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Deborah Crisp warns her daughter to be careful of Adam Chance.  "I like him.  You did once, and I can protect myself," says Wendy Crisp.
*** End of Episode 3075 ***
Mr Booth goes to the sitting room and thanks David and Meg for their kind understanding.  David tells him that he was very moved when he heard that he and Helen were back together again.  "Thank you Mr Hunter.  Thank you very much," says Bernard Booth.
Benny sits in his car in the garage with Joe MacDonald sitting in the passenger seat and they go on an imaginary driving lesson.  David Hunter comes into the garage and watches them.  "Right.  There's a turning on the left.  Turn," Joe tells Benny.  "I can't turn down there," says Benny.  "Why not?" asks Joe.  "'Cause I'd run Mr Hunter over," laughs Benny.  "He's getting on very well," David tells Joe MacDonald.  "Yes, I'm taking him onto spaghetti junction next," says Joe.  "Starting him off on the easy stuff eh," laughs David.
*** End of Episode 3076 *** 
Jill Harvey asks David what he found most upsetting about the breakup of his marriage.  "Chris.  When he went to live with his mother it was like a second hand relationship," replies David.  Jill tells him that there's no chance of that happening with Sarah Jane.  "Oh yes, of course," says David.
Shughie McFee tells Bernard Booth about a gril called Cynthia who seems to be attaching herself to him, and he asks Bernard what he should do.
David tells Adam Chance that Meg has taken Jill to see an estate agent about selling Chimney's.  "Sell.  Whatever made her decide to sell?" asks Adam. 
Mr Booth joins Helen Booth, Doris Luke and Shughie in the staff room for their tea break.  "Well, how are you Shughie?  And how's Cynthia?" asks Bernard Booth.  "Cynthia?" ask Doris Luke and Helen Booth together. 
Adam Chance and Wendy Crisp have a drink together in the sitting room and Adam asks her ofr her birth certificate.  "My birth certificate?" asks Wendy.  "Oh, that was just by the way was it?  You can have ny birth certificate but you can't have my company!" shouts Wendy and storms out of the room.
Wendy Crisp goes back to her chalet where she finds her mother.  She tells Deborah that Adam Chance asked her for her birth certificate.  "I thought he was taking me seriously but all the time he was just trying to find out whose daughter I was," says Wendy.  "You're my daughter, and that's all that matters," Deborah Crisp tells her. 
*** End of Episode 3077 ***
Adam Chance see's Jill Harvey in reception and asks her to have a drink with him because there are a few things he would like to ask her.  They go into the motel bar.  Adam tells Jill that he should have spoken to him before she went to the estate agent because he is interested in buying her house.  "I'd like to have a look around," he says.  "What?" asks Jill.  "Well, conducted tour, you know," says Adam.  Jill takes the keys to her house from her pocket and puts them on the table.  "You know where Chimney's is.  Feel free.  Thanks for the drink.  Goodnight," says Jill and walks away. 
Joe MacDonald comes into the kitchen and aks Diane Parker if she has seen Benny because he left him in the garage last night and now he's missing.  Diane and Joe go to the garage and find Benny asleep in the back of his car.
Deborah Crisp goes into the office and asks David Hunter if she could talk to Adam Chance, who is also in the office.  David gets up from his seat and is about to leave.  "It's alright Mr Hunter.  I'd like you to hear what I have to say," says Deborah Crisp.  "All the same.  I might not like it.  Excuse me," says David and leaves.  Deborah Crisp tells Adam Chance that he won't get Wendy's birth certificate and she doesn't want him hurting Wendy.
David receives a phone call from Stan Harvey in Germany and hands the phone to Meg.  After putting the phone down Meg tells David that Stan isn't going to make things easy for Jill.  "If she thinks this is going to be straightforward, then she's living in a dream world," says Meg.  "He's going to fight her every inch of the way," she says. 
*** End of Episode 3078 ***
Meg phones reception and asks them to ask Jill to come into the sitting room.  Jill comes rushing into the sitting room and Meg tells her that Stan phoned and he said that if Jill wanted a fight then he would give her one.  "What gave you the idea that this was going to be straightforward?" Meg asks Jill.
Jill tries to phone Stan but the German housekeeper tells her that Stan is very busy and can't be disturbed.  "He's there.  I'm sure," Jill says to Meg.  "Will you give him a message?  I am seeking legal advice.  I've put the house up for sale and I want my daughter!" shouts Jill into the phone.  "Have you..." says Jill then puts the phone down.  "She hung up?" asks Meg.  "Or Stan hung up for her," says Jill.

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