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Diane tells Jane Smith that Vera is staying with Bernice in Castlewich.  Jane says she must be mistaken because Bernice lives in Merryfields.
Anthony Mortimer visits Jill Harvey at Chimney's and asks her out to dinner.  At first Jill says no but after a lot of persuasion she finally agrees. 
Episode 2822 October 1977
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Diane goes to the sitting room and looks up Max Lorimer's address in the files.  Jane Smith interupts her and Diane tells her that she is looking for Bernice's address as she has forgotten her surname.  Jane tells her and then leaves.  Diane continues looking for Max Lorimer's address, finds it and writes it down.
Jane Smith and Lillian Holmes clean Toni Ross's chalet.  As they are making the bed a book falls onto the floor.  Letters marking a page fall on to the floor, and Lillian puts them back as best she can.
Diane Parker goes to Max Lorimer's flat and finds Vera there.  Diane asks her how Bernice is.
Toni Ross returns to her chalet and notices the misplaced book and letters.  She looks through the letters then phones reception.  She asks who cleaned her chalet this morning and is told that it was Lillian Holmes.  She asks for Lillian Holmes to be sent to her chalet as she would like to see her. 
Anthony Mortimer asks Jill out to dinner but Jill turns him down. 
Lillian Holmes goes to Toni Ross's chalet and Toni accuses her of reading her letters.  Lillian tells her that the letters fell out whilst they were cleaning.  Jane Smith comes to the chalet at that moment and backs Lillian up.  She assures Toni Ross that they didn't read the letters.  Toni asks what happened to the photo which was among the letters.  Jane finds it underneath the bed.
Jill receives a call from Stan who is in Hamburg and he tells her that he is going to be in Hamburg for a while longer.  Jill tells their au pair Ingrid.  "Perhaps you'll find someone to make the waiting easier, like Mr Mortimer," says Ingrid.  "Oh don't say such stupid things," shouts Jill.  "I am sorry.  I did not mean it," says Ingrid.
Vera tells Diane that things just happened between her and Max Lorimer.  "Well that's pretty cheap.  And the worst thing is that this all went on behind my back," says Diane.  "I've got three things to say to you.  One, good luck, and the other two, goodnight and goodbye," shouts Diane and tries to open the door.  The door jams, and Vera opens it for her.  "There you are madame," says Vera.  "Get knotted," says Diane and storms out, slamming the door.
Episodes 2823 to 2830 October 1977
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The following morning Diane aims some sarcastic remarks at Max Lorimer.  Max says Vera told him what happened the previous night.  He tells Diane it was all his fault.  "You must think I'm mad," says Diane. 
Toni Ross apologises to Jane Smith for accusing her of prying.
Sandy asks Vera into the office and says he heard that she wasn't living on the boat any more.  He asks for her new address.  "You already have the address.  It's the same as Max Lorimer's," says Vera.  "Oh," says Sandy, surprised.
Lynne Baxter arrives at the motel and goes in search of Sandy.  She finds her way to the office where she meets Toni Ross and Kate Hamilton.  Although Sandy asks Jane Smith to try and get rid of Lynn by telling her that he isn't available, Jane refuses to cover for him.
Toni Ross tells Sandy that she heard he went to dinner with Lynne Baxter.  "I thought you didn't like her," says Toni.  "Well, I changed my mind.  I may even take her out again," says Sandy. 
Benny pays a surprise visit to Carney.  Benny asks Carney where he should go on his holidays and Carney suggests Eastbourne.
*** End of Episode 2824 *** 
Mrs Buchanan, a guest at the motel, asks Kate Hamilton for her bill.  Kate goes to the office to check the bill and whilst Mrs Buchanan is waiting, Diane Parker rushes out of the kitchen, pursued by Max Lorimer.  Max tries to talk to Diane but she only shouts insults at him.  Kate Hamilton returns to reception and witnesses the argument.  She apologises to Mrs Buchanan.  
Later, Benny goes to Vera's boat to see Diane.  He knocks on the door and Diane, waiting inside armed with a frying pan, shouts to him to go away.  "It's me. Benny," says Benny.  Diane opens the door and lets Benny in.  Benny tells Diane that he is on holiday for two weeks and suggests that he, Diane and Vera go out one day.  Diane tells him that her and Vera aren't friends at the moment. 
Max Lorimer arrives at the boat and Benny leaves.  Max tells Diane that he has brought the boat.  Diane slaps him across the face.  "You make me sick," shouts Diane.   
*** End of Episode 2825 ***
The following day Sandy asks Diane to come to the office.  He reads out a letter of complaint from Mrs Buchanan.  Max Lorimer comes into the office and Sandy tells them that Mrs Buchanan saw them both arguing.  "Now what's going on?" asks Sandy.  "There's only one person who can give you an answer to that, and that's him," sobs Diane, and rushes out of the office.  Max tells Sandy that he will write a personal apology to Mrs Buchanan.  "Don't worry, I'll make things right," says Max.  "Right for who.  You," says Sandy.  "No, for you," says Max.    

1977 Episodes continued

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