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Lloyd Munro joins Meg and David in the office and Lloyd tells Meg that she missed all the fun, redecorating.  He tells Meg that David did his share but he thinks Barbara Brady was a bit of an attraction.  David gets up.  "Excuse me," he says and leaves.  Lloyd laughs.  "Has David been seeing Barbara?" asks Meg.  Lloyd says he suspects there is something between them.  He tells Meg that he and Barbara are having dinner with David and Rosemary and he isn't looking forward to it at all.
Glenda Brownlow tells Doris Luke that her father wanted to take the family out to see a play, and that's very unusual for him.  "I don't know what's wrong with my dad," says Glenda.  Doris tells her that there is nothing wrong with her father wanting to take his family out.
Rosemary Hunter talks to Meg and tells her that she is glad Meg is back because it really was too much work for David.  She says her and David seem to grow closer as the years go by.  Rosemary asks Meg if she could cash a cheque for her because she wants to buy a new dress.
Simone Clavell turns up at Diane Hunter's flat, and Steve Cater answers the door.  Simone tells him that she is a friend of Diane's husband and she has come to see Diane.  Steve tells her that Diane is working and won't be back for a while, so Simone says she will wait.  Steve Cater leaves Diane's flat for a moment to go to his own flat nearby and Simone telephones Chris.  "Chris darling.  I'm here at the flat.  Listen, you are being over generous.  She has a man living here.  I'm supposed to be giving evidence for a divorce.  If we play this right you will be able to sue her," says Simone. 
Steve Cater returns to the flat and Simone tells him that she was phoning Chris to let him know she had arrived.  She asks Steve if he knows Diane well.  "I love her," says Steve.
Barbara Brady and Lloyd Munro arrive at the Motel for dinner with David and Rosemary.  David and Lloyd go off to get the drinks, leaving Rosemary and Barbara together in reception.  "David tells me you're quite famous," says Rosemary.  She asks Barbara if she has ever been married and Barbara says no.  "Isn't that a disadvantage for a romantic novelist?" asks Rosemary.  "Not if romance ends with marriage," replies Barbara.  "It doesn't even end with divorce.  Look at David and me," says Rosemary.  At that moment David and Lloyd return with the drinks.
Diane Hunter arrives home to her flat and finds Simone Clavell there waiting for her.  "What the hell are you doing here?" asks DIane.  "Chris sent me," Simone tells her.  Simone says that in the opinion of the lawyers in Switzerland she and Chris can't get an annulment.  She tells Diane that in her suitcase she has got signed evidence for a divorce, and tells Diane to look in the case.  Diane opens the case and finds a lot of papers.  "Look underneath," Simone tells her.  Diane looks underneath the papers and finds bundles of bank notes.  "Is this mine?" asks Diane.  "Chris keeps his promises," says Simone. 
After dinner, Lloyd Munro joins Meg in the Motel sitting room and she asks how the meal went.  Lloyd says John Farnham arrived at the motel and Barbara took advantage of the situation and complained of a headache, so she left with John Farnham.
John Farnham and Barbara Brady arrive at the cottage and she says she is glad he came along when he did because Rosemary was starting to get on her nerves.  She says Rosemary dotes on David.  "And he on her?" asks John.  "No, but that makes it worse.  It's as if they were still married," says Barbara.  "I had no idea you were so involved with David," says John Farnham.  "Neither did I until tonight," says Barbara.  John Farnham asks her what she will do and Barbara says she will stay clear.
Reg Cotterill wraps up a calendar as a present for Doris Luke.  There is a knock on the door and Reg opens the door to Leonard Hobson.  Reg tells him that he is going to the motel to give Doris Luke the calendar, and leaves.  Leonard Hobson tells Alison that he has something to tell her and it couldn't wait.
Rosemary and David have a drink  and Rosemary says it was a shame that Barbara had to leave early because she likes her.  "You know sometimes I think our relationship is the only thing that keeps me sane," says Rosemary.  "I need you David," she adds, and takes David's arm.
Leonard Hobson tells Alison that he has had promotion at work and he will have to move down to Devon.  "I want you to come with me," he says.  Alison says she can't, she won't be able to go down to Devon to see him and come back to the farm.  Leonard says she won't have to come back.  "I'm asking you to marry me," says Leonard.  "Yes, I will marry you," says Alison.  Leonard asks Alison to go for a drive with him and Alison says her uncle will be back soon so she will leave him a note.
Shortly after, Reg Cotterill arrives back at Stonebank Farm with Doris Luke and finds Alison's note.

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