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Dot Smith tells Vera that she has a date with Keith Willet and Vera says she has too.
David gives Anne the name of his solicitor.  Anne tells him that she is going to live with her parents.  David tells her that Bob phoned and he sounded a little desperate.
Brian Jarvis receives a threatening letter from John Glossop who says he willl do something about Brian telling everyone that the money was going into his son's business. 
Vera Downend is puzzled as to how Keith Willet could be in two places at once, taking her out and taking Dot Smith out.  Keith Willet see's Dot Smith on her own and tells her that she is the only one for him.  He asks her out again.  Later Keith see's Vera and tells her she is the only one for him.  He asks her out again and she accepts.  Vera see's Dot and tells her that Keith Willet has asked her out again.  "He's at it again.  He has just asked me out," says Dot.
Bob Powell is at home when his estranged wife Anne comes to pick up some of her belongings before moving out.  She finds him in the dark with music playing loudly.  He tells her the music helps him to concentrate.  "Bob what's wrong? What are you reading?" asks Anne.  She takes the folder from his desk and finds that it contains sheets of braille.  "Look at me Bob" she pleads.  Bob turns towards the sound of her voice.  "So now you know".  He explains that he is learning braille whilst he can still see the book, and that in 3 months he will have lost his sight completely.
David tells Shughie McFee off for drinking at the bar and interrupting guests private conversations.  Shughie explains that he hasn't got anywhere to live and asks if he can rent a chalet until he finds somewhere. 
Dot Smith and Vera Downend tackle Keith Willet about double dating them both.  Willet says he doesn't know what they're talking about.
Sandy asks Stan Harvey if Shughie could rent the flat over his shop.  Shughie looks it over and decides to take it.   
Anne pleads with Bob to go and see a specialist about his sight, but Bob says he is a doctor and he knows the symptoms.  Anne phones David and tells him about Bob. 
Vera tells Meg about Keith Willet and says that he is taking her to see a show in town and taking Dot Smith to dinner in the country, so she doesn't know how he is going to be in two places at once. 

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