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Jane Smith visits Muriel Baines at home and offers to do some shopping for her.  Jane asks her if there is something wrong and Muriel says she isn't feeling very well and her and Jim had an argument last night.  She tells Jane about Deena's pram.
Sharon Metcalfe asks Stan if he would put in a good word for Jim to Dudley Scrivens, and Stan says he will.  "Stan Harvey, you are a lovely fella," says Sharon.  Sharon leans over Stan's desk.  "Look over there," she says pointing to her right.  Stan looks to the right and Sharon kisses him quickly on the cheek.    
Stan goes to see Meg in the motel office and tells her that he is sending all the legal papers to his solicitors.  Meg tells him that she knows where Jill is, and suggests he goes to see her but Stan says he will phone her. 
Lynne Baxter's parents arrive at the Motel and Meg meets them.
Tony Moran goes to the office to see Kate Hamilton, and asks her to have dinner with him, but she declines.  She explains about Rick Hamilton, and tells Tony that he is staying at the cottage.
Stan telephones Jill at the number Meg gave him.  "Hello Jill...No, don't hang up.  I've seen Anthony.  He says he loves you.  Do you love him...no.  Well listen.  I've got the address.  Stay there, I'll be around to pick you up...and Sarah Jane.  What?  I don't know if it'll work but I'll have a damn good try.  There's too much to lose," says Stan.
*** End of Episode 2881 ***
Rick Hamilton goes to the motel and asks David Hunter if Kate is free for lunch.  David tells him that Kate had some sandwiches sent into the office.
Meg shows Mr and Mrs Baxter around the motel, then takes them into the office.  Mr Baxter excuses himself, leaving Meg and Mrs Baxter alone.  Meg tells Mrs Baxter that Sandy thought she was a little concerned.
Rick Hamilton meets Tony Moran in reception.
David talks to Tony Moran and asks him about Rick Hamilton.  Tony tells him that Rick was a heavy gambler and that's why he and Kate split up.
Mrs Baxter tells Meg that it must be difficult for her to see Sandy disabled.  Meg says when it forst happened she only made things worse by nagging and worrying too much.  She says it's best to let children go their own way.  "He'll take good care of her.  He'll make her a good husband," says Meg.
Stan telephones Meg from the airport and tells her that he has Jill and Sarah Jane with him.  Meg is naturally delighted that they have worked things out.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that Stan is writing to Dudley Scrivens recommending Jim for the job as acting manager of the garage.  She suggests Jim makes himself look presentable.  Jim phones Muriel and asks her to bring his mest suit to the motel, but Muriel says she can't because she is busy.  Jim tells her that he might be in line for promotion.  He says that after she has picked up the children from school she can bring his suit then, but Muriel tells him that she doesn't pick the children up from school any more.  She says if he wants his suit he can come and pick it up himself and slams the phone down.
Mr Baxter goes to the office to rejoin Meg and his wife but finds David Hunter there instead.  David takes a phone call from the garage to say that Sandy's car is ready.  "He drives a car does he?" asks Mr Baxter.  "There's not much he can't do," says David. 
Sharon Metcalfe checks some letters which Stan has signed and finds some which he has forgotten to sign.  "Can't I sign them pp Stan Harvey," suggests Jim Baines.  "Not this one you can't," says Sharon, and shows him the letter Stan has written to Dudley Scrivens recommending Jim for the acting managers job.  "Well that's it then," says Jim. 
Jim Baines goes home and asks Muriel what's wrong.  Muriel tells him that she is frightened of going out of the flat.  "You've got to help me Jim 'cause I think I'm going out of my mind," sobs Muriel.  She explains that when she saw the children next door hurting Deena she couldn't go out and stop them.
*** End of Episode 2882 ***
Mrs Baxter tells her husband that Sandy is a nice man with nice manners.  Mr Baxter tells her that David Hunter told him that Sandy owns his own car and does his fair share of the work. 
Tony Moran talks to Kate Hamilton in the office and tells her that he met Rick and he was talking as if they were getting back together again.  
Mr and Mrs Baxter ask Lynne if her and Sandy will have dinner with them, but Lynne says they can't because it's Sandy's early night and she is on duty until 8.30 pm.  She leaves them.  "You see, that's what it's going to be like.  He's an invalid and our Lynne is going to spend all her life nursing him," says Mrs Baxter.
*** End of Episode 2883 *** 

1978 Episodes continued

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