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Mr Black asks Diane Parker if she has seen Mr Warner Blyth.  He says he is a bit of a ladies man and one of the staff might be hiding him.
Meg comes into reception and asks Diane if she can order a breakfast.  "Shall I bring it up to you?" asks Diane.  "No!," says Meg loudly.  "Arrr, no.  Just phone me when it's ready," she adds, and walks away.
Later, David telephones Meg to tell her that he breakfast order is ready.  Meg comes into reception to fetch it, and Diane brings it to her.  David takes the lid off.  "Meg, you don't have a breakfast like that," he exclaims.  "Yes, well I'm determined to fight this cold," says Meg.  "Umm, feed the cold, starve the...." begins David.  "Yes," exclaims Meg and leaves hurriedly. 
Rick Hamilton asks Kate why Lucy doesn't like David Hunter.  "She does really," says Kate.  "Does he come from a wealthy family?" asks Rick.  "No, he made it all himself," says Kate.  "He's fond of you.  It stands out a mile," says Rick.  "David and I have a very good boss-secretary relationship," says Kate. 
Rick telephones Tony Moran and tells him that he has found someone to go into business with him.  "How does David Hunter grab you," says Rick.  Rick asks Tony Moran how well off David is.  "Give it to me in a round figure," says Rick.  "Well, he owns half the motel," says Tony. 
Rick Hamilton goes to the motel and thanks Meg for letting him stay at her cottage.  He asks where Kate is and Meg directs him to the sitting room.  Rick goes to the sitting room and asks Kate if he could speak to David alone.  Kate leaves them alone.
Victor Lee asks Jim Baines if it is true that some members of the garage staff bring their cars to the garage for servicing free of charge.  He says these cars are taking up space and after today there will be no more free services for staff. 
Rick Hamilton tells David that the worst thing he did was split up from Kate. 
Doctor Butterworth goes to the garage off to talk to Jim Baines about Muriel, and tells him that Muriel is making a lot of progress but she feels the treatment is silly.  Doctor Butterworth sits behind Victor Lee's desk whilst Jim Baines eats his lunch.  Victor lee comes into the office at that moment.  "What's going on?" he asks.  "This happens to be my private office.  What's going on Mr Baines?" asks Victor. 
*** End of Episode 2888 ***
Meg takes Philip Warner Blyth his dinner and tells him she couldn't bring much because it's causing a bit of comment in the kitchen.  Warner Blyth tells her that he is expecting a cheque through the post.
Lynne Baxter tells Sandy he is sorry about the argument the previous evening.  "Obviously you can see I'm right," says Sandy.  "You're starting again," exclaims Lynne.  She says she is not giving up her job and walks out.
Rick Hamilton goes to see David Hunter at the motel and explains that he is starting a business venture.  He says everything is launched in America but he needs someone based in England.  "I was thinking it might interest you Dave," says Rick.  "In what way?" asks David.  "Participation," says Rick.
Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines at home and takes her on an imaginary walk.  Doctor Butterworth tells her that she has done so well that he thinks she is ready to go on a real walk.
David asks Rick how much capital he would need and Rick says 5,000.  David says he will need time to think it over.
Jim Baines goes for a walk with Muriel.
*** End of Episode 2889 ***
Episodes 2890 / 2891 February 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 8
Jane Smith asks Sandy what has gone wrong between him and Lynne.  Sandy says he wants Lynne to stop working but Lynne doesn't want to.  Jane says she doesn't blame Lynne.  "Nursing's not just a job," she says. 
Jane Smith takes Sharon Metcalfe coffee in the garage office and tells her that Muriel Baines is much better.  Victor Lee overhears and asks Sharon about Muriel Baines when Jane has left.  Sharon tells him that Muriel has been suffering from a nervous complaint.  Victor Lee says they explains Jim Baines' attitude of late.  Sharon says Jim is the same much of the time.  "Perhaps it's because he feels he isn't being trusted to do his work in his own time, do you think?" asks Sharon.    

1978 Episodes continued

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