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Harry Maguire arrives at the motel and David and Adam interview him for the position of garage manager.  Harry Maguire tells them that he was in the army and promises that if he can't improve the garage in a month he will walk out the door.  
Kevin Banks has a phone call from his father Oliver who now lives in Canada.  Kevin tells Glenda that his father wants them to go out to Canada for a holiday.
Harry Maguire is taken on as garage manager.  Adam Chance takes him to the garage, and introduces him to Joe MacDonald.  Sid Hooper comes into the garage office and Adam introduces him to Harry Maguire.  Adam says he will let them get acquainted and leaves the garage.  "Well Hooper.  After all these years.  It's a small world isn't it," says Harry Maguire.
J. Henry Pollard see's Paul Ross in the motel office and tells him that Douglas Brady said he has to stay in London overnight because of a breakfast conference.  J. Henry says he phoned the hotel and there is no conference.  He says Douglas Brady spent the night with a woman and he wants Paul to get that woman to come forward and confess.  Paul Ross tells him that he has no idea who this woman is, and J. Henry tells him that it was Anna Radek. 
Doctor James Wilcox goes to Longborough Cottage and tells Benny and Gloria Tilling that the herbs Benny was using weren't poisonous. 
Glenda Banks tells Kath Brownlow that Kevin's father has asked them to go to Canada for a holiday.
J. Henry Pollard helps Anna Radek carry a large package.  He tells her that he won't let Miranda marry Douglas Brady especially after last night.
Doctor James Wilcox arranges blood tests for Edna Tilling.  He goes to Longborough Cottage and tells Edna that there is no poison in her blood.  Edna asks what could be causing her pains.  Gloria Tilling comes into the room and asks the doctor if he has had the results of the tests.  Edna Tilling tells her that the doctor thinks she is imagining her pains and James Wilcox says he didn't say that at all.  Edna tells Gloria that she was wrong and she said a lot of things she didn't mean.
Kath Brownlow tells Kevin and Glenda that she will miss Katie when they go to Canada and says she would like a photo to remind her.
Harry Maguire see's Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald in the motel reception.  Harry hears that Mavis Hooper runs a lodging house and says he is looking for accommodation.  Sid Hooper tells him Mavis's house is full up. 
Kath Brownlow overhears Kevin and Glenda talking in the living room.  Glenda tells Kevin to make sure that he gets a photo of Katie done as it will mean a lot to her mother, especially if they are staying.  Kath goes into the room and asks them if she heard right, that they might stay in Canada.  Kevin tells Kath that there is nothing for them here, and Kath tells him that things will pick up.  Glenda tells Kath that the receivers have taken all their savings.  Kath Brownlow tells Kevin and Glenda that if they think it's for the best then they go with her blessing.
The next day Glenda Banks goes to see Jill Chance in the motel office and explains to her about Canada. 
Doctor James Wilcox examines Edna Tilling and tells Gloria that she is much better, and eating more.  He tells Gloria that he thinks Edna is ashamed of what she accused her of.
Adam Chance gives Anna Radek a letter addressed to her.  Anna reads it and rushes off in a bit of a state.  Adam tells Barbara Hunter that the letter was recorded delivery from the Polish Embassy.  He suggests to Paul Ross that perhaps he should go and see if Anna is alright.
Paul Ross goes to Anna Radek's chalet and finds her crying.  She falls into his arms, sobbing, and tells Paul that her embassy are sending a replacement for her and she must go back to Poland.  She tells him that she doesn't want to go.  "Then don't," says Paul Ross.  Anna Radek says the Home Office would deport her, and Paul says he knows one way for her to stay in England and that's to marry an Englishman. 
Anna Radek mentions to Paul that he holds a British passport, and Paul says yes, he does.  He suggests they get married, and Anna accepts.  She asks how soon they could get married.  Paul asks Anna how soon her replacement arrives and Anna says five days.  Paul tells her that he will check but he thinks they can get a special license.  
Benny see's Iris Scott and tells her that he has nowhere to stay.  Iris offers to let him sleep on the settee at Diane Hunter's flat until he finds somewhere else. 
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper have a drink in the motel bar and Joe asks Sid what he did to Harry Maguire to make him dislike him so much.  Sid tells Joe that it happened when he and Harry were in the army.
Harry Maguire goes to Mavis Hooper's lodging house and asks her if she could bare him in mind if she should ever have a room to spare at the lodging house.  Mavis Hooper tells Harry that she has a spare room now.  Harry says he will take it.  He gets out his cheque book and tells her that he will pay her a month's rent in advance.

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