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Diane Parker takes a breakfast tray up to Meg and as no one answers her knock, she enters the room.  She puts the tray down on the table and telephones reception and asks them to tell Mrs Mortimer that her breakfast is in her room.  As she is about to leave she hears splashing from the bathroom.
She goes to the bathroom door, opens it and then closes it quickly.  "Alright I know you're in there.  Come out or I'll phone reception and tell them to call the police," she says.  Philip Warner Blyth comes out and asks Diane not to call the police.  "Don't you come near me" says Diane.  She picks up the phone as she keeps her eye on Warner-Blyth.  "I think I know who you are....hello...reception..." says Diane.  At that moment Meg comes in and whispers to Diane to put the phone down.  "It's alright, Mrs Mortimer's here now," says Diane into the phone, before putting down the receiver. 
Sandy phones Lynne's flat and speaks to her flat mate.  He asks her if she knows where Lynne is and the flat mate says she thought Lynne was having dinner with him.  Sandy says she hasn't arrived yet.  He asks Jane Smith if she has seen Lynne and Jane tells him that she came in and left a message that she had gone into the village to see someone.
Meg asks Philip Warner Blyth to explain everything to Diane.
Kate Hamilton hears Rick making a telephone call to America, and tells him that she can't afford to pay for all these long distance phone calls. 
Diane takes over from Jane Smith in reception.  "Any messages?" asks Diane, looking at Mr Black who is sitting in his usual place in reception.  "Sandy said any letters for him must be put under the desk," says Jane.  "For who?" asks Diane.  "Mr Warner-Blyth," says Jane.  Diane shushes her.  "I've just remembered something," says Diane, and taking the letter she walks towards the door marked private.  Mr Black follows her.  "Remembered what?" he asks.  Diane looks at him.  "Alright where is he?" asks Mr Black. 
*** End of Episode 2890 ***
"Who?" asks Diane innocently.  Mr Black says he thinks she is taking Warner Blyth's mail to him, and Diane explains that Mrs Mortimer usually keeps all mail for absent guests until they return.
Lynne Baxter goes to the office to see Sandy, and Sandy asks her where she has been.  Lynne says she went to see someone in the village.  "Known him long have you?" asks Sandy.  "No as a matter of fact I met him for the first time today," says Lynne. 
Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines at home and suggest that the next time she goes for a walk she walks ahead of Jim.  The doctor gives her a newsletter from 'The Open Door' an organisation formed by people suffering from the same problem as her. 
Lynne explains to Sandy that she had tea with Doctor Butterworth and he has offered her a job in his surgery.  She tells him that Jane Smith told her about the job.
Mr Black tries to chat up Diane.  "Why don't you get lost and take your partner with you," Diane tells him.  Mr Black says he knows she took that letter to Mr Warner Blyth.  "Are you calling me a liar?" asks Diane.  "Yes, and what's more, I'm going to check out your story with the management," says Mr Black. 
Later Sandy asks Diane to go to the office.  "Something to do with Mr Warner Blyth," he tells her.  "Is Mr Black there?" asks Diane.  "Yes, as large as life and twice as ugly," answers Sandy. 
Sandy tells Jane Smith that he knows the perfect present for her upcoming birthday.  "What is it?" asks Jane.  "A large wooden spoon.  Stop stirring things up between Lynne and me," answers Sandy.  He says Lynne mentioned that she told her about a job at Doctor Butterworth's surgery.  Jane says she thinks it's unfair of him to want Lynne to give up her work.
Diane faces David Hunter and Mr Black in the office.  Mr Black claims that Diane was very rude to him and told him to get lost.  "Is this true Diane?" asks David, and Diane admits that it is.  Mr Black says Diane took a letter for Mr Warner Blyth and said that Mrs Mortimer wanted all his correspondence locked in the office safe.  He asks if he can check the office safe and David tells him that any letters for guests are that guests personal and private property.  "Do I make myself clear?" asks David.  "But..." begins Mr Black.  "Goodnight Mr Black," says David, and Mr Black leaves the office. 
"Thank you Diane.  You can go now.  Oh and Diane, don't provoke Mr Black if you can help it.  Ignore him," David tells her.  "I'll try but it won't be easy," says Diane, and leaves. 

1978 Episodes continued

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