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Anthony Mortimer and Jill return to the Harvey's home, Chimneys, after their evening out.  They have a drink together and Jill pours out her heart to Anthony.  They kiss.
Later, Anthony returns to the motel where he chats to Carney who is on night duty at the reception desk.  "Have you ever had the feeling that you'd like to change the clock back a few hours.  Well I hadn't until tonight.  Now I'd give anything, absolutely anything," says Anthony.
*** End of Episode 2826 ***
Diane Parker see's Vera Downend at the motel and says she wants to talk to her but Vera says she isn't interested.
Anthony Mortimer phones Jill Harvey and tells her that he wishes he could undo what happened the previous night.  Jill sobs and hangs up the phone.
Diane finally catches up with Vera and asks her to come to the boat that evening. 
Carney isn't very well and Benny tells him that if he isn't better by the evening he will phone the motel and tell them that Carney won't be going to work.
Vera goes to the boat and Diane tells her that Max Lorimer has bought the boat.  She says that because Vera was a sitting tenant Max had to get her out of the way.  Diane tells Vera that Max came to the boat last night and told her everything.  Vera says she can't go back to Max's flat.
*** End of Episode 2827 ***
Benny arrives at the boat and tells Vera and Diane that Carney isn't well.  Vera phones Carney, who is at work at the motel, and says Benny told them he wasn't well.  "He had no business to," says Carney and angrly slams down the phone. 
David Hunter returns to the Motel and finds Sandy in the sitting room with Lynne Baxter.  Sandy introduces David to Lynne.  Meg comes to the sitting room and welcomes David back.  Meg asks how Rosemary's mother is and David says she is fine.  Meg says she had to get someone else to help out whilst he was away and tells him about Toni Ross.  "Yes I'm sorry I left like that.  You can explain the situation to her tomorrow.  Now I'm back you won't be needing her anymore," says David. 
Benny goes to see Carney and Carney tells Benny off for telling tales about him to Vera.  "I think you'd better leave," says Carney.  At that moment Vera arrives and tells Carney that she came to see how hs is.  Carney tells her that Benny is leaving and Vera says they were all worried about him. 
Vera and Diane arrive at the motel and completely ignore Max Lorimer.  Diane books a chalet for her and Vera.
*** End of Episode 2828 ***
Meg asks Anthony if he could fetch her purse which she left at Jill's house.
Meg tells Toni Ross that David Hunter is back from Switzerland but there is no need for her to rush off.  "I'd be very happy to stay on," says Toni.  A short time later David Hunter goes to the office where Toni Ross is working.  "You must be Toni Ross," he says.  "Can I help you?" asks Toni.  "I don't think so," answers David.  "You're not Mr Hunter," says Toni.  "I'm afraid so," answers David.  David says he is sorry she is leaving but Toni tells him that she is staying on for a while longer. 
Diane Parker arrives at the motel with her suitcase.  Max Lorimer comes into reception at the moment and Diane ignores him.  Diane talks with Meg who is on reception desk duty and asks Meg if she heard that Jill had been conned into selling the boat for only half what it is worth. 
Toni Ross tells Kate Hamilton that she met David Hunter.  "He's very nice.  I think I'm going to like working with Mr Hunter," says Toni.
*** End of Episode 2829 ***
David tells Sandy that he is glad Toni Ross is staying on.  "I suppose the fact that she is an attractive woman hasn't got anything to do with it," says Sandy.  David grins and asks Sandy about Lynne Baxter.  Sandy tells him that Lynne was the nurse who looked after him when he was ill in France.  "Yes, I remember.  She was the old battleaxe," says David.  "I needed the therapy," says Sandy.  At that moment Lynne Baxter joins them in the sitting room.  "Hello nurse.  I'll leave you to your next session of therapy," says David, and leaves as Sandy glares at him.
Lynne asks Sandy what David meant and asks if he is embarrassed by her coming to the motel so often.  Sandy says no.  Lynne tells Sandy that she has the weekend off and suggests they go away.
Benny returns to Carney's home and finds him ill.  "You're going to bed.  I'm in charge now," says Benny.  "Aye.  I suppose you are lad," says Carney. 
David Hunter has an after work drink with Toni Ross, and he asks her why she left her previous job so abruptly.  Toni tells him that she got involved with someone.  
Jill Harvey comes to the motel and returns Meg's purse to Sandy, who is on reception duty.  Sandy spots Anthony Mortimer in the motel foyer with his attractive secretary.  "Blimey.  he's pulled himself a cracker.  No wonder he's out until all hours," says Sandy.  Jill stares at Anthony.    
*** End of Episode 2830 ***

1977 Episodes continued

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