1981 Episodes ... continued

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Glenda Brownlow tells Kath that Iris Scott has got her thinking about going to London to get a job.  Kath says she would hate it.
Jill Harvey tells Marion Owen that she is going to try and give up the tranquillisers.  Marion advises her to see her doctor but Jill says she is going to do it on her own.
Kath Brownlow tells Iris Scott that all her talk has set Glenda thinking about going to London.  Kath says she knows that Glenda will leave one day but she doesn't want it to be just yet.  She asks Iris if she could talk to Glenda and try to put her off the idea. 
Glenda Brownlow arrives home and Kath leaves her and Iris Scott on their own.  Iris Scott tells Glenda that she is broke and asks if Glenda could ask for her job back at the motel.
Tom Peterson tells Jill Harvey that the chariman of the company he is going to work for would like to meet her.  Jill is a little apprehensive. 
Iris Scott asks Shughie McFee if she could have her job at the motel back but Shughie says no.  
Becky Foster finds Barbara Hunter on duty in reception and apologises to her for saying things about her books.  Barbara gives Becky a copy of her latest book and tells her that it isn't a romance, it's a non-fiction book on Japan under her own name. 
Iris Scott tells Kath Brownlow that she didn't get her job back at the motel.  Kath tells her that Mrs Mortimer might have another job which she could do, and Iris says she will go and see her tomorrow.
The next day Iris Scott goes to the office where she finds Meg Mortimer.  Iris tells Meg that she was just passing by and thought she would wish her a happy new year.  Iris says she has a job in London but the people she works for have gone to the Bahamas for the winter and she would like a job.  Meg asks Iris if she would like to help them out and says she will talk to Shughie McFee.  Iris tells Meg that she has really been trying to better herself and she doesn't really want to work in the kitchen.  Meg asks her how she would feel about cleaning the chalets, and Iris says that would be great.  "Oh, just one more thing.  I hate to ask but is there any chance of a sub?" asks Iris.
Becky Foster goes into the office and asks Meg if she knows where Mrs Hunter is.  Meg tells Becky that Barbara is out all day.  Becky says she wanted to give her the book back.  Becky asks Meg if she could have a bit of space in reception to set up a display on the preservation of European wildlife.  Meg agrees as long as there is no petition.
In reception Becky Foster sets up her display under the watchful eye of Adam Chance and Meg Mortimer.  "That bird," Meg says to Adam.  "It's an osprey," Becky Foster tells them.  "Well, it looks a bit..." says Meg.  "Dead," suggests Adam.  "Yes.  And that monkey," says Meg, looking at a monkey perched on the reception desk.  "It looks a bit..." says Meg.  "Stuffed," suggests Adam.
Tom Peterson goes to the reception desk and asks Adam Chance for his chalet key.  Adam hands Tom his key and also a letter addressed to Tom Peterson.  Tom opens the letter and reads it anxiously.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Iris has got a job at the motel.  Arthur asks her what happened to the money Iris earned in London, and Kath tells him that Iris exagerated a little.
Tom Peterson makes a phone call about the letter he has just received.  He tells the person on the other end of the phone that he has just received what amounts to a brush off and he wants to know what's going on.  "Letter.  What sort of letter?" asks Tom.  Rita Hughes listens unseen from the adjoining office.
When Tom Peterson has finished his phone call Rita Hughes comes into the office and asks Tom if there is anything wrong.  Tom tells her it's his new job, first it's on then it's off, and he wants to know why.  "No doubt you'll find out soon enough," says Rita Hughes.  Tom Peterson looks at her.  "I know now don't I," he says.  "You sent that letter about Jill," says Tom.
Marion Owen asks Sandy about Becky Foster and if she has any friends in the area.  Sandy says he doesn't think so.
Iris Scott starts work as a cleaner at the motel.  She cleans the chalats with Doris Luke.  Iris tells Doris that she is going to prove that she can do something right.  She tells Doris that Arthur Brownlow keeps touching her, and it frightens her.
Tom Peterson see's Jill Harvey in the office and tells her that his new job has fallen through.  Jill asks him why and Tom says he doesn't know.  "There's nothing else I can tell you," he says.  "I'll tell you something.  I don't beleive you.  What are you hiding from me Tom?" asks Jill Harvey.
Doris Luke goes home with Glenda Brownlow.  Arthur Brownlow reminds Glenda that it is Kath's birthday soon and they will have to get her something.  Arthur says it would be nice to take Kath to the theatre.  Doris Luke suggests they all go out to dinner, Iris Scott included.  Arthur Brownlow isn't too keen and says Iris doesn't fit into this family at all.
Tom Peterson tells Jill Harvey that he has resigned from his job and the company.
Barbara Hunter joins Sandy at the reception desk and Sandy tells her that Becky Foster was looking for her earlier.  At that moment Becky Foster comes into the reception area and gives Barbara her book back.
Jill Harvey tells Tom Peterson that if he didn't do anything to lose his job then it must be something to do with her. 
Becky Foster goes home to Diane Hunter's flat which she is staying in whilst Diane is away.  Whilst Becky is in the kitchen Eddie Lee lets himself in to the flat.  "Enough water for two cups darling," says Eddie Lee.  Becky Foster comes out from the kitchen and asks him who he is, and what he is doing here.
Eddie Lee tells her that he used to live in the flat downstairs, and he and Diane used to be friendly.  He tells Becky that he was in the area and he came to see Diane.  Becky Foster tells him that Diane is in America.  Eddie Lee tells her that he is looking for somewhere to stay the night but Becky says he can't stay here.  Eddie says he knows someone else in the area so he will go there.  "Sharon will help me out," says Eddie.  "Sharon?" asks Becky.  "Sharon Metcalfe.  She's a good friend," says Eddie Lee.  Becky tells Eddie Sharon Metcalfe left the garage last summer and she took over Sharon's job at the garage. 
Becky Foster tells Eddie Lee that she has got an idea.  She picks up the phone.  "Who are you phoning?" asks Eddie Lee.  Becky tells him it's a place she knows where he can stay.
At the motel Adam Chance answers the phone at reception.  Becky Foster asks him if there is a chalet free.  Eddie Lee grabs the phone from Becky and tells her that he isn't staying at any motel.  Bency tells Adam Chance that there has been a change of plan and she won't need the chalet.  Becky puts the phone down.  "Who are you?  What's your name?" asks Becky.  "Harry Turner.  No one you should be afraid of," says Eddie Lee.

1981 Episodes continued

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