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Lloyd Munro and Barbara Brady discuss David and Rosemary.  "I've heard of friendly divorces but this is rediculous," says Barbara.  Lloyd says he thinks it's all one way, for David it's only loyalty.  "What is it that binds them together?," asks Barbara.  "For David, loyalty, and for Rosemary, love," answers Lloyd.
Alison Cotterill and Leonard Hobson arrive back at Stonebank Farm.  Alison tells Reg that Leonard has been offered a better position in Devon.  "I'll tell him later," whispers Alison to Leonard.
John Farnham books a table for two in the motel restaurant.  "Will Mrs Hunter be staying long?" he asks Meg, who is on reception duty.  Meg says she isn't sure.  John Farnham asks Meg how long David and Rosemary have been divorced and Meg tells him about six years.  "They're still very close," says John Farnham.  "Yes, they're good friends," says Meg.   
When Alison and Reg Cotterill are alone she tells her uncle that Leonard has asked her to marry him and she has accepted.  "We love each other," she says.  "You're not going to see him again so get that into your head," says Reg Cotterill firmly.  He puts a piece of paper in front of Alison.  "Tell him you can't marry him.  Tell him it's all over," he orders.
Diane Hunter tells Steve Cater that Simone Clavell has got evidence for a divorce, and she tells him to read the papers which are in the suitcase.  Steve opens the case and finds a lot of papers.  He looks underneath the papers and see's the bank notes.  He says Simone can't just bring that amount of money into the country, and if Diane takes the money she could get into trouble.  Diane tells him that Simone took risks getting that money to her.  Steve tells Diane to tell Simone to book into the motel.  "She can't," says Diane.  "Come on Diane.  Let's have the full story.  Don't go holding anything back.  I think I've got to know it all," says Steve. 
Barbara Brady arrives at the Motel to have a meal with John Farnham, and finds David on duty at reception.  David says he wanted to apologise to her for Rosemary's behaviour the other evening at dinner, but Barbara says there is no need.  John Farnham arrives and David invites him and Barbara for pre-dinner drinks. 
David, Barbara and John go into the Motel sitting room where they are joined by Rosemary Hunter.  David suggests they make a foursome for dinner.  "Oh I'm sure that Doctor Farnham and Miss Brady have more exciting plans than that darling," says Rosemary.  John Farnham says they would love to have dinner with Rosemary and David.  Barbara asks Rosemary if she has heard from Chris yet and Rosemary says no.  Rosemary says she thinks children bring people closer.  "Look how it's brought David and I closer," she says.
Doris Luke meets Arthur Brownlow in reception and she tells him it's about time he told his wife.  Arthur tells Doris that he and Kath are having dinner at the motel this evening and he doesn't want to spoil things. 
Arthur Brownlow goes home and tells Kath that he is taking her out to dinner at the motel.  Glenda Brownlow comes into the room and asks if dinner is ready yet and Arthur tells her that she will have to get her own dinner because he and Kath are going out.  "What's all this about dad?  Are you trying to change your image?" asks Glenda.
David and Barbara come through from the private wing and wait for John Farnham and Rosemary in reception.  Barbara tells David that she was glad to get out of there because Rosemary is so possessive, and David says he can't help that.  David asks Barbara how long she is staying, and she tells him that she will be leaving in a few days.  "Why didn't you tell me?" asks David.  Barbara says there is no point in them seeing each other.
Meg has dinner at the cottage with Lloyd Munro.  "David's fond of Barbara isn't he," says Meg.  Lloyd says Barbara likes David too but she isn't sure where she stands. 
Rosemary and David have a drink together after their meal and she asks him what's wrong.  "You've been far away all evening.  Are you jealous of John and Barbara?" she asks.  Rosemary tells David that John has asked her to a concert.  "Oh," says David.  "You are jealous," laughs Rosemary.  She tells David that the only thing that matters to her is their relationship.  David says that since their divorce nothing has meant anything to him.  "It proves that it wasn't our marriage that was a mistake, it was our divorce," says Rosemary.
Arthur and Kath Brownlow go to the Motel for a meal.  They meet Doris Luke in reception.  Kath Brownlowe goes off to the ladies and Doris asks Arthur when he is going to tell his wife.  "Any woman would want to know," she says.  The waitress brings Arthur his drink.  "Go on, take a sip of your drink and stop looking so miserable otherwise you won't have to tell Mrs Brownlow, she'll guess there's something wrong," says Doris Luke.  "Wrong?" asks Kath Brownlow, overhearing them.  She looks at her husband.  "Arthur?  You'll have to tell me.  I won't rest until you do," says Kath.  "It's nothing," says Arthur.  "Don't tell me.  You've forgotten your wallet," laughs Kath.  Arthur nods. 
Alison Cotterill tells her uncle that she didn't have to write that letter to Leonard.
Arthur and Kath Brownlow return home and Glenda asks them if they enjoyed their evening.  Kath says yes except that Arthur forgot his wallet.  "But I saw you put your ..." says Glenda but stops when Arthur looks at her.  "Well I thoight I saw you put your wallet in your pocket," says Glenda.  Arthur tells Glenda that she can invite some of her friends to a party.

1980 Episodes continued

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