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David Hunter asks Kevin Banks if he would do some work for him at the Coach House.
Rose Scott tells Kath Brownlow that she will be moving on soon.  Rose goes to see Mavis Hooper and says she heard that she had a vacant room, and she asks if she could have it.  Mavis isn't too sure how Iris Scott will feel about it and she tells Rose that she will have to talk to Iris first. 
At that moment Iris Scott comes into the room and asks what is going on.  Mavis Hooper tells Iris that Rose would like to move into the vacant room but she wanted to check with her first.  "So it's up to me.  Good, because I don't want her here.  No way," says Iris.  Mavis tells Iris that Rose has got to live somewhere and suggests to Iris that they give it a try.  Iris reluctantly agrees. 
Carole Sands tells David that she noticed that the motel garage are asking for a mechanic, and asks David if he could put in a good word for her.  David tells her that he will ask.
David Hunter tells Barbara that the motel borrowed a lot of money at high interest and they won't have any real income for at least four months.  He says they were under-insured by about 100,000 and it was his fault.  "How bad is it?" asks Barbara.  "Bad," answers David.  "What's the worst that could happen?" asks Barbara.  "We might never open again," says David.  David phones Jill Harvey and tells her that he wants ot call a meeting the following day.
The following morning Jill and Adam join David in the sitting room.  David suggests that they make extra shares available to help pay back the loan.  Adam tells them that he has a possible buyer for the garage.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg Lamont that she is going to see Eddie Lee in prison and she is a bit nervous about it.  Tha evening Reg Lamont goes to Sharon's flat and asks her how the prison visit went.  Sharon tells him that it was fine but her feelings for Eddie Lee have gone.  Sharon tells Reg that Eddie spoke about Yvonne, the woman whose husband Eddie Lee was accused of killing.
David asks Barbara for her ideas on redecorating Meg's sitting room, which he would like to change into an office.  Barbara asks Carole Sands if she would like to help decorate and Carole agrees. 
Jill Harvey finds Barbara and Carole in the sitting room shifting furniture, and asks what they are doing.  Barbara tells Jill that David wants to change the room around.  Jill says this room holds a lot of memories for her and David has no right to go changing everything.  Carole tells Jill that Mr Hunter didn't mean anything.  "He's a really nice bloke, but he doesn't think sometimes," says Carole.  She looks at Barbara.  "Oh sorry," she says. 
Jill apologises for flying off the handle.  She says she is cross with David.  Barbara tells Jill that David is very fond of her, and Jill says she is fond of David too but he just thinks that she is an emotional mess.  Barbara tells Jill that David respects her.
Later, Adam Chance and Jill Harvey move the settee in the siiting room back to its original place.  David comes into the room.  "Something wrong?" he asks.  "Yes.  You.  You're so arrogant.  Don't you realise this room holds memories," says Jill.  David apologises to Jill and tells her that if she feels that strongly she can keep the room as it was.  "Goodnight," says David, and leaves.  "He's insufferable," says Jill. 
Adam Chance telephones Reg Lamont and asks him if he could come and see him at the motel garage. 
An applicant for the job as garage mechanic arrives to see Adam Chance.  After the interview Adam asks Sid Hooper if he can start on Monday.
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House to do some work for David and Barbara Hunter.  He meets Carole Sands who gives him a cup of coffee.  Kevin tells Carole that he will have to come back and fit a water pipe.
Reg Lamont goes to the motel garage and speaks to Adam Chance in the office.  Adam asks reg if he would be interested in buying the garage and Reg tells him that he is very interested, he thinks the garage could do good business with a bit of money injected.  Adam and Reg shake hands on the deal. 
Kevin Banks returns to the Coach House to complete the work.  Carole Sands asks him if he could do her a favour and lend her his paint brushes.  She explains to Kevin that she knows this old couple and their house is in need of a paint, so she would like to do it for them.  Kevin tells Carole that he is sorry but the paint brushes are his livelihood.
Adam Chance tells David and Barbara Hunter that he has sold the garage and would like to buy back the 5% of shares in the motel.  Adam tells David that if he buys 5% then if he and Jill vote together against David and Barbara then there will be a stalemate.  David looks at Adam, then at Barbara.  "Shall we go?" he asks Barbara and they leave. 
Adam Chance tells Jill that perhaps he should leave and give David what he wants, total control.  Jill tells Adam that she doesn't want him to go.  Adam tells Jill that he is going to go away on his boat.  "No Adam.  Please don't," says Jill.  Adam asks Jill to come with him, and Jill accepts.  Jill tells Adam that they will have to tell David, it's only fair.  Adam tells Jill that he will telephone David whilst she goes to collect her things.  Adam Chance picks up the phone and begins to dial a number.  "David, I'm going to take a break," says Adam into the phone.  Jill leaves the room.  Adam waits until Jill has left then replaces the receiver.
Sid Hooper arrives at his wife Mavis's house and she asks him what he is doing here.  Sid tells her that he has a job in the area but nowhere to live.  Mavis Hooper agrees to let him have a room but on her conditions.
Jennifer Lamont receives a phone call from her son Ashley who tells her that he is coming to visit.  Reg Lamont arrives home and Jennifer tells him that Ashley is coming home.  She asks Reg what sort of day he has had and Reg tells her that he has bought the Crossroads garage.  Jennifer Lamont asks him what will happen to Sharon Metcalfe and Reg tells her that he will keep her on.
Carole Sands tells Barbara Hunter that she asked Kevin Banks if she could borrow his paint brushes but he said no.  She asks Barbara if she could borrow her instant camera because she would like to take some photographs of the house belonging to the old couple she knows, then perhaps she could persuade Kevin to lend her his brushes. 
Mavis Hooper introduces Sid to Iris Scott.  Sid tells Mavis that he has a job as a mechanic at the Crossroads garage. 
Carole Sands goes to the garage and asks Sharon Metcalfe about the mechanics job., but Sharon tells her that the job has been taken.  Sharon tells Carole that the garage is changing management so she might have some influence, and promises Carole that she will keep in touch. 
Sid Hooper begins work at the garage.  Sharon Metcalfe introduces him to Joe MacDonald, and Joe offers to show Sid around.  Sid says that a good idea.  "Can't have the foreman lagging around," says Sid.  "Foreman?" asks Joe MacDonald.  Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he was hired as foreman.  Sharon Metcalfe says they advertised for a mechanic, and Sid says that when Mr Chance interviewed him for the job and saw that he was foreman in his previous job he took him on as foreman here.  Joe MacDonald storms off.   

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