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Episode 3235 December 1979
See Dvd Volume 1
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm to help Alison Cotterill with her chores.  Alison tells her that she has had a letter from Leonard, someone she met whilst she was in hospital, and he wants to take her out on Christmas Day.  She asks Doris if she would be here when Leonard comes to pick her up.  "I can persuade uncle..." says Alison, just as Reg Cotterill comes into the room.  He asks what they are talking about and Doris tells him that she has asked Alison to come to the motel and listen to the carol singers.  Reg tells Alison that she can go.
At the motel the boys and girls from the village sing Christmas carols for the motel staff and guests.  Jill Harvey arrives with Sarah Jane.
Rosemary Hunter goes to Diane's flat .  "Happy Christmas," she says.  Rosemary tells Diane that Chris told her that he would ring Diane sometime soon.  "Isn't that a lovely Christmas present," says Rosemary.
Superintendant Blake has a drink in the motel reception with his wife Patricia.  Patricia tells him that he thinks he knows what is best for Steve Cater just as he thought he knew what was best for their son.  She threatens to leave him.
Diane Hunter receives a phone call from Chris Hunter who tells her that there is going to be some action soon.  Diane tells Steve Cater that they will know about the divorce in three days time. 
Alison Cotterill and Leonard Hobson arrive back at Stonebank Farm from their outing and Alison tells Reg and Doris Luke that she had a wonderful time.  "Goodnight Mr Cotterill, Miss Luke," says Leonard.  "I'll be seeing you,"  He tells Alison and kisses her on the cheek before leaving.
Rosemary Hunter finds David still working in the office.  She tells him that she went to see Diane and she doesn't really want the marriage to end.  Rosemary tells David that she will be going back to Switzerland.  David says he thought she wanted them to spend more time together, and says he thinks it's a good idea.  "If you want me to stay, then I will," says Rosemary. 
Rosemary and David join the rest of the motel staff in the sitting room for a sing-song.  Meg sings a song and the staff join in the chorus.  Rosemary Hunter puts her hand on David's shoulder and gazes at him lovingly. 
Alison Cotterill tells Reg how she feesl about Leonard Hobson, and says she loves him.  "Surely you can understand that," she says, and Reg Cotterill nods.  "Leonard's the best friend I've ever had," says Alison.  "You used to say that about Benny," says Reg.  "      That's different," Alison tells him.
Arthur Brownlow goes to the motel and asks Tish Hope if he could speak to Doris Luke.  Tish tells him that they are very busy but she will fetch Doris.  Shortly after, Doris Luke comes into reception and Arthur thanks her for not saying anything to Kath and Glenda.  He says he would like to have a longer talk with her and asks her if she could come to his house after she has finished work.  He says Kath and Glenda will be out.  Suddenly there is a scream from the kitchen.
The phone rings in the office where David and Meg are working.  "If that's Shughie McFee again, I've changed my name and left the country," Meg tells David.  David laughs and picks up the phone.  "Is it serious?" he asks, and Meg looks at him anxiously.  David explains to Meg that Shughie McFee has tipped a saucepan full of hot water over himself.
Lloyd Munro returns to the cottage and finds Barbara Brady in a thoughtful mood.  He asks her if it is anything to do with John Farnham.  "John's very persistant.  And I suppose I should be flattered," says Barbara.  "Is it David Hunter then?" asks Lloyd.  Barbara looks at him.  "Hit a nerve have I?" asks Lloyd.  "David isn't persistant," says Barbara.
In the office Rosemary gives David a drink and stands behind David chair.  "Tired?" she asks.  "A little," he replies.  Rosemary begins to massage his shoulders.  "You used to like me doing this," says Rosemary.  David gets up and walks away.
Barbara Brady comes to the motel and asks Tish Hope where David Hunter is, and Tish says he is in the office.  Tish is about to tell Barbara that Rosemary is with him but Barbara is already making her way towards the door leading to the private wing.
Barbara Brady bursts into the office.  "David!" she says, and stops when she see's Rosemary Hunter.  "Hello again," says Barbara.  Barbara invites David and Rosemary to dinner at the cottage.  Rosemary glances at David, who is looking intently at Barbara, and takes his arm.  "That is nice," says Rosemary.  She suggests they all have dinner together at the motel.
Superintendant Blake finds his wife Patricia in the motel reception area.  He says she always wanted to go on a cruise and he shows her some brochures.
Reg Cotterill finds Alison baking in the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and he suggests she invite Leonard Hobson to dinner.  he says it's about time he got to know Leonard better.  "I thought you didn't like him," says Alison.
Sandy tells Superintendant Blake that there was a phone call for him from someone called Townsend.
Leonard Hobson arrives at Stonebank Farm and gives Alison some flowers.  Alison asks him to stay for dinner.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and notices the flowers.  He asks Alison to go up to her room for a moment as he wants to speak to Leonard.  Alison goes upstairs leaving Reg and Leonard alone.  "Now Mr Hobson.  Let's get down to brass tacks," says Reg.
Glenda and Kath Brownlow go out, leaving Arthur Brownlow alone.
Reg Cotterill asks Leonard Hobson what his intentions are towards Alison.  Leonard says he loves Alison and intends to marry her sometime.  He says he kows he hasn't a lot to offer but he has prospects.  Reg tells him that Alison has led a very sheltered life and he musn't rush her. 
Doris Luke goes to see Arthur Brownlow and she tells him that he should be talking to his wife, not to her.  Glenda and Kath Brownlow arrive home unexpectedly and are surprised to find Doris Luke there.  Doris tells Kath that she came to thank her for dinner the other evening.  Kath Brownlow asks Doris to stay for dinner but Doris declines.  "Well goodnight," says Doris and rushes off.  "What a funny woman, rushing off like that," says Kath Brownlow.  "Nothing wrong with Miss Luke.  One of the best she is," says Arthur Brownlow.
Arthur tells Kath and Glenda that there is a play on in Birmingham and he would like to take Kath and Glenda to see it.  He says he will phone Ron, their son, and ask him if he wants to come as well.  Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she will phone Ron because everytime Arthur and Ron speak they argue.         

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