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Diane Parker goes to Meg's room and searches for Philip Warner Blyth.  Meg comes into the room and Diane tells her that Warner Blyth is missing.  At that moment Philip Warner Blyth walks in and tells them that he has been to see Mr Black.
Later when Diane takes dinner up to Philip Warner Blyth in Meg's room he tells her that it is his birthday tomorrow and he would like to arrange a private dinner party for Mrs Mortimer to thank her.  He asks Diane if she would arrange it but not to say a word to Meg. 
Lucy Hamilton takes a phone call for her father from Mr Zimmerman in New York.  "Sorry, but the answer is no," she repeats as she writes down the message.  When Rick Hamilton returns to the cottage she shows him the message. 
Doctor Butterworth talks with Sandy about Lynne Baxter taking the job at his surgery.  Sandy says he isn't in favour of her working at all after they are married.  "She's a fully qualified nurse.  Surely you wouldn't want her to give up all her training," says Doctor Butterworth.
Rick Hamilton phones New York and speaks to Mr Zimmerman.  He says things are going really well but he needs another week.  Mr Zimmerman hangs up.
Doctor Butterworth tells Sandy that he is being a little selfish and that if he wasn't confined to a wheelchair he would let Lynne carry on working because he'd expect her to, but he wants her to stay at home just to prove that he is capable of supporting a wife.  "Have you finished?" asks Sandy.  "No, but I'm not going to carry on because you're so.....pig-headed," says Doctor Butterworth.  He walks to the door, then stops.  "Just remember this.  If you stop Lynne from working she'll lose all the respect she has for you.  Think about it," says the doctor and leaves Sandy to ponder. 
*** End of Episode 2893 ***
Later, Lynne joins Sandy in the sitting room and he asks her what kind of day she has had.  Sandy tells her that Doctor Butterworth was here earlier and he wanted to know when she was going to start her new job at the surgery.  Lynne tells Sandy it is up to him.  Sandy tells her that he has had a change of mind and he wants her to take the job.  "If you're happy, I am," he says.
Kate Hamilton tells Rick and Lucy that Tony Moran is coming to dinner, and Lucy pulls a face and says she would rather not have dinner with him.  Kate leaves Lucy and Rick in the living room whilst she goes into the kitchen and Rick asks Lucy if any of Kate's friends meet with her approval.  "What about David?" asks Rick.  "Mum seems to fall for it, all that charm and concern.  Too good to be true," says Lucy.  Kate overhears what she says and says David has been very kind.  "You know, you could be wrong about David.  Would you trust him?" asks Rick.  "Further than I can throw him, no," says Lucy.    
Tony Moran arrives at the cottage and they all have dinner together.  Rick Hamilton excuses himself and says he has a business meeting.
Rick Hamilton goes to the Motel and meets with David in the sitting room.  David tells him that he has been thinking about his offer but Rick says he must fill him on everything that has happened with his proposed business venture.  He says an American called Zimmerman has offered him the money he needs but he turned it down because he wants to raise the money in England.  Rick says he wants to make this venture a success for personal reasons.  He says when he and Kate separated he was granted access to Lucy but didn't take advantage of it.  He says he wants to make it up to Kate and Lucy.  David says he'd like to help but the most he can put up is 3,000.  "But if you'd rather someone else..." says David.  Rick says he can come in for any amount he wants.  "I'll write you a cheque," says David.  "What now?" asks Rick.  "Why not," says David, and writes a cheque.
Jane Smith takes Muriel Baines her shopping and suggests taking Muriel out for a walk instead of Jim, but Muriel says it wouldn't be the same without Jim.
Diane Parker tells Meg that Philip Warner Blyth is planning something for her but she can't say anything more because it's a surprise. 
Jane Smith tells Sharon Metcalfe that she tried to get Muriel Baines to go for a walk but she wouldn't unless Jim was with her. 
In Meg's rooms Diane Parker and Philip Warner Blyth prepare a table for the surprise dinner party.  Meg comes into the room and asks what is going on and Warner Blyth tells her that he is giving her a dinner party to say thank you, and it also happens to be his birthdsy tomorrow.  Diane tells Meg that she told the staff that Meg was celebrating the first time she met Hugh and that she wanted two bottles of champagne sent up to her room because she might invite Sandy and David Hunter for a drink.
In reception, Jane Smith tells David and Sandy that Meg is celebrating her first meeting with Hugh Mortimer.  "Are you telling me my mother is drinking champagne on her own?" asks Sandy.  "She was going to ask you both up for a drink later if she was feeling better," says Jane.  "Isn't that right Diane?" asks Jane as Diane comes into reception.  "Yes, but to tell you the truth she isn't feeling too good.  I've made her go to bed and she wants to be left alone," says Diane.

1978 Episodes continued

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