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Later that day Mr Black books into the motel and asks if he can have chalet 14, next to his friend Mr Warner Blyth.  Mr Black then sits by the window in reception watching Warner-Blyth's chalet.  Carney whispers to Jane that he thinks Mr Black is a private detective, and that the Rolls Royce is stolen.  Mr Black overhears him and tells them that the Rolls Royce is hired.  "So don't let it fool you," he says.   
Meg comes into reception and asks who the mysterious guest is.  Mr Black asks her if she knows where Philip Warner Blyth is and Meg says she has no idea who he is.  Mr Black says Mr Warner Blyth will have to come back for his luggage and when he does he and his partner Mr Whelp will be waiting. 
Tom Baxter tells his wife that he tried to put Sandy off marrying Lynne and even suggested that they lived together first.  Mr and Mrs Baxter say goodbye to Meg and Sandy. 
Meg goes to her room for an early night and sits down at her dressing table.  She looks into the mirror and notices two feet protruding under the drawn curtains.  She walks to the curtains and opens them.  Mr Warner Blyth steps out from behind the curtains.  "Please don't shout," he asks.  "Mr Warner Blyth I presume," says Meg.  "How did you know?" asks Warner Blyth. 
*** End of Episode 2886 ***
Meg explains that there is a Mr Black waiting for him downstairs.  Warner Blyth tells Meg that he owes someone a lot of money and Mr Black is a private detective.  "I really want to see your husband Mrs Mortimer," says Warner Blyth.  "I don't know you and you don't know me," says Meg.  "But I happened to hear one of the waitresses call you Mrs Mortimer," says Warner Blyth.  "Then you really do know Cedric," says Meg.  "Cedric?  I thought your husbands name was Hugh," says Warner Blyth.
Meg tells him that Hugh is in Australia.  At that moment there is a knock on the door and Meg answers it to Diane.  Diane hands Meg her handbag and says she wasn't sure whether to knock because she heard voices.  Meg tells Diane it was her bedside radio, and Diane leaves, slightly puzzled. 
David asks Kate Hamilton if she has any idea when Rick is leaving and Kate says no.  She says Lucy is glad to have her father around and is dreaming of them all setting up home together again.
Tony Moran goes to the cottage to see Rick Hamilton.  Rick tells him that he is thinking of setting up a business venture in England and asks Tony if he would like to join him in the venture but Tony says he would be better finding someone who doesn't know his track record.
Philip Warner Blyth pleades with Meg not to turn him over to Mr Black.  Meg agrees to let him sleep in the spare room that night.  She say she will phone Hugh in Australia in the morning.
Lynne Baxter joins Sandy at the reception desk and he asks her when she is going to give in her notice at the hospital.  "What?  I'm not giving up my job," says Lynne.   
Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines at home and takes her on an imaginary walk as part of her therapy.
Meg goes to her room with a tray of food covered with a table cloth.  She reaches the door and tries to open it whilst balancing the tray on her knee.  David Hunter see's her struggling and goes to help her.  "No it's alright.  I can manage," says Meg, as she see's David approaching.  "What are you trying to do?" asks David.  "I am trying to open the door," says Meg.  "Here, give me that," says David and takes the tray from Meg.  "Now you can open the door," he says and Meg opens the door.  As she does so she gives a loud cough. 
"Got a throat coming on?" asks David.  "No, just a bit of a cold probably," answers Meg.  "Where do you want this?" asks David.  Meg tells him to put it on the dressing table.  "I thought you were going to have an early night," says David.  "I was, but I felt a bit peckish," says Meg.  David lifts the cloth off the tray to reveal a tray crammed full of food.  "A bit peckish.  Come on Meg.  You had a big meal and that wasn't so long ago," says David.  "Well it isn't a good idea to go to bed on a rumbling tummy," says Meg.  "I don't think it's wise Meg," says David.  "No, well goodnight David," says Meg who walks towards David who backs away towards the door.  As soon as David is outside the door Meg shuts the door almost in David's face.  He shrugs his shoulders and begins to walk away.
Inside Meg's room, Warner Blyth comes out from his hiding place and coughs loudly.  Outside David stops in his tracks and, walking back to Meg's door, he presses his ear against the door and listens.  Meg shushes Warner Blyth and opens the door to find David outside.  "Was that you?" he asks.  Meg sneezes loudly into a hankie.  "Yes, terrible isn't it.  Goodnight David," she says and sneezes again.  "Bless you," says David and walks away.      
*** End of Episode 2887 ***

1978 Episodes continued

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