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David Hunter telephones Tony Moran and asks him if he could come to the motel.  "Has it got anything to do with Kate?" asks Tony.  "In a way.  It's a business deal and I need your advice," replies David.  "Anytime old son, and since it's got something to do with Kate I'm very flattered you should ask me," says Tony.
*** End of Episode 2891 ***
Episodes 2892 / 2893 February 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 9
Tony Moran arrives at the motel and David asks him if he knows Rick Hamilton well.  "He's offered me a deal.  Can you see any reason why I shouldn't go in for it?" asks David.  "Yes, a million," says Tony.  "In what way has this got anything to do with Kate?" asks Tony.  "If it wasn't for Kate I wouldn't be considering it," replies David.  David asks Tony what he would do and Tony says he would give it a try.
Warner Blyth asks Meg if she could get a few things for him from his chalet.  Meg shows the list to Diane and they both hatch a plan to help Warner Blyth.  Diane tells Meg to phone her from the office and Diane will pretend someone has seen Warner Blyth in the cafeteria.  Diane will panic and tell Mr Black or his associate Mr Whelp and whilst they are out of the way she will go into Warner Blyth's chalet and get the things he needs.
Victor Lee asks Jim Baines to clean up the garage.
Diane Parker waits at the reception desk for Meg's phone call.  meanwhile in the office Meg is being held up by David.  "I'm sorry David I have to make a phone call," she says.  "Who to?" asks David.  "Diane," replies Meg.  Meg phones reception and Diane answers the phone.  "Yes.  I mean hello..." says Diane in a loud voice.  "It's just a little past three o'clock," says Meg.  David looks on puzzled.  "Who has!  Mr Warner Blyth has been seen in the cafeteria.  Are you sure.  Yes, he's tall, greying, good looking.  Yes well you'd better keep him there," says Diane loudly.  Diane puts the phone down and tells Mr Whelp that Mr Warner Blyth has been sighted in the cafeteria.  Mr Whelp runs out of the motel
As soon as Mr Whelp is out of sight, Diane rushes into the kitchen and emerges with a bucket and broom.  She is just about to rush out to the chalets when mr Black comes into reception and asks her where Mr Whelp is.  Diane tells him that he had to go out suddenly.  Mr Black sits down in his usual place in reception. 
Diane phones through to Meg who is still in the office with David.  As the phone buzzes David reaches for it, but Meg picks it up before he does.  "Your bill is ready as requested sir," says Diane.  "Ok Diane.  I'll be there right away," says Meg and is about to leave but David puts a hand on her shoulder.  "Oh no you don't.  You're going to make that phone call...now," he says.   
A few minutes Meg joins Diane in reception.  "Have you heard Mrs Mortimer.  Mr Warner Blyth has been seen in the cafeteria," says Diane loudly.  Mr Black looks up.  "Yes, well hand me that key will you, and the bill next to it," says Meg.  Diane hands them to Meg, watched closely by Mr Black.  Meg walks away.  "Mrs Mortimer, where will you be if you're wanted?" asks Diane.  "In the cafeteria," answers Meg, and leaves reception.
Mr Black rushes up to the reception desk.  "Alright.  What was that key for?" he asks Diane.  "Well that's just it you see.  That was to the swimming pool changing rooms.  They're closed," says Diane.  "Thanks," says Mr Black and rushes out.
Sharon Metcalfe goes over some letters with Victor Lee.  Suddenly they hear a crash from the garage.  "Oh no!" shouts Sharon and rushes out of the office, closely followed by Victor Lee.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel Baines.  "Oh hello Sharon.  This is a surprise," she says.  "Muriel.  Something's happened.  There's been an accident," explains Sharon.  "How bad is he?" asks Muriel.  "Don't know.  They've taken him to hospital," Sharon tells her.  "What am I going to do?" asks Muriel.
*** End of Episode 2892 ***
Victor Lee telephones the hospital and asks how Jim Baines is.  "No, I'm his employer," he says.  Sharon Metcalfe arrives at the office and Victor Lee tells her that he is trying to find out how Jim is but they won't give any details out to anyone except relatives.  Victor Lee asks Sharon how Muriel took the news and Sharon says not well, and she can't go out of the house to visit Jim in hospital.  Victor says he feels responsible becaus he told Jim off and then Jim operated some lifting machinery which should have been done by two men.   
Rick Hamilton phones his partner Maud Ackerman in America and is told that Ackerman is pulling out of the deal.
Philip Warner Blyth walks casually into the motel reception and Mr Black jumps up from his seat.  Mr Black presents Warner Blyth with a writ, and Philip Warner Blyth presents him with a cheque to cover the amount he owes to Sir Geoffrey Yuille. 
Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines and tells her that Jim has a fractured leg and has also damaged his spleen which is causing internal bleeding.  He says they have to be careful if they operate as Jim has only one kidney.

1978 Episodes continued

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