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Sandy receives a surprise visit from Anthony Mortimer.  "Well where's the old buzzard?" asks Anthony.  "The old buzzard has flown," answers Sandy.  "Where?" asks Anthony.  "All the way to Australia," says Sandy. 
Episodes 2816 and 2817 September 1977
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Vera tells Diane that Stan and Shiela are selling the boat and if she wants to buy it she has to raise 4,000.  She says whoever is buying the boat is doing so as a long term investment and they have said that they wouldn't increase the rent. 
Meg welcomes Anthony Mortimer back to the motel and tells him that Hugh is in Australia promoting his book.  Anthony tells Meg that he is working in the area so they will be seeing quite a lot of him.
Diane tells Max Lorimer that Vera has got to raise 4,000 to buy the boat.
Denis Harper goes to see Meena at her home.  "Denis, why have you come here?" asks Meena.  "I came to apologise to you," answers Denis.  He apologses to Meena's parents for all the trouble he has caused.
Max Lorimer invites Vera to his flat and they talk about her boat.  Vera tells him that she can't afford 4,000 to buy the boat.  Max tells her that she will have to stay on the boat as a sitting tenant.  He suggests she comes to live at his flat.  "Oh Max, I haven't got the nerve," says Vera.  "Oh yes you have," says Max and kisses her.
*** End of Episode 2816 ***
"Supposing it doesn't work out," says Vera.  "Well you're a sitting tenant.  You've got a home to go back to anytime," says Max.  Max tells her that she could tell Diane that she was staying with Bernice but Vera says that's a bit risky because Bernice lives in Castlewich and Diane will see her getting the bus.  Max asks if Diane knows where Bernice lives and Vera says no.  "Well then as far as Diane knows Bernice lives in Merryfields," says Max.
Lilian Holmes, one of the waitresses at the motel, tells Sandy that someone called Toni is coming to the motel and has an appointment with Mrs Mortimer. 
Vera Downend tells Diane that she is a bit worried about her friend Bernice, and she is going to go and stay with her for a while.  Diane asks her to leave her Bernice's address incase she should need to contact her but Vera purposefully forgets to give it to her. 
Episodes 2818 to 2821 September / October 1977
See Archive Dvd Volume 6
Meena Chaudri helps her mother to pack their suitcases ready for their trip to India.  Meena asks if she can go and say goodbye to everyone at the motel.
Toni Ross arrives at the motel and tells Sandy that she is supposed to help them out whilst David Hunter is away. 
Meena Chaudri says goodbye to Diane.  Diane tells her that Denis Harper is still working in the garage, so Meena goes to the garage to see Denis.  She tells him that her parents may be moving to London when they return from India, so they probably won't see each other again.  "Well this is it then," says Denis.  "Oh Denis.  I do love you," says Meena and falls into his arms. 
Diane tells Meg that Toni Ross is in the sitting room talking to Sandy.  Meg goes to the sitting room and meets Toni Ross.
Max Lorimer goes to see Jill Harvey to finalise the sale of the boat.  He gives Jill a cheque for 4,000.
Meena Chaudri returns to her home with Denis Harper.  "We're going to get married," she tells her parents.  "As soon as possible," says Denis.  Mrs Chaudri tells Meena that she can't be her daughter and Denis's wife.  "I shall marry him," says Meena.  "Then I don't know you and I don't wish to know you," says Mrs Chaudri, and leaves the room.  Denis tells Mr Chaudri that they will ne leaving as soon as possible.  "Have we your blessing?" asks Meena.  Mr Chaudri nods.  "And mother?" asks Meena.  "Perhaps one day," says Mr Chaudri.
*** End of Episode 2818 ***
Anthony Mortimer asks Jill Harvey to come to the cinema with him but Jill makes excuses not to go. 
Meg tells Sandy that she had a phone call from David to say that he will have to stay on in Switzerland because Rosemary's mother has to have an operation.
Sandy receives a letter from Lynne Baxter saying that she is visiting the motel and he tells Toni Ross that he doesn't know who Lynne Baxter is. 
Vera Downend moves into Max Lorimer's flat. 
*** End of Episode 2819 ***
Anthony Mortimer introduces himself to Toni Ross and tries to chat her up, but she gives him the brush off.
Max goes to the boat to see Diane and she tells him that Vera is acting very strangely. 
Sandy searches through his diary to try to find out who Lynne Baxter is.  Suddenly he recalls that Lynne Baxter is a nurse who nursed him when he was ill.  He tells Toni that he didn't like her and isn't looking forward to meeting her.       

1977 Episodes continued

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