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Miranda Pollard tells Paul Ross that the airline phoned with confirmation of his flight, and she asks him why he didn't tell her that he was going away.  Paul tells her that he is going to Paris to see a hotelier about a job.  Valerie Pollard comes into the room and tells Miranda that J. Henry would like to see her.  Miranda Pollard leaves the office and Paul is about to leave when Valerie asks him to stay. 
Valerie Pollard tells Paul Ross that she understands that he is taking a few days off, and Paul tells her it's personal business.  Valerie tells him that Miranda is also taking a few days off, and Paul says he didn't know.  Valerie tells him that if she finds out he is lying he won't like what she does to him.
Miranda Pollard telephones a Paris hotel and explains that she is phoning on behalf of her husband, and says that he made an incorrect booking.  She says he booked a single room when it should have been a double room.
Valerie Pollard joins Miranda in the office and asks her if she would like to drive up to Scotland with her to check on one of J. Henry's businesses there.  Miranda tells her mother that she can't, she has got a few days off but she has got something planned.  Valerie remarks that everyone seems to be taking a few days off.  "Not everyone.  There's only two people I know of.  Me and Paul," says Miranda, then stops and looks at her mother.
David Hunter and Kate Hamilton return from court and David tells everyone that it is good news, Kate has been found not guilty. 
Oliver Banks goes to the garage and tells Sharon Metcalfe that the indicators on his car are not working.  Sharon says she will get someone to look at it.  She invites Oliver Banks into the garage office for a drink and tells him about the sale of the garage.  She says she is sure that J. Henry Pollard will get the garage,  Oliver Banks asks her who is handling the sale and Sharon tells him it is Morry Lander.  Oliver tells Sharon that he will put out a few feelers, he may be able to help. 
Valerie Pollard see's Paul Ross in reception before he leaves for Paris.  She tells him that Jill Harvey would like to see him in the office, so Paul leaves reception to go through to the private wing.  Valerie Pollard crosses reception and talks to a man sitting in reception.  "The man I was just talking to," Valerie says quietly.
Oliver Banks arrives home and his wife Sally tells him that she promised some friends of their, the Harrington's, that they would go for a few drinks tomorrow evening.  Oliver tells Sally that he can't make it, he has got a business meeting.  When Sally Banks leaves the room Oliver picks up the phone and dials a number.  
Sharon Metcalfe answers the phone in the garage office.  "hello," she says, but there is no answer.  "Look, I'm a very busy lady," says Sharon.  Still there is no answer.  "Look, if you're playing games try somebody else ok," says Sharon and puts the phone down.
"No, I'm not playing games," says Oliver Banks into the phone.  Sally Banks comes back into the room and asks Oliver who he was phoning.  Oliver tells her that he was trying to phone the Harrington's but their number seems to be engaged.  "So we are going?" asks Sally, and Oliver says yes.  Sally tells him he can phone later.  "Yes, I'll do that," says Oliver.
Sally Banks telephones Glenda and tells her that it was very nice to see her and Kevin the other evening.  She says she has got to go into Birmingham tomorrow and she will call in to see her in the evening. 
Oliver Banks phones Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that he has forgotten the name of Reg Lamont's solicitor.  Sharon tells him Morry Lander and gives him the phone number.  Oliver says they must get together for a drink sometime.
J. Henry Pollard and Jill Harvey have a drink in the motel bar.  Sharon Metcalfe joins them and tells J. Henry that she wanted to ask him a few things about the garage.  J. Henry tells Sharon that he is busy and he has no intention of discussing business this evening.  He suggests Sharon goes to see David Hunter, and tells her that David is in the office.  Sharon leaves.  Jill tells J. Henry that he knows very well that it is David's evening off.
Meanwhile Sharon Metcalfe waits in an empty office.  David Hunter comes in dressed casually, and asks Sharon what she is doing here.  Sharon tells David that she wanted to know J. Henry Pollard's plans for the garage.  David tells her that as far as he can gather J. Henry is going to knock the garage down and redevelop the site. 
Sally Banks arrives at the Brownlow's and finds Glenda alone.  Sally tries her best to talk Glenda out of trying for a test tube baby.  "I thought so," says Glenda.  "That's what this little visit is all about," says Glenda.  Glenda tells Sally Banks that she is two faced, pretending she cares about them when all the time all she is worried about is what her friends will think.
Paul Ross arrives back at the motel after his trip to Paris.  Valerie Pollard tells Paul that J. Henry thought he might have gone to Paris to see his rival for a job incase J. Henry threw him out.  Paul says if J. Henry had checked then he would have found his suspicions confirmed. 
Jill Harvey see's Valerie Pollard and asks if Miranda has come back yet because the man is here to collect her hire car. 
Valerie Pollard sits in reception with the private detective she hired.  She tells him that she is only interested in whether her daughter went to Paris with Paul Ross, and it is obvious that she didn't.  The private detective shows Valerie some photos of Paul Ross and Miranda at the airport and boarding the plane.      
Valerie Pollard finds Paul Ross in the bar and asks him if he has seen Miranda.  She asks Paul if he is interested in photography and shows him the photo's which the private detective took of Paul and Miranda.  Paul admits that he and Miranda spent a few days together.  He tells Valerie that he doesn't know if she is being over protective but reminds Valerie that Miranda is a grown up.  He throws the photographs down and tells Valerie that she should grow up herself.
J. Henry Pollard, Valerie, Jill and David meet in the office.  J. Henry tells them that Paul Ross went to Paris to see about a job, and he was offered the job but Paul's contract with him makes it impossible for him to accept the job.  J. Henry asks David if he would release Paul Ross, and David says he would, but J. Henry says he wants Paul to stay. 
Valerie Pollard tells Miranda that she knows she spent her two days off with Paul Ross, and Miranda asks her how she found out.  "Don't tell me you had us followed," says Miranda.  Valerie just looks at her.  "Next you'll be telling me you had us photographed too," says Miranda.  She looks at her mother who stays silent.  Miranda says that's obscene.
Diane Hunter goes into the office to see J. Henry Pollard at his request.  He offers her a drink, but Diane tells him that Paul Ross doesn't like her drinking whilst she is on duty.  J. Henry insists.  "Drink up Diane, you your new job," says J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry tells Diane that he is going to send her to Scotland to train at his marina and then bring her back to take over Paul Ross's job. 
J. Henry Pollard asks Valerie to type up a memo which is supposed to be from the manager of the marina in Scotland.  Valerie then goes into reception and shows Diane the memo and shows her what she could be earning.
The receptionist gives Miranda Pollard a letter which Miranda opens and reads. 
Kevin Banks tells Kath Brownlow that Walter Soper is talking about getting a job, so perhaps he will leave soon.  Kath tells Kevin that she is under some obligation to Walter Soper because it seems that Arthur borrowed some money from him some time ago.  Kevin laughs and tells her that Walter is having her on.  Glenda tells her mother that Walter Soper has got to go, either he goes or she and Kevin will.  Kath tells Glenda and Kevin that this is her house and she will do as she pleases.  She says if they can't put up with it then they'll have to find somewhere else. 
Miranda Pollard tells Paul Ross that she has received a poison pen letter, and Paul asks her what the letter said.  Miranda tells him that the letter said he had slept with every pretty woman at the motel.  Paul says that is rediculous, and asks to see the letter.  Miranda tells him that she hasn't got it, she took it to the police.
Sally Banks tells Oliver that she has remembered who J. Henry Pollard is, he is a millionaire who married a model.  She tells Oliver that if they could get well in with the Pollards they would be the envy of their friends.  Oliver Banks leaves the room.  The telephone rings and Sally Banks answers it.  The caller asks for Oliver Banks but Sally says he is taking a shower.  The caller asks Sally if she could ask Oliver to call back and gives his name as J. Henry Pollard.  Sally Banks tells J. Henry that they were just talking about them, they were looking at some photos of Valerie Pollard.  J. Henry says they must get together and suggests dinner at the motel the following evening.

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