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Anthony Mortimer goes to the garage to see Stan.  "What do you want?" asks Stan.  Anthony tells him that he and Jill are taking Sarah Jane to America.  "I'm taking Jill with me for one reason, and it's selfish.  I love her," says Anthony.  "You should have taken up demolition as a career.  You'd have made millions," says Stan. 
*** End of Episode 2878 ***
Stan Harvey goes home to Chimney's and asks Ingrid Larson if there have been any phone calls or letters.  Stan tells her that he has lost Sarah Jane and Jill but he doesn't feel anything.  Ingrid tells him that it will probably hit him later.  "You know about these things do you?" asks Stan.  Stan says Anthony Mortimer doesn't look the type to settle down.
Jane Smith and Lucy Hamilton go to the cinema and then to the Motel for coffee afterwards.  Lucy realises she has missed her last bus home and asks Jane if she could stay at her flat for tonight.  Lucy telephones her mother and explains the situation.  Kate asks to speak to Jane but Lucy says she is calling from a payphone.  Just at that moment the pips go and the phone goes dead.
At the cottage Rick Hamilton asks Kate who was on the phone and Kate tells him that it was Lucy phoning to say that she has missed her last bus home so will be staying at Jane Smith's.  Rick watches as Kate goes upstairs.
*** End of Episode 2879 ***
Sharon tells Stan that Ferguson's want to make an appointment to see him.  Stan tells her that the acting manager will have to sort that out.  Sharon asks Stan if he has considered Jim for the job as acting manager and Stan tells her that he has already written to Dudley Scrivens so it is out of his hands now.
At the cottage Rick Hamilton takes Kate around the waist but she breaks free. She says they have been separated for too long.
Stan shows Ingrid Larson a letter from his solicitors saying that it isn't a good idea for them both to be living in the same house.  Ingrid says she will move out if he wants her to, but Stan says it isn't worth it now because he will be in Germany for three months.
Lucy arrives back at the cottage and asks her mother what she and her father did last night.  Kate says they talked.  "You must have stayed up late," says Lucy.  "You arranged that didn't you?" asks Kate.  "What?" asks Lucy innocently.  "You really are becoming a little monster," says Kate.  "That's unfair.  If you don't believe me ask Jane," says Lucy. 
Sandy Richardson phones Mr Baxter and invites him and Mrs Baxter to the motel as his guests so that they can get to know each other better.  Mr Baxter tells him that he will have to speak to his wife first and will phone him back later.
Kate Hamilton warns Lucy not to get any ideas about her and Rick.  She says they have been divorced too long to let one evening reminiscing make any difference. 
Sandy tells Lynne that her parents are coming to the motel for a few days and he might be able to persuade them that he isn't such a dead loss after all.
At Chimney's Stan Harvey opens his heart to Ingrid Larson.  He says he never wanted a posh house.  "It was what Jill wanted, so I had it," he says.  "You still love her don't you," says Ingrid.  Stan kisses her.  "See how easy it is.  If you love her, tell her," says Ingrid.
Episodes 2881 to 2885 January 1978
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Jim Baines returns home and trips over his daughters pram.  He notices the prams battered condition and asks Muriel what happened to it.  Muriel says the children from next door were kicking it about trying to make Deena cry.  Jim asks if she stopped them and Muriel says no.  Jim shouts at her and says that if she saw someone hurting their daughter she should have stopped them.
Sandy tells Meg that she will be able to meet Mr and Mrs Baxter because they are coming to spend a few days at the motel.

1978 Episodes continued

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