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Carney tries to get up to go to work but Benny tells him that he isn't going to work.  Benny volunteers to do Carney's night duty for him.
Anthony Mortimer introduces his secretary Mandy Scott to Sandy and Jill and they go to the motel restaurant for dinner.  Sandy notices that Jill is acting distant with Anthony.  "I thought you and Anthony were supposed to be getting on rather well these days," he says.  "No, not really.  Anthony's not really the kind of person I could ever be friendly with," says Jill.
Benny goes to the motel and tells Sandy that Carney is ill and he offers to do his night duty for him.  Sandy tells Benny that they have already got someone who can stand in for Carney.
Toni Ross asks Kate Hamilton where David is and Kate tells her that he has gone to the theatre.  "On his own," adds Kate.  "That's strange.  What a waste," says Toni.  "What?" asks Kate.  "Well you know...," says Toni, smiling at Kate.  "Yes, I think I do," laughs Kate.
Ingrid Larson comes to the motel and has a drink with Anthony Mortimer.  Anthony tells her that he doesn't know whether to call Jill or not.  "I wouldn't do that," says Ingrid.  "Wouldn't you?" asks Anthony.  "No," says Ingrid.
At the breakfast table Kate asks David if he enjoyed the play.  "Not bad if you like that kind of thing.  Light comedy, and it was a bit light on comedy," says David.  Lucy joins them at the table.  Kate says she worked late last night so Meg has given her the morning off.  David asks Kate to dinner.  "Well I don't....." begins Kate.  "Oh go on Mum.  It's not often you get an invitation like that," says Lucy.  "Right that's settled then," says David.
Later that day David invites Toni Ross to dinner at the cottage the following evening.  Toni offers to bring some food but David says he leaves the cooking up to Kate.  "Oh yes, I forgot you live together," says Toni.  "Under the same roof, not together," says David.
David meets Kate Hamilton as she comes into work and tells her that he has invited Toni Ross to dinner the following evening.  "I'll make arrangements to go out," says Kate, but David says there is no need as she and Lucy are included in the dinner.  "You don't mind cooking for one extra?" asks David.  "No of course not," says Kate.
Toni Ross tells David that she doesn't think she will come to dinner after all as it may be a bit awkward.  Kate Hamilton overhears and assures her that it will be alright.
Vera tells Diane that they will have to go to the boat.  "What?" asks Diane.  "Squatters rights," says Vera, and Diane giggles.
David and Kate arrive at the cottage after work and Kate notices a note from Lucy saying that she has gone to stay with a friend.  "We needn't have cut our dinner short," says David.  "It was only coffee," says Kate.  "We can have it now.  I'll do it," says David.  "It's ok.  I will," says Kate but David insists.  On his way to the kitchen David dims the lights in the lounge.  "Better?" he asks.  "Ummm," says Kate, relaxing on the settee and closing her eyes. 
Jill Harvey is at home alone when there is a ring on the doorbell.  She asks Ingrid Larson to answer it.  The door opens and Stan Harvey walks in.  "Have you forgotten me," he says as Jill rushes up to hug him.
Max Lorimer comes to the boat with his girlfriend, Gloria. 
Benny meets travelling gypsies Maureen Flynn and her grandfather Seamus Flynn when Maureen comes to Carney's cottage to clean. 
Stan goes to see Meg at the motel and Meg tells him that Jill hasn't been herself lately.  "Next time you go on a trip take her with you," advises Meg. 
Diane and Vera go back to the motel and Vera says they will have to find somewhere else to live because she told David Hunter that they were leaving the motel tomorrow.
Kate prepares the dinner table at the cottage.  David arrives at the cottage with Toni Ross, and they have drinks.  During the course of the evening Toni asks Kate about her husband and Kate tells her he is in America permanently.  "At least I hope it's permanent," says Kate.  "Mum, that's a horrible thing to say," says Lucy.  Lucy asks Toni if she is married and Toni says no.  "Funny, I expected you to be married," says Lucy.
After dinner is over David takes Toni Ross back to the motel and Kate and Lucy Hamilton clear the diiner plates.  Lucy tells her mother that she doesn't like Toni Ross.  "And I don't think you do either," she says.  "I don't know why you think I don't like Toni.  She's very nice.  I like her very much," says Kate.  "You don't need me to tell you why.  You're in love with David aren't you," says Lucy.  Lucy tells her mother that she saw the way she looked at David and Toni during dinner.  Kate tells her to stop day dreaming.  "I quite like the idea.  A lot of people might say you're ideally suited.  Anyway David's a nice man," says Lucy.  "Lucy!" says Kate, exasperated.  "Come to think of it, David would make an ideal step father," says Lucy. 

1977 Episodes continued

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