tells her that Jill is finding this all very difficult but she thinks she is doing the right thing.  "What does she want, a blessing?" asks Meg, sarcastically.  "Yes," says Anthony.  "Well she won't have it," says Meg.  Meg tells Anthony that she knows where Jill is.  "She's not struggling on her own, and you can tell her that from me," says Meg.
Kate Hamilton tells Rick Hamilton that he can stay at the cottage tonight but after that he must find a hotel.
*** End of Episode 2877 *** 
Sharon Metcalfe asks Stan if he has heard anything from Gocol head office and Stan says no.  Sharon says Mr Ozzimoto might not have understood what Jane was saying.  "Is that likely do you think?" asks Stan.  "No," answers Sharon.  Stan tells her that he is going to Hamburg on business with George McClusky.
Sharon opens the morning mail and gives Stan a letter from Gocol.  Stan opens it and reads it.  He explains that it is from J. B. Thornton, the head of Gocol, congratulating him on the fine work he is doing.  Stan looks at Sharon and says Mr Ozzimoto obviously didn't say anything to Thornton.
Rick Hamilton relaxes at the cottage whilst Kate Hamilton is upstairs getting ready for work.  There is a knock on the door, followed by another knock.  "Are you expecting anyone, Katy," asks Rick, but receives no answer.  There is another knock, followed by the sound of a key being turned in the lock.  David Hunter lets himself into the cottage and stops when he see's Rick Hamilton.  David introduces himself.  "Oh don't worry.  Lucy told me everything I want to know.  Do yourself a favour Dave, sit down," says Rick. 
Stan tells Sharon and Jim that he is going to get a stand-in manager to look after everything whilst he is away. 
Kate Hamilton comes downstairs and see's David.  David offers her a lift to the motel.  "We have been getting to know each other.  We're real buddies, me and Dave.  After all, we have one think in common.  We've both shared a house with the one and only Kate Hamilton," says Rick.  David opens the door for Kate.  "Tell me Kate.  Have you seen anything of Tony Moran?" asks Rick Hamilton, but Kate walks out without a word.
Sharon tells Jim that she would have thought that he would be the obvious choice as a stand in manager for the garage whilst Stan is away.  She says she will talk to Stan about it.  Jim Baines telephones Muriel and tells her that if he plays his cards right he might be in line for promotion.  He tells her to get ready and they will go out to dinner but Muriel says she doesn't really want to.  "Oh come on.  It's a celebration," says Jim.  "I don't want to!" shouts Muriel and slams the phone down.  

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