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Jackie Barrett and Frank Tyler go to Diane and Jackie's flat.  Frank tells her about a job he was working on a few days ago concerning an old lady whose jewellery was stolen.    Diane Parker chokes on her drink and leaves the room.  Frank tells Jackie that he would marry her tomorrow if he could give her a nice home, but he hasn't got any money.  "Why don't we carry on as we are," suggests Jackie. 
Chris and Simone come into reception and Simone tells David, who is on reception duty, that she will be going back to Paris and Chris will be spending the last week of his holiday in Geneva with his mother.  Chris walks away from the reception area towards the dining room and David calls Simone over.  "You could try and persuade him to stay on at university and get that law degree," says David.  "Don't worry I will do my best, and my best is very good," says Simone.
Jackie Barrett tells Diane that Frank Tyler has asked her to marry him.  "Come on Jackie.  You're a wanted woman," says Diane.  "Yes, I suppose I am.  But all I want to be now is Mrs Frank Tyler," says Jackie.  "What if he finds out about you.  If you really care for Frank you'll tell him," says Diane.  "The only way he'll find out is if you tell him," says Jackie.
Muriel Baines tells Jane Smith that Jim phoned her and he knows about her trying to go out by herself, and Victor Lee having to come and help her.  "The only person who could have told him was Sharon," says Muriel. 
Diane Parker joins Carney in the staff room and over a cup of tea Carney notices that Diane is deep in thought.  He asks her what is worrying her and Diane tells him that hse was thinking about a programme she saw on television last night.  She says it was about two men sharing a flat and one found out that the other was a thief but he didn't know what to do about it.  "Well it's obvious.  He should go straight to the police," says Carney.
Jane Smith asks Sharon Metcalfe if she told Jim Baines about Muriel trying to go out on her own.  Sharon says it just came up in conversation.  "Well it wasn't the best thing to say," says Jane. 
Diane tells Jackie Barrett that she has been harbouring a criminal and that makes her as guilty.  Diane begs Jackie to go to the police for Frank's sake.  "It's because of Frank that  I'm not.  look, I love Frank and he loves me.  I'm not going to lose him.  I've got one more job to do," says Jackie.  "No Jackie," pleads Diane.
Meg Mortimer goes to see Muriel Baines and asks her how Jim is.  Muriel says if he had two kidneys he would be out of hospital by now.  Muriel tells Meg that a friend helped her and the neighbours are trying to make something out of it. 
Pheobe Thompkins invents a new filing system and David tells her that Meg wasn't very happy because she couldn't find anything.  "It's okay when you know how," says Phoebe.  "Yes but what happens when you don't know how?" asks David.  "It's very simple.  Have you got five minutes," says Phoebe, coming into David's office from the adjoining office.  "What for?" asks David. 
Victor Lee meets Sharon Metcalfe in reception and orders them both a drink.  Sharon tells him that Jane Smith told her off for saying the wrong thing to Jim Baines.  Victor tells Sharon that Muriel Baines is having some trouble with the neighbours spreading rumours, and Sharon suggests they go and see Muriel together and then the neighbours won't gossip.
Chris Hunter uses the office phone to phone his mother in Geneva.  David comes into the office.  "I must go now," says Chris looks at David.  "Bye.  I love you," he adds before putting the phone down.  David tells him that he is glad he will be spending a bit of time in Geneva before returning to university.  "Your education is too important and costly to let it drop," says David.  "If money's what you're worried about..." says Chris.  "I was thinking about you," says David.  "Why you wouldn't be happy working in Paris with a girl like Simone, I don't understand," says David.  "That's not the newsbreak of the year.  You never did," says Chris, and leaves the office, passing Meg on the way out.
Sharon Metcalfe and Victor Lee visit Muriel Baines.  "Hello, this is a surprise," says Muriel on opening the door.  "We thought we'd come, the both of us," says Sharon loudly. 
David tells Meg that he is trying to get Chris to tell him what's wrong.  "Don't worry David, we all suffer from it.  The generation gap," says Meg.  "You are a great comfort Meg Mortimer," smiles David. 
Phoebe Thompkins joins Carney in the staff room for a cup of tea.  "What do you think of Mr Hunter?" she asks Carney.  "A gentleman," answers Carney.  He looks at Phoebe, and grins.  "Fancy your chances do you?" he asks.
Sharon and Victor return to the motel and have a drink in reception.  Victor tells Sharon that there was an atmosphere at Muriel's tonight.  Sharon asks him if he noticed Muriel's face when she saw that Sharon was with him.  "She wanted you there on your own.  I was in the way," says Sharon.
Simone Clavell goes to Chris Hunter's chalet and hands him a letter.  "It's from Paris," says Chris and tears it open quickly.  "From Pierre?" asks Simone.  "No.  It's not his writing," says Chris, sitting on the bed and reading the letter.  "What is it?  What's wrong?" asks Simone.  "Pierre.  He's dead.  It says he fell from a window," Chris tells her.  Simone reads the letter.  "He knoew too much.  It was murder," says Chris.  "What have you got in line for me eh?" asks Chris.
Diane Parker asks Jackie Barrett if the earrings she lost were hers, or belonged to someone else.  "I have never worn anything belonging to anyone else," says Jackie.
Meg meets Diane and Jackie in the staff room and asks Jackie if she could stay on at the salon for another week or so because Vera has been taken ill on holiday.  Meg tells her that there is a large party coming to the motel for a conference.  "So there will be a lot of rich ladies who want to have their hair done," Meg tells Jackie.  Diane looks uneasily at Jackie.

1978 Episodes continued

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