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Walter Fallon talks to Meg Mortimer about him buying Adam's shares and tells her that he is going to make Adam an offer.  Meg says Adam didn't mention anything to her, and Walter tells her that Adam is having a few problems with money at the moment.  Walter Fallon tells Meg that he would like to be a working partner.
Tom Peterson see's Jill Harvey in the sitting room and tells her about a job he has.  He tells her that he needs someone to act as a hostess because he is going to be doing a lot of wining and dining to a lot of important people.  "Jill my love.  Will you marry me?" asks Tom Peterson, and Jill hugs him.  "Do I take that as a yes?" asks Tom Peterson.  Jill tells him she doesn't know, she needs time.  Tom tells Jill that he has to take this job in January or not at all.
Meg places a call to David Hunter in Algiers.  Sandy tells Meg that he doesn't like the prospect of Walter Fallon as a working partner.  The phone buzzes and Meg picks up the receiver.  "I want to speak to mister David Hunter," says Meg.  "Gone?  When are you expecting him back?  Death?  When?" asks Meg.  Meg tells Sandy and Adam that David left the hotel in Algiers four days ago because of a sudden death in the family. 
Meg tells Walter Fallon that she has had some disturbing news about David Hunter, and apparently he left Algiers because of a death in the family.  Meg says she assumes it's Rosemary Hunter but Walter Fallon tells her that it was David's uncle Philip in Guernsey.  Sandy asks Walter Fallon how he knows this and Walter tells him that he went over to Guernsey himself to get David's reaction to his buying Adam Chances' shares.  Walter Fallon tells Meg and Sandy that Barbara Hunter stayed on in Algiers.  Meg asks Walter what David's reaction to his buying the shares was and Walter tells them that David was quite positive about it.
Iris Scott arrives at the Brownlow's house and Kath Brownlow and Marion Owen ask her how she is enjoying her job in London.  Iris says she loves it.
Alison Cotterill arrives at the convent and Mother Mary Peter welcomes her. 
Iris Scott tells Kath and Glenda Brownlow and Marion Owen all about her job, and the family she works for.  She says she might be going on holiday with them to the Bahamas.
Arthur Brownlow arrives home a little tipsy from his office Christmas party.  He holds up a sprig of mistletoe and playfully kisses Iris Scott underneath it. 
Tom Peterson joins Jill Harvey in the sitting room.  "Time for an answer has arrived," he says.  "Are you sure you want me?" asks Jill.  "Yes," replies Tom Peterson.  "Then yes, I will marry you," says Jill, and hugs Tom.
Meg receives a telephone call from David Hunter.  She tells him that they heard about his uncle and they are very sorry.  "About Adam's shares?  That is what we are talking about isn't it?  Your shares?  You mean he flew out there to offer to buy you out!  Well, it's the first I've heard of it," says Meg. 
Meg asks Walter Fallon to come into the office and tells him that she has just been talking to David Hunter on the phone and David told her that Walter offered to buy him out.  Sandy says with David's 50% and Adam Chances' 10% Walter would have controlling interest.  Walter Fallong tells Meg and Sandy that he went to Guernsey to talk about Adam Chances' shares and David Hunter bought up the subject of his shares.  He tells them that this legal business in Algiers is costing a lot of money and David might have to sell some of his shares.  Meg says she isn't going to let Walter have controlling interest.
Sister Celestine and Mother Mary Peter says goodbye to Alison Cotterill after her stay at the convent.  Sister Celestine tells Mother Mary Peter that she believes Alison Cotterill has a vocation whereas she hasn't.  Sister Celestine tells Mother Mary Peter that she would like to leave the convent as soon as possible.  Mother Mary Peter tells Sister Celestine that she might have a vocation elsewhere, in an active order instead of an enclosed order.
Meg tells Adam Chance about the shares and Adam asks where that leaves him.  Meg says she won't let Walter Fallon have controlling interest.  Adam Chance tells Meg that he has committed the money and if he doesn't sell hsi shares he is in trouble.
Tom Peterson joins Adam Chance in the office and he tells Adam that he has got the job in the Middle East.  "You'll be leaving us soon then?" asks Adam.  Tom Peterson tells Adam that he will be taking Jill Harvey with him to the Middle East as his wife.  Adam congratulates him and asks him when the happy day is going to be.  Tom says in a few weeks by special licence.
Tom Peterson tells Rita Hughes that he is marrying Jill Harvey.  Rita says all the time he said he didn't believe in marriage and now he's taken up with Jill.  She asks him if he has heard about Jill, two children by different men.  "Even Adam Chance was one of her many men friends or hasn't she got around to telling you that," says Rita Hughes. 
Arthur Brownlow's boss and his wife are coming to dinner at the Brownlow's and Kath is nervous about it.  Arthur tells Kath it's time they started socialising.
Jill Harvey tells Marion Owen that her and Tom Peterson are getting married.  Marion says the last time they talked she wasn't sure of her feelings, and Jill says she is very fond of Tom.  Marion Owen asks her if that is enough, and Jill says it's just nice to be wanted again.
Rita Hughes asks Tom Peterson how his employers are going to react to Jill Harvey's history.  Tom says they won't know if no-one tells them.
Kath and Arthur Brownlow wait at home for Arthur's boss Mr Jenkins and his wife, to arrive.  Arthur tells Kath that he will phone a friend and find out if he knows where the Jenkins' are.  After Arthur has finished the phone call he tells Kath that the Jenkins' are on their way, but they have already eaten.  Arthur tells Kath that they had better clear the food away.
Mr and Mrs Jenkins arrive at the Brownlow's house.  Arthur shows his boss a bottle of wine but Mr Jenkins says he would like a gin and tonic.  "Oh," says Arthur, looking at Kath who shakes her head.  Arthur tells Mr Jenkins that he won't be a moment.  He goes into the hallway, puts on his coat and leaves the house. 

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