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Rick, Kate and Lucy Hamilton have dinner together at the cottage.  Whilst Kate is washing up Lucy tells Rick that he and Kate are so good together.  "I'm going to need your help Lucy," says Rick.  "Just say the word," says Lucy.  "Well could you leave your mother and I alone," says Rick.  Lucy gets up from the table and tells Kate that she is going to her friends house to do her homework.

Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Muriel and says Jim mentioned she wasn't well.  "It's this weather.  It drags on.  It'll do me good to get some sunshine," says Muriel.  "And when the sun shines will you be able to get out and enjoy it?" asks Sharon.  "So he has told you," says Muriel.  Sharon tells her that she knew someone who had the same problem. 

Meg, Tom and Freda Baxter have a drink together at the motel.  Jane Smith tells Meg that Sandy has gone to Sam.  Freda Baxter asks who Sam is and Meg tells her it is short for the Samaritans and that Sandy works for them as a volunteer.  Tom Baxter says he would have thought Sandy had enough problems of his own, and Meg says it's because Sandy has problems that he can understand how unhappy people can be. 

Muriel Baines tells Jim that she wants to see a doctor and Jim agrees to call Doctor Butterworth first thing in the morning. 

Freda Baxter asks Lynne what time Sandy will be back from Sam and Lynne asks her how she found out about that.  Mrs Baxter says Meg mentioned it.  Lynne says Sandy doesn't like people to know he works for the Samaritans.

Lucy Hamilton tells Kate that she won't be home till late.  Kate tells her that she knows what she is up to and it won't work.

Jim Baines tells Sharon that she had no right to go and see Muriel and poke her nose into their affairs.  Sharon tells him that Muriel needs help.  "Whatever concerns Muriel, concerns you and what concerns you, concerns me," says Sharon.  Jim calms down.  Sharon opens a letter from Gocol Head Office and tells Jim that the new acting manager is arriving today. 

*** End of Episode 2884 *** 

Kate Hamilton asks Rick to make arrangements to stay somewhere else because the cottage belongs to Mrs Mortimer and she doesn't want to take advantage.  She says she knows about his little plan and it won't work.

Tom Baxter talks to Sandy and says marriage is a big step.  He suggests he and Lynne live together for a month or so before taking the plunge, but Sandy says he is the old fashioned type and he wants Lynne as his wife.

Victor Lee, the new acting manager at the garage, arrives at the garage and meets Sharon Metcalfe and Jim Baines.

Rick Hamilton tells Lucy that Kate had guessed what they are up to, and asks about the opposition.  "There isn't any," answers Lucy.  "David Hunter?" asks Rick.  "Non starter," says Lucy.  "There's Tony Moran," says Rick, but Lucy says that's all over now.

Sharon tells Jim that Victor Lee is making a report on how the garage is run.

Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines at home and examines her.  He tells her the nature of her problem, agrophobia, and that she can be cured by behaviour therapy.

Mrs Baxter tells Lynne that she was looking forward to grand children and Lynne says there is no reason why she and Sandy shouldn't have children.  "It is possible you know," says Lynne.

Victor Lee tells Jim that he noticed that he took extra time for his lunch break and warns him to take the proper amount of time.

*** End of Episode 2885 ***

Episodes 2886 to 2889 January 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 8

Jim returns home that evening in a bad mood.  Muriel tells him that Doctor Butterworth told her that it ia quite a common condition and she can be cured but that it might take time.

Carney tells Jane Smith that whilst he was on night duty last night he saw a big whilte Rolls Royce in the motel drive way.  He says he booked the driver into the motel and he gave the name of Warner Blyth but seemed a bit uneasy as if he was being followed.  "Well?" asks Jane.  Carney says that when one of the waitresses took the man his breakfast he wasn't there.  He says Warner Blyth's luggage is still at the motel but the man himself has disappeared.    



1978 Episodes continued

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