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May 1974
The attractive blonde schoolteacher Laura Marshall,and Anne Powell, one time-secretary to the owner of the Crossroads Motel Meg Richardson, arrive at the Motel, both looking for David Hunter. David, the good-looking and efficient co-director became very involved with Anne when she offered her services as secretary three years previously.  In fact, they were about to marry when Anne, a part-time model, was called away to a modelling assignment in London.  There she met and married Bob Powell, a doctor.  Their relationship was to be plagued with unhappiness and Anne, still with a soft spot for the man she once loved, came to seek David's advice.      

Diane Parker, Meg and David's secretary, talks with Dot Smith on the canal boat which is Diane's home. Dot's daughter Jane Smith, bespectacalled and innocent-looking, arrives at the boat.  Dot, who looks more like Jane's older sister than her mother, tells her she is not to see Isaac Harvey again. Isaac, a kindly old gentleman, has been taking Jane on trips to the country in her free time away from working as a waitress at the Crossroads Motel.

David Hunter visits Doctor Bruce Richardson's surgery to ask him to have a drink with him.  Bruce, who was fostered by Meg Richardson when just a young boy, tells David about some threatening letters he has been receiving which are causing him some concern.  He tells David he suspects Mrs Loman, his ex-receptionist has been sending them.  Mrs Loman left the doctor's employment of her own accord but has been telling everyone that Doctor Richardson sacked her so that he could employ a younger receptionist.  They are interupted by Mrs O'Brien, the doctor's present receptionist, who tries to hide the fact that she has been crying.  She tells Bruce that she has received an anonymous letter. 

Bart Fisher tries to persuade Diane Parker to be his secretary but without success. Following the break-up of her marriage to Vince Parker, Diane makes it clear that she doesn't want anything more to do with men.  Diane caused a scandal at the Motel by having a child from Frank Adams. Diane met and married Vince Parker, a postman, whilst working at the Motel and he agreed to accept her child as his own. Diane accepted money from Adams which resulted in the baby boy, Nicky, being put into his fathers care.  Frank Adams is now living in America with Nicky.  

Mrs O'Brien's husband returns to the doctor's surgery having earlier forgotten his wallet.  He finds the anonymous letter addressed to his wife and reads it.  When Mr O'Brien confronts Bruce Richardson about the letter, Bruce explains.

Martin Bell, a barman at the Motel, and Jane Smith arrange for Isaac Harvey and Dot Smith to be left alone on the canal boat so that they can get to know each other better, and hopefully change Dot's opinion of Isaac. Dot Smith and Isaac Harvey arrange a surprise birthday party for Jane.

Cliff Leyton pays Martin Bell to go out after he has left the canal boat.  Martin telephones Jane Smith and asks her to come out to dinner with him.  Jane accepts.

The black boy, Winston James comes to help Roy and Sheila Mollison on their market stall.  He tells them that his parents own a stall at the other end of the market.

Laura Marshall sees David Hunter talking intently with Anne Powell.  David and Anne are just good friends but Laura thinks there is more to it than that.  Laura was living in a cottage when she met David, who lived in the adjoining cottage.  One night Laura's water pipes burst and she went to David for help.  David put her up at his cottage for the night.  Then on another occasion when Laura slipped on an icy path David helped her again. 

Roy and Sheila Mollison and Wilf Harvey are at home talking about Mrytle Cavendish when Wilf hears a noise outside.  He goes outside to investigate and finds Winston James, who says he has come to talk to Roy and Sheila.  Wilf takes him into the house.  Winston tells Roy and Sheila that he can't help them on their stall tomorrow because his parents are going away for the day and he is going with them.

Sandy Richardson asks David if he has told Laura that Anne Powell is an old friend.  David says he has but it didn't make any difference.  David goes to Roy and Sheila's market stall and buys a plant for Laura.  Winston James appears from behind the stall as David walks away.  "Who's that bloke?" he asks.  "Which one?" asks Roy.  "The tall one.  Is he a cop?" asks Winston.  "No. That's Mr Hunter from the Crossroads Motel.  Winston, don't you think it's about time you told us what's going on." says Sheila.  Winston leaves without saying another word.  Later, Roy and Sheila find out that Winston has been telling them a pack of lies and that Winston's parents' stall doesn't exist.

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