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Faye Mansfield wears the dress that Jill made her and shows the kitchen staff.  She walks up and down the kitchen as if she is a model on a catwalk.  Doctor John Farnham interupts them.  Mrs Witton notices the way Faye looked at the doctor but Vera says she was probably embarrassed. 
Later, Doctor Farnham asks Faye if he can offer her a lift back home, but Faye says she lives very close and can walk.  Faye shows him the dress.  "This is the one I was showing off in the kitchen.  Go on say you don't like it," she says.  "Actually I thought you were sensational," says John Farnham.  Faye decides to accept the offer of a lift after all.
Shughie McFee tells Mr Booth that he is leaving the motel.  Faye tells David that she has found a chef to take Shughie's place, Mrs Jenkins. 
Jill tells Stan that she has invited David to dinner with them.  At dinner David tells Jill that Hugh is off the danger list following his heart attack.   
Meg asks David how much he knew about Hugh and Anita Fielding.  David says he knew about it from the beginning.  Meg says Jill had no right to discuss her marriage with him. 
Simon Wittaker shows Mr Booth a letter from a London hotel offering him six months training in hotel management.  Tina Webb asks Simon if she can come and see him off but Simon says he doesn't want any emotional goodbyes.  They hug each other and Simon leaves the motel.
The new chef Mrs Jenkins arrives at the motel.  Carney and Mr Booth meets her and Carney seems very taken with her. 
John Farnham asks Faye to a club in Birmingham but she turns him down.
Bart Fisher and Zelda go back to his penthouse flat.  Bart finds the light in the living room fused and Zelda tells him she is much happier in the dark.  Suddenly the light comes on and Diane, Trevor Woods and a lot of other people come into the room.  Trevor says it's his birthday and they're having a party.  During the party Bart Fisher answers the door to a man who tells him that there have been  complaints from the neighbours about the noise.  He also informs Bart that the lease on the flat terminates at midnight and the new owners will be moving in.  
Jill tells Stan that she has had some orders to make dresses. 
Diane Parker moves out of Bart's penthouse flat and back onto Vera Downend's boat.
Tina Webb receives a letter from Simon Wittaker and he tells her that he can't come to Birmingham to see her, that she will have to come to London.  Tina tells Diane that she can't afford the train fare so she will have to hitch a lift.  She makes Diane promise that she won't ell Mr Booth. 
Bart Fisher asks Jill about her dressmaking.  He asks her if she will work for him and Jill says she will think about it.  When Jill tells Stan, he objects strongly, and later he tells Bart Fisher that Jill won't be doing any of his work. 
Meg receives a telephone call from the hospital where Hugh is recovering to tell her that Hugh is well enough to come home.
Gus Harmon persuades Vera to have dinner with him.  

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