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During the evening Jill makes a toast to Sandy and Faye's happiness.  Faye tells her that she is leaving.  "Leaving!" exclaims Jill.  "Her fiances getting impatient, so she has to go to him," says Sandy.
*** End of Episode 2656 ***
Clive Merrow goes to the office for an interview for the job as barman.  He is successful and asks if he could have Christmas weekend off because he wants to go to London to be with his mother. 
Diane Parker and Ed Lawton arrive at the motel and deliver the vegetables from the farm.  David gives Ed a familiar bottle-shaped gift.  "No prizes for guessing what it is," says David.  He then gives Diane a present from him and Meg.  "I don't know what to say," says Diane.  "Don't say anything," says David and kisses her on the cheek.
Tom Read goes to see Benny at Heywood Farm, and Benny asks him what he should do about his gran Clover Hawkins.  Tom says the only thing to do is put her in a home but Benny says his gran would never get used to living in a home because she has always been used to caring for herself.
Faye tells Sandy that he would post her the photos he took of their holiday in the Lake District but he never did.  Sandy says it was a pleasant memeory except that they had a row.  "No I was silly," says Faye.  "No.  I was the wrong fellow in the right place," says Sandy.  "That's not true.  I'm just as fond of you now as I was then," says Faye.
*** End of Episode 2657 ***
Ed Lawton and Diane arrive back at Heywood Farm just as Tom Read leaves.  Ed asks Benny what Tom Read was doing there and Benny tells him that Tom is coming back later.  Later, Tom Read arrives at Heywood Farm with Clover Hawkins.  Ed tells Benny that he has no right to dump Clover Hawkins on them without asking him.  "As soon as I've had enough to eat I'm going to take her straight back to her house," says Ed.  Benny reminds Ed Lawton that he is part-owner in the farm and he can have his gran to stay over Christmas if he wants.  "And you can't stop me," says Benny.  "Oh can't I.  This is my house!" shouts Ed.
Meg tries to get David into the festive spirit but he refuses to decorate his office.  Meg tells Sandy that Hugh has been held up in London.  She says she is also worried about David.  "It could have been a nice Christmas for him with Kelly here," she says.
Sandy tells Meg that when Constance Merrow first arrived she said she had never met Vera and now Vera is telling everyone that they have known each other for years. 
Episodes 2660 / 2661 December 1976
See Archive Dvd Volume 6
David asks Tish if she would wrap up his Christmas present to Meg which David bought from Tish's antique shop.  He asks her when he can pick it up and she tells him five o'clock.  A few moments later Meg asks Tish to wrap up her present to David, which she bought from Tish's shop.  She tells Tish that she will come and pick it up at five o'clock, but Tish remembers that David is picking his present up at five, so she asks Meg to come at either four o'clock or six o'clock.
Vera answers a knock on the door of her boat and finds Gus Harmon.  He gives her a bottle of her favourite perfume.
Hugh Mortimer returns to the motel.  David joins Hugh and Meg in the sitting room and tries very hard to hide Meg's present.  Meg tries to hide David's present behind her back.  Meg tries to look behind David's back until finally he gives her the parcel.  "Merry Christmas," he says.  "And to you," says Meg, giving David his present.  Hugh begins to laugh.  "What are you laughing at?" asks Meg.  "Identical wrapping paper," he says.  David and Meg look at the parcels in their hands then at each other, and bust out laughing. 
Faye and Sandy exchange gifts beside an open fire in the sitting room.  Faye turns the lights down and sits beside Sandy.  "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year," says Sandy.  "Do you really mean that?" asks Faye.  "Why?" asks Sandy.  "I'm getting married in the New Year," says Faye.  Sandy kisses her.
*** End of Episode 2660 ***
Meg tells David that Anthony Mortimer phoned.  "Oh he's not coming back," Meg assures him.  "And neither is Stephanie," she adds.  "I guessed that would happen," says David.  Meg says now they will be without Stephanie and Faye.

1976 Episodes continued

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