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David and Sandy stay well clear of the Motel's New Year dance.  Sandy offers to take over David's desk duty.  "This isn't a good way to start 1977, being on our own," moans David.  "That's one thing we have in common," says Sandy.
Granny Hawkins see's the advertisement for a live-in help.  She tells Benny that she is not having strangers in her house.  "It's not your house," says Benny.  Clover Hawkins asks him how he found out and Benny says it doesn't matter.  "But I'll have to put you in a home if you don't let us help you," says Benny.  "I know when I'm beaten," says Clover.
David is alone in the sitting room and decides to phone Kelly only to be told that she isn't there.  He goes back to some work.  The door opens.  "Yes, what is it?" he asks.  "Hello David," says Rosemary Hunter.  "Rosemary.  What are you doing here?" he asks.  "I had to come for a check-up, and I couldn't come to England without coming to see you.  So here I am," says Rosemary.  David tells her to sit down and offers her a drink.  "Here's to 1977, and to us," says Rosemary.  "Happy new year," says David.  "I shouldn't have come and disturbed you," says Rosemary.  "I'm glad you came because I was at a bit of a loose end," says David.  "Perhaps now we're not married we might understand each other better," says Rosemary. 
Gus Harmon goes to Vera's boat and finds Clive Merrow.  Clive asks him in for a cup of tea and they talk.  Clive asks him how he met Vera and Gus says it was through a friend, Doug Randall, who was Vera's boyfriend.  "No hard feelings then?" asks Gus.  "No," says Clive.  Clive says he has to go to work but he will let Vera know that Gus is at the boat.
Stan Harvey goes to the garage dressed in dinner jacket and bow tie for the Gokol party.  David welcomes B.J. Thornton, the head of Gokol, to the motel and introduces him to Jill.  Stan comes into reception.  "Is the top brass here yet?" asks Stan.  David says yes and introduces B.J. Thornton.
Rosemary Hunter talks with Sandy in the sitting room, and says everyone has made her feel very welcome.  "Why shouldn't they?" asks Sandy.  "Well, an ex-wife can be a bit of an embarassment," says Rosemary.  "David's had his problems and you'll take his mind off them," Sandy tells her.
At the Gokol party Jill talks to B.J. Thornton.  A little later, B.J. Thornton and Stan go to the garage to talk business.  Thornton tells Stan that Sir Claude Harrison is an important man and Stan made a big mistake by being rude to him.
Clive Merrow arrives back on the boat after his shift at the motel.  He tells Vera that Gus Harmon told him about Doug Randall.  "Do they pass you on?  Is that what my father was.  Just another sailor on shore leave?" asks Clive.  Vera slaps him across the face.
Rosemary asks Meg about David and Kelly.  "I half expected her to be here, but he hasn't even mentioned her," says Rosemary.  She says she was talking to Sandy and he mentioned that David had some problems.  "Problems? David has no problems that I know of," says Meg.  Meg suggests she asks David herself.
At the Gokol party Jill has a drink with B.J. Thornton.  Jill complains of a headache and B.J. Thornton takes her outside for some fresh air.  Shortly after, Stan asks Meg if she knows where Jill is and Meg tells him that she saw Jill go outside with B.J. Thornton.  Carney tells him he saw her getting into a Rolls Royce with Thornton.  
Jill entertains B.J. Thornton at her home.  He asks her if she would like to come to the horse racing at Newbury and Jill accepts.  
Rosemary keeps David company in his Motel flat.  She tells him it might be a mistake living at the Motel because he never gets away from work.  "What happened to the house you and Kelly were looking for?  You don't talk about her anymore," says Rosemary.  David explains that he and Kelly don't see each other anymore, and Rosemary says she is sorry because she liked Kelly.  Rosemary says Sandy told her he had problems.  "I'm alright," David assures her.  "Are you David?" asks Rosemary.

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