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Meg tells David and Jill that Adam Chance is trying to negotiate with the Australian creditors and she will have to buy back the shares from Mortimer Investments. 
Helen Booth is being picked up by a friend, Mr Bates, who is taking her to Harrogate.  She is finishing her packing in her chalet when Bernard Booth comes in.  Helen Booth receives a phone call from Mr Bates to say that he can't pick her up. 
*** End of Episode 3072 ***
Episodes 3073 to 3079 January 1979
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"It's fate Helen.  You're not supposed to go to Harrogate.  Stay here with me," says Bernard.  Helen says she isn't staying so Bernard pciks up her suitcase and says he will drive her to Harrogate
Joe MacDonald and Benny work on Benny's car after they have finished their work in the garage.  Joe suggests going to a disco alter and says they might find themselves a couple of girls.  Benny says he doesn't want to find another girl because he's got Maureen.  Joe tells him gently that Maureen is dead and he will have to forget her sometime.  He asks Benny if he has a photo of Maureen and Benny says he didn't think of taking one.
Adrienne Palmer goes to the garage to see Victor Lee but finds Sharon Metcalfe on her own, packing up her things.  Sharon says she is sick of the whole thing and is leaving.
Bernard and Helen Booth try to drive through a very thick fog.
Victor Lee phones Adrienne Palmer and she tells him that Sharon is leaving.  Victor goes to the garage and finds Sharon in the middle of packing up her things.  She tells him that she is leaving, and she left him a note on his desk.  Victor picks up the note and tears it up.  He tells Sharon that he has asked head office for a transfer.
Bernard Booth is struggling to drive in the fog.  Helen Booth peers out of the window and see's a sign saysing 'Inn'.  They drive to the Inn and the landlady shows them their room.  "Oh no," says Helen as she looks at the room.  "we're not staying in this room," she says, looking at the double bed in the room.  "Oh alright.  I'll sleep in the car," says Bernard Booth. 
The landlady comes back into the room and Bernard asks her if she has a room with two single beds.  "You southerners," says the landlady tutting.  "No wonder you're a dying race," she says and leaves the room.  "Sweet dreams," she says as she closes the door. 
Bernard Booth tells his wife that she can sleep in the bed and he will sleep in the armchair.  "May I have the eiderdown?" he asks, and taking it from the bed he wraps it around his shoulders.    He sits down in the armchair and it collapses from under him.  He falls to the floor.  "Oh Bernard!" shouts Helen Booth anxiously and rushes to his side.  "Oh Bernard.  Say something for goodness sake," she says.  Bernard Booth lifts his head from the floor.  "I just fell for you all over again," he says.  "Oh you!" laughs Helen and hugs her hsuband.
*** End of Episode 3073 *** 
The following morning the landlady of the Inn bursts into the Booth's bedroom without knocking.  Helen and Bernard Booth are lying side by side in the double bed.  The landlady asks them where they are going and Mr Booth tells her they are on their way to Harrogate.  The landlady tells them that Harrogate is only two miles down the road.  "As you said Bernard.  I wasn't meant to go to Harrogate.  Let's go home," says Helen Booth.
Meg receives a phone call from Bernard Booth and Meg tells Jill that the Booth's have patched things up and are both coming back to the motel. 
Adrienne Palmer goes to the garage office and is surprised to find Sharon Metcalfe still working there.  Adrienne asks Sharon why she is still here and Sharon tells her that when she told Victor that Sharon was leaving he came rushing back.
Deborah Crisp rushes into the sitting room and tells Meg and Adam Chance that she had to tell Wendy about Hugh Mortimer being her father and now she is threatening to leave.  Adam Chance excuses himself and goes to the chalet where he finds Wendy Crisp.  He tells Wendy that leaving won't do any good.  "You're having dinner with me tonight.  Reception 6.30," he says.
Victor Lee receives a phone call from Gocol Head Office and is told that his request for a transfer isn't going to happen. 
Wendy Crisp and Adam Chance have a drink in reception.
Victor Lee goes to Adrienne Palmer's chalet and finds her packing a suitcase.  She tells him that she is leaving and he can join her later.  Victor says he isn't going anywhere, and tells her that his transfer didn't come through.  "Is that what Sharon meant by going?" asks Adrienne.  "Yes," answers Victor.  "I thought..." says Adrienne.  "It's not on," says Victor. 
*** End of Episode 3074 ***
Shughie McFee tries to cope in the kitchen without Mr Booth.  He says Mr Booth had no right to leave like that.  Doris Luke tells him that Mr Booth has beenthrough a lot recently.  At that moment Bernard Booth comes into the kitchen and Doris tells him to go through to the staff room and she'll bring him a cup of tea.  "Make it two," says Mr Booth as Helen Booth walks in.  "They're together!" exclaims Doris Luke.
Benny tells Doris Luke that he won't be coming home with her that evening because he is going out with Joe who is going to teach him to be a cannibal.  Doris tells Diane that Joe is teaching Benny how to be a cannibal.  Diane laughs.
Diane goes to see Benny in the garage and asks him what he meant when he told Doris Luke that Joe was teaching him how to be a cannibal.  Benny shows her his car's headlamp and tells her that he and Joe went to a scrapyard and got a lamp from one of the wrecks, and that's what is called cannabilsm.

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