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Phoebe Thompkins tells David that this motel isn't big enough for them.  "Not me and Meg.  Me and you," she says to a puzzled David.  "I want to make you an offer.  How would you feel about being co partner with me in Florida, USA?" asks Phoebe. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines and tells her that she should have kept the anonymous letters and told the police, but Muriel says she doesn't want it spread all over the papers.  She goes to a drawer and takes out the letters.  "I said I'd burned them, but I kept them," she says, handing them to Sharon. 
David tells Meg that Phoebe made him an offer of a co-directorship of their hotel in Florida.  "I could sell me shares to you," he says.  "I could buy your shares but I wouldn't find another David Hunter.  We'd miss you," says Meg. 
Jane Smith tells Diane and Jackie to keep an eye out for the safe keys because Mrs Mortimer has lost them.  Diane looks suspiciously at Jackie Barrett.
In the office, Tish and Meg search for the missing safe keys.  David comes into the office and Meg asks him if he has made up his mind about Phoebe Thompkins offer.  "The poor girl is besotted with you," says Meg.  "What?" asks David.  Meg tells him that Phoebe made an offer for her shares.  "What.  That's preposterous," says David.  "You are naive," says Meg.  "Me, naive?" asks David.  "Now I must look for those keys," says Meg and starts moving papers on David's desk.  "Meg?" asks David.  Meg looks at him.  "Naive?" he asks.
Sharon tells Muriel that the only way she can clear this whole thing up is to tell Jim everything and put him in the picture.  Sharon looks again at the anonymous letter in her hand.  "This bit here for a start, about Victor spending the night here.  Well you can put that right.  All they have to do is ask his landlady," she tells Muriel.  "It's not as simple as that.  He did spend the night here.  On the night they're talking about.  he did stay here," says Muriel.  "Oh I see.  That's something I didn't know about," says Sharon.
*** End of Episode 2930 ***
Diane asks Meg if she is sure she put the safe keys in her handbag.  Meg says yes and she didn't take her eyes off her handbacg, even when she went to the salon to have her hair done.  Diane looks at Meg.
Phoebe Thompkins asks David if he has come to a decision about her offer.  "You're wasted here and I know you're restless," says Phoebe.  "You must know I love you," she adds.  "What!" says David.  David turns down Phoebe's offer.  Phoebe says if he ever needs her help again he is to call her.  "And I'll come running," she says and leaves.
Diane Parker phones the police station from the motel payphone.  "Can I speak to constable Tyler please," she says.  Whilst she waits for P.C Tyler to come to the phone, Diane looks towards the reception desk and notices Jackie Barrett standing at the desk.  "Hello," says Frank Tyler on the other end of the phone.  Diane tells him that she needs his advice and must see him alone.  Frank tells her that he will come to the flat tonight.  Diane looks towards the reception desk and Jackie is no longer there.
Simone Clavell comes into the motel reception and tells David that she is wating for Chris.  "We are supposed to be having dinner, but I don't think he is in a very sociable mood," says Simone.  "Why not have dinner with me?" asks David.  "Well..." says Simone,  "Shall we say seven o'clock," says David.  "Whatever you say David," smiles Simone. 
Later, Meg takes over from Diane on reception duty and she looks in the pigeon holes behind the desk.  "The keys"" shouts Meg, and takes the keys from the pigeon hole.  "Why did you put them in the pigeon hole?" asks Diane.
David tells Meg that Phoebe Thompkins has left the motel and won't be coming back.  "She has fired us," he says. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Victor Lee that she went to see Muriel Baines and she showed her one of the anonymous letters she had received.  Sharon tells Victor that she knows he spent the night at the Baines' house.  Victor tells her that it was the night that Muriel went out by herself and phoned them from the call box.  "I couldn't leave her.  She was terrified," explains Victor.  "If Jim found out there's no telling what he'd do," Sharon tells him.
Simone Clavell comes into David's office wearing a low cut dress, looking very beautiful.  David pours her a drink.  "Where should you be officially?" asks David.  "In bed with a headache," Simone tells him.  David says he thinks it's time they got to know each other.
Victor Lee goes to see Muriel Baines and asks to see the anonymous letter.  Victor tells her that it was all quite innocent, but that there was an awareness between them.  "We did nothing wrong," says Muriel.  Victor tells Muriel that Sharon said Jim might react strongly if he found out.  "I think I know my husband better than Sharon.  I want to tell Jim and face whatever comes," says Muriel.  "Will you take me to the hospital?" asks Muriel.  "If that's what you want," says Victor Lee.
*** End of Episode 2931 ***
At the hospital Muriel sits beside Jim's bed.  He asks her how she got here and Muriel tells him that Victor Lee drove her.
David and Simone go into the sitting room after their meal.  David gives her a drink and sits beside her on the settee.  Simone says shewas a bit scared at first that he might ask her a lot of questions.  "But it has turned out differently.  Good food, wine and good company," she says.  She puts a finger in her glass of cognac and puts it to David's lips.  "This is so good, and dangerous Mr David Hunter," she says and kisses David on the lips. 
Muriel Baines tells Jim that she has had to rely on other people a great deal and everyone has been very kind.  "Some people are trying to make more of it," says Muriel.  She shows Jim one of the anonymous letters and tells Jim that there isn't any truth in it.  Jim asks her who the man is that is referred to in the letter.  "It could be Mr Lee," says Muriel.  Jim says it doesn't matter because he is coming out of hospital tomorrow.
Chris Hunter see's Meg Mortimer in reception.  "Are you looking for Simone?" asks Meg.  "No. She's got a headache.  She's in her chalet," answers Chris.  Sharon Metcalfe, who is nearby and overhears, says, "Not tonight.  I just saw her coming out of the restaurant with Mr Hunter."  "My father, and Simone.  Excuse me," says Chris and goes through to the private wing.     

1978 Episodes continued

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