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Frank Tyler comes to the motel and asks Diane if he could talk to her.  "There's a few questions I'd like to ask, about Jackie.  I'll come around to the flat about seven o'clock, ok," he says.
Episode 2928 April 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 9
Chris returns to his chalet and finds David there.  David shows him the newspaper cutting.  "Why didn't you tell me about Pierre's death?" asks David.  "I only found out about it myself this morning," replies Chris.  "It says he fell out of a window.  Do you believe that?" asks David.  "I don't want to talk about it," shouts Chris.
Jane Smith goes to the garage office looking for Sharon Metcalfe but finds Victor Lee.  Jane tells him that she was hoping Sharon would be able to take Muriel Baines her groceries.  Victor says he would take them hemself but he has some cars to deliver.  Victor asks Jane if Muriel has ever spoken about him specifically.  Jane says she thought there was a time when she thought there was something going on between him and Muriel, but when she mentioned it to Muriel she went mad and threw her out of the house.  Victor Lee assures Jane that there is nothing going on between him and Muriel.
Frank Tyler goes to Diane and Jackie's flat and asks Diane if Jackie has ever spoken to her about her background.  He says Jackie gave him the impression that she has a lot of money coming to her. 
David asks Simone if she knows about Pierre Rolfe's death, and Simone tells him she was with Chris when he received the letter.  She tells David that Pierre was in debt and very unstable.  "Unstable enough to commit suicide?" asks David.  David says the more he thinks about it the less likely it seems that it was an accident.  "Who sent the newspaper cutting.  Do you know?" asks David.  "A friend I suppose," says Simone.  "I got the impression no one was supposed to know he was here," says David.  "I knew, so someone else must have," says Simone.  She leans on the desk, closer to David.  "Don't worry about it," she says.
In his chalet Chris writes a letter to Pierre Rolfe's mother.  Simone joins him in the chalet and says he shouldn't have left the newspaper cutting where David could find it.  "We should leave now.  It's too dangerous for him," says Simone.  "What?" asks Chris.  "He's asking too many questions for his own good.  He is as involved as we are.  Do you want anything to happen to him," says Simone. 
Jackie Barrett comes home to her flat and finds Frank Tyler and Diane talking.  Frank leaves and Jackie asks Diane why Frank was here.  Diane tells her that Frank said Jackie had some money coming to her.
David Hunter goes to Chris's chalet and asks Simone to leave him and Chris alone.  "Chris, I want to know what's going on.  Ever since you arrived you've been afraid of something.  Locked doors...If you're in some sort of trouble I want to know," says David.  "Look, just leave me alone will you!" shouts Chris.
Diane tells Jackie that she knows she is planning to get the money from all those rich women coming to the motel for the conference.  "Stay clear Diane.  Turn a blind eye and keep your mouth well and truly shut," warns Jackie Barrett. 
*** End of Episode 2928 *** 
Victor Lee visits Muriel at home and finds her preparing tea for the children.  "We've just got time for a walk," he says.  Muriel says she isn't in the mood for a walk.  Victor asks her if she has had anymore anonymous letters and Muriel tells him that he had a letter yesterday and this time it threatened to tell Jim.  Muriel says it would be better if he didn't come round anymore.
Tish Hope arrives at the motel and walks towards the door leading to the private wing.  Phoebe Thompkins, who is on reception duty, asks her to stop.  "That's the private wing.  No one's allowed through there," she says.  Tish explains that Meg is expecting her and that she is helping out on the management side.  All the same Phoebe Thompkins insists on phoning Meg to check.
P.C. Frank Tyler comes to the motel whilst on duty and has a cup of coffee in the reception area.  Victor Lee comes into reception for a drink after work and sits with P.C. Tyler.  "On duty are you?" asks Victor, and Frank nods.  Victor asks Frank for his advice on someone he knows who is receiving anonymous poison-pen letters.
Carney joins P.C. Tyler and Victor Lee in reception and Victor tells him that Muriel Baines is receiving anonymous letters.  Carney tells him that the last time he visited Muriel there was a letter on the floor.  "It was long past the postman's time and it didn't have a stamp," Carney tells him.  Frank Tyler advises Victor to bring one of the letters to the police station and they will have a look at it.  "I can't do thay, she's burnt them," says Victor.  "Well without evidence there's not much we can do," Frank tells him.
Tish Hope helps Meg in the office.
Sharon Metcalfe gives Victor Lee a letter from Muriel Baines. 
Meg asks Phoebe Thompkins into the office and asks her to sit down.  Meg brings up the subject of Phoebe's jewellery.  "You think it's too much," says Phoebe.  She takes off her rings and necklaces and hands them to Meg, who puts them into the safe.  "You know, you could retire on this lot," remarks Meg.  "You wouldn't fire a girl who liked her work would you," says Phoebe.  "Not if I liked her work," replies Meg. 
Meg tells Phoebe she can find no fault with her work but can't understand why she came to work for them when she could find a much more highly paid job elsewhere.  "What do you want Miss Thompkins?  Surely you haven't come here to learn catering," says Meg.  "No.  I was thinking more of management," says Phoebe.  "So you thought you'd come here to see what goes on from the inside," says Meg.  "You said I could retire on my jewellery.  I don't want to retire on it, I want to invest it," says Phoebe.  "What exactly did you  have in mind?" asks Meg.  "Your 50% of the shares.  I want to buy you out," says Phoebe. 
Episode 2930 / 2931 April 1978
See Dvd Volume 4 / Archive Volume 9
Meg says it's the most amazing proposition she has had for a while but the answer has to be no.  "Anyway Mr Hunter would have to agree as my co partner," points out Meg.  "And he'd see right through you," adds Meg, before Phoebe can say anything.  "There's nothing I'd like better," says Phoebe.  "I'm sorry.  My shares are not for sale, neither is Mr Hunter," says Meg.
Meg goes to see Chris Hunter in his chalet.  "I understand you are leaving us soon," she says.  "Yes," answers Chris.  "Good.  I won't be sorry to see you go," she says.  Chris looks at her, startled.  "I hope you know you've made your father's life a misery since you've been here.  Now, you're in some sort of trouble and I want to know what," says Meg.  Chris tells her there is nothing his father can do to help.  "You haven't even let him try, have you," says Meg.  "I don't want him mixed up in this.  Dad told you about Pierre?" asks Chris.  "Yes.  Chris, are you in the same sort of trouble?" asks Meg.  "Tell me if you..." says Meg.  Simone Clavell comes into the chalet at that moment.  "If you change your mind you know where I am," says Meg and leaves.  

1978 Episodes continued

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