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Episodes 3080 to 3091 January 1979
See Dvd Archive Volume 16
Deborah Crisp gives Adam Chance Wendy's birth certificate and an old passport which she only used for one trip.  "I think you'll find Wendy was born nine months after that trip was made," Deborah Crisp tells Adam.
David and Jill sit in reception as Jill prepares to go to Germany to bring back her daughter.  David asks Jill if she wants him to come with her.  "The motel can do without me for a few days," he says.  Jill thanks him but says she has to do this on her own.
Wendy Crisp goes into the sitting room to talk to Meg.  Adam Chance comes into the room and Wendy stands up.  "I shouldn't have bothered you," she says and leaves the room.  "What are you doing to that girl?" asks Meg.  Meg tells Adam that she found Hugh's old passport and it compares with that of Deborah Crisp.
Deborah Crisp gives Meg some letters which Hugh Mortimer sent to her, but Meg says she couldn't possibly read them.  "I do believe you," Meg tells her.  "I don't want you to believe me, I want you to know," says Deborah. 
Bernard and Helen Booth have been to see their new flat.  "No regrets?" asks Bernard Booth.  "No," replies Helen, and they kiss, but then Helen has second thoughts and pulls away.  "Yes.  The months together that I spoilt through my own stupidity," she adds. 
Meg tells Tish Hope that Deborah Crisp made her read letters which Hugh had sent her and it hurt. 
*** End of Episode 3080 ***
Benny waits nervously for his car to have its M.O.T.  He goes into the garage and asks Joe MacDonald if his car has passed its M.O.T.  Joe shows him the certificate and tells him it passed.
Adam Chance see's Deborah and Wendy Crisp in reception.  "That was a dirty thing to do," he tells Deborah Crisp.  Wendy asks him what he means and Adam tells her that her mother showed Mrs Mortimer some of her love letters from Hugh Mortimer.  "Mum!  How could you do such a thing!" she says.
Charlie Forward comes into the garage and finds Benny and Joe working late.  He books his car in for a service and asks about Benny's car, and where he got it from.  Joe tells him that Benny bought it.
Adam Chance and David Hunter have a drink in the sitting room, and David asks Adam what it would take to get Mrs  Crisp to leave.  "It's almost as if she smelt blood and came here to tear Meg apart," says David.  "Blood.  That could be it.  If we could get them both to take a blood test," says Adam.  "It's a long shot," says David.  "But if we could prove that the blood groups are imcompatible," says Adam.  "Try it," David tells him.
Joe MacDonald tells Charlie Forward that Benny bought the car for well above the price it was worth.  Benny comes into the workshop and Joe tells him who Charlie Forward is.  "Is there something you want to ask him?" Joe asks Charlie Forward.  "Yes.  Where did you get that car?" Charlie asks Benny.  "I bought it.  It's mine," says Benny.  "No it's not, it's mine.  At least it was until it went missing a couple of weeks ago," says Charlie Forward.
*** End of Episode 3081 ***
Charlie Forward says his car was taken from his driveway a few weeks ago.  Benny tells him he has all the papers.  "Only because my wife left them in the glove compartment," says Charlie Forward.  "Does that mean he can take it away?" Benny asks Joe MacDonald.  "It looks like it," Joe tells him.
David Hunter comes into the garage at that moment and asks what is going on.  Joe tells him that Mr Forward says Benny's car belongs to him, and it was stolen.  David asks Benny if he had a receipt and Benny says no.  Charlie Forward tells Benny that if Benny can offer him a good price he can keep the car.  he suggests 600 but David laughs.  "250" says David.  Charlie Forward asks Benny if he has registered the car but Benny says no. 
"Did you report the car stolen?" David asks Charlie Forward.  "Well, no," says Charlie Forward.  "Then you wouldn't mind if I got my solicitors in on this then?" asks David.  "We don't want to bother them," says Charlie Forward.  He tells Benny that he will give Benny back the money he spent doing the car up.  David asks Benny if he wants to keep the car but Benny says no, not if it's going to cause so much trouble.  David advises Benny to accept Mr Forwards offer.
Meg tries to phone Jill in Germany but can't get in touch with her.  "Someone should have gone with her," says Meg, anxiously.  "I did offer," David tells her.  "Did you?" asks Meg.  "Jill wouldn't have it.  We're not busy.  I'll go over there," says David.  Meg says if anyone is going then it should be her.  David says something to Meg in German.  "What does that mean?" asks Meg.  "You need an interpreter," replies David.  At that moment Jill comes into the room.
Shughie McFee goes to a cafe where he is served by a waitress called Cynthia.  Whilst she serves him Shughie tells her about the motel which he is managing director of.
Jill tells David and Meg that her trip to Germany was unsuccessful.  Diane Parker comes into the room and gives Jill a letter from Germany.  Jill reads it quickly and tells Meg and David that Stan has Sarah Jane and has no intention of giving her up.
*** End of Episode 3082 ***

1979 Episodes continued

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