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Meg catches Phoebe Thompkins in the office making a phone call to America.  Phoebe hands her some money to cover the cost of the call.  "Oh dear, you're annoyed," says Phoebe.  "No, just a little angry, that you didn't ask," says Meg.  "But you'd have said yes," says Phoebe.  "You know.  For a secretary you've got an awful lot of ...," says Meg.  "Brass," suggests Phoebe.  "Brass," agrees Meg.  "That's telling me.  Alright, I'll try and mend my ways," promises Phoebe.  "You'd better," says Meg.
Meg tries to dictate a letter to Phoebe Thompkins but Phoebe interupts her constantly with corrections.  "Mr Hunter lets me do all his letters without dictation," Phoebe tells Meg.  Meg hands all her letters to Phoebe.
Chris Hunter telephones his mother Rosemary from his chalet and tells her that when he comes back to Geneva he doesn't want Ballini there because he has a lot of work to do.  Simone Clavell comes into the chalet just as Chris puts the phone down.  She asks him who he was calling and Chris tells her he was phoning the airport to book his flight.  Chris tells Simone that he would like to know what will happen to him once he has set up Ballini for the group.  Simone assures him that nothing will happen to him.  "You're too valuable to them, and me," says Simone.
Phoebe Thompkins asks Jane Smith for Kate Hamilton's address.  Jane tells her that she doesn't know but knows that Kate is living in a flat belonging to Tony Moran.  "Tony Moran?" asks Phoebe.  Jane nods.  "Ummm.  I see," says Phoebe.  "It's not like that.  She's living with her sixteen year old daughter," Jane tells her.
Jackie Barrett gives Frank Tyler lunch in her flat.  Frank tells her that he wants to marry her.  "Frank.  If I came into some money you'd be sensible about it wouldn't you?" asks Jackie.  "What do you mean?" asks Frank.  "Well I'd like to spend it on us," Jackie tells him.
Simone Clavell and Chris Hunter go into reception for a drink.  Chris tells her that if they opt out now they've got a chance.  "Don't you understand.  You're expendable.  Once you've got them what they want, they'll get rid of you," Chris tells her.  "Don't be silly Chris," says Simone.  "If we go now we'll be free," says Chris.  "Don't you understand Chris.  We will never be free," says Simone. 
Victor Lee goes to see Muriel Baines and asks her if she wants to go for a little walk, but Muriel says she would rather not.  "You're not worrying about what the neighbours say are you?  Arm in arm in broad daylight.  There's no harm," says Victor.  Muriel puts on her coat and they leave.
David Hunter checks some of Pheobe Thompkins work for mistakes but finds none.  Phoebe asks him what he wants in life.  "Nothing," answers David.  "Dull," says Phoebe.  "What?" asks David.  "You're an intelligent fella, and you're still ticking.  I've seen you eyeing that French piece," says Pheobe. 
David asks Phoebe how she found out about the secretary's job.  "I knew one of  the girls before me.  She got the sack.  She won't forget you in a hurry," says Phoebe.  "I don't remember being unpleasant to her," says David.  "That's just it.  When you gave her the sack you were so kind and considerate to her you made her cry," says Phoebe.  "Now she's mad about you," she adds.  David plutters into his coffee cup.  "What" he laughs.  "You have no idea how you play havoc with a girl's emotions," says Phoebe.  "Oh come on," says David, slightly embarrassed.  "When I came here I thought, what a cracking fella to have dictating to you," says Phoebe.
Carney takes Muriel Baines some flowers.  As he is leaving he picks up an envelope from the floor.  "What is it?" asks Muriel.  "A letter.  No stamp.  Must have been hand delivered.  Here," says Carney and hands the envelope to Muriel. 
Jane Smith finds Phoebe Thompkins sitting in David Hunter's office chair smoking.  "You certainly believe in making yourself at home," says Jane.  "Well why not.  When I've got such a lovely fella for a boss.  I'm mad about him," says Phoebe.  She asks Jane what Mrs Hunter is like.  "Why do you want to know?" asks Jane.  "Well, she must have turned him on at some time.  And if a fella turns me on, I want to know what turns him on," Phoebe tells her. 
Diane parker tells David that Chris mentioned something about having dinner that evening.  David says he had better make sure.  "I'd take the pass key because Chris doesn't open the door," advises Diane.
David Hunter goes to Chris's chalet and knocks once, and then when he receives no reply, lets himself in using the pass key.  He knocks on the bathroom door, then walks to the dressing table.  He picks up a framed photo of Simone Clavell and looks at it.  He then picks up the letter lying on the table and reads it.
Jane Smith asks Diane Parker what she thinks about Phoebe Thompkins and Diane says she likes her because she doesn't care two hoots.  "She fancies Mr Hunter.  She said she's mad about him," Jane tells her.  "She could do worse," says Diane.   

1978 Episodes continued

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