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Adam Chance arrives home at Chimney's and Jill tells him that Gary Corbett has gone.  She tells Adam that Gary thought they were accusing him of stealing Adam's wallet, and Adam says if he left that proves he is feeling guilty.  He leaves the room to go and run a bath, then returns a few moments later carrying his wallet.  He tells Jill that he found it in his dressing gown pocket. 
The following morning Gary Corbett arrives at Chimney's and Jill goes into the other room to fetch her coat for work.  Adam tells Gary that he and Jill never meant him to think they were accusing him of pinching his wallet.  Adam tells Gary that he is sorry and Gary says that is all he wanted to hear.
Carole Sands arrives at the motel garage and goes to see Sharon Metcalfe about a job.  Sharon says that according to her file she is still apprenticed to the garage, she is contracted until 1985.
Carole Sands talks to Benny on her way out of the garage and asks what is wrong with Sharon as she seems to be in a bit of a mood.  Benny says she is just a bit upset at the moment.  Carole says she must go to the motel and see the Hunter's.  Iris Scott comes into the garage just as Carole Sands leaves.  Iris Scott asks Benny who that was and Benny tells her that Carole Sands used to work at the garage. 
Carole Sands goes into the motel office and says hello to David and Barbara Hunter, who are very pleased to see her.  Barbara asks her what she is doing at the moment and Carole tells her that she is doing her mechanics course, and that she has got a job in the garage.  Carole tells David and Barbara that Sharon Metcalfe looked in her file and said that she is contracted to the garage until 1985.  
When Carole Sands has left the office Adam Chance tells David and Barbara that Sharon had no right to take Carole Sands on.  David says it might be an idea to let Sharon go as she is obviously unhappy in her work, and he does owe her a favour for persuading Alison Cotterill to take the houseparent job at the home for the mentally handicapped.  Adam tells David that it is his favour so he can tell Sharon.
Doris Luke takes a message for Paul Ross.  When she gives Paul the message he goes into the motel office and makes a phone call.  David Hunter comes into the office and Paul asks for a day off as he has to attend a funeral.  David notices that he is looking upset and shocked and asks if it was someone close.  Paul tells David that it is someone he hasn't seen for a long time. 
Paul Ross telephones the daughter of the woman who has died and says she won't know him but he knew her mother.  He asks if it would be alright if he attended the funeral.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter that she can have a flat that goes with her new job.  The phone rings and Sharon answers it.  When Sharon has put the phone down after talking to David Hunter she tells Diane that David has overruled Adam Chance and her resignation is effective immediately.
Iris Scott, Kevin Banks, Doris Luke, Benny and Kath Brownlow have a drink to celebrate the birth of Glenda's baby.  Iris tells Kevin and Kath that Carole Sands has got a job in the motel garage.
Barbara Hunter goes to Chimney's with a gift for Jill Chance, and she finds Gary Corbett there alone.  They talk and Barbara asks Gary what he would like to do.  Gary tells her that he would like to be a footballer but he hasn't got the talent.  Gary asks Barbara what she does and Barbara tells him that she is a writer.  Gary tells her that the way she looks he thought she would be a model.
Kevin Banks goes to the garage and finds Carole Sands working there.  Carole asks him how Glenda is and Kevin tells her that Glenda has just had their first baby.  He gets out some photos to show her.
Joe MacDonald goes to the garage office to see Adam Chance and Adam asks him if he would be interested in the garage manager's job.  Joe says he doesn't want the job, he is happy as he is. 
Iris Scott see's Carole Sands in the garage staff room and they introduce one another.  Carole asks Iris if she works here and Iris tells her that she used to be a chambermaid at the motel but her Aunt and cousin Glenda work here. 
Adam Chance calls the garage staff together and tells them that until they find a replacement for Sharon he and Sid Hooper will be running the garage.
Carole Sands returns home to the house she shares with her father Ken and her brother Colin.  Ken Sands arrives home and tells Carole that he is being made redundant. 
Paul Ross arrives back at the motel after attending the funeral in London.  Diane Hunter notices that he is looking a bit down and they go into the motel bar.  Diane asks Paul if the person whose funeral he went to was family, and Paul says no, but she was a good friend.  He says she was a famous ballerina.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald discuss the garage managers job.  Sid tells Joe that he is going to go for the job and he is sure that he will get it.  Carole Sands listens unseen form the other room. 
Barbara Hunter mentions to Paul Ross that the motel is looking for a secretary and asks if he knows of anyone.  Paul says he can recommend Lisa Walters, the daughter of the woman whose funeral he attended yesterday.
Kath Brownlow goes to the garage to speak to Carole Sands.  Carole tells her that she saw Kevin yesterday and she has never seen him looking so happy.  Carole assures Kath that she has nothing to worry about. 
Paul Ross telephones Lisa Walters and tells her about the motel secretary job.  Paul tells David, Barbara and Jill that he has spoken to Lisa Walters and she would be happy to come for an interview.
Carole Sands tells her father Ken about the garage manager's job and suggests he applies for it.  She says Joe MacDonald doesn't want the job and Sid Hooper isn't really up to it.  Ken says he saw the job advertised in the job centre and he has got an interview tomorrow.
Adam Chance phones Sid Hooper and asks him to come to the motel office.  Sid puts on a tie ready for his interview for the garage managers job. 
Sid Hooper goes to the office and Adam mentions the garage accounts which Sid has been doing since Sharon left.  He says they are a mess.
Carole Sands helps her father get ready for his interview for the garage managers job.  Carole Sands goes with her father to the motel and Ken Sands goes through to the office to see Adam Chance.  Sid Hooper is waiting in reception and see's ken Sands going into the office.  Sid goes over to Carole Sands and tells her that the job is his by right.  Carole tells him that the job was advertised in the job centre.

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