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Later Vera asks Clive how he got on at the motel and Clive tells her it was a dead end.  Vera reminds him that he should be going to stay with his mother over Christmas but if he gets a job he won't be able to.  Clive says he would rather stay with her, and just spend one Christmas with her.  Vera tells him that it wouldn't be fair on Constance.  "Does that mean I can't stay here?" asks Clive.
Jim Baines tells Stan about his idea for a breakdown service at the garage. 
*** End of Episode 2653 *** 
Jane Smith helps Faye Mansfield sort out the Christmas cards addressed to motel staff and management.  David Hunter comes into reception and Faye gives him his cards.  "I think I recognise the writing on the top one," she says.  David looks at the envelope and then walks away without a word.  "Oh no, have I put my foot in it?" Faye asks Jane.  "Whose writing was it?" asks Jane.  "Why Kelly's of course," says Faye.  "Oh dear.  That's something that happened after you'd gone," explains Jane.
Diane Parker visits Clover Hawkins and does her washing for her. 
Clive Merrow tells Vera that he has decided to spend Christmas with his mother in London after all, and this pleases Vera. 
Faye receives a phone call from Moscow whilst she and David are in the office.  "January.  But I've told them I can stay until Easter," she says to the caller. 
*** End of Episode 2654 *** 
Episodes 2655 / 2656 / 2657 / 2658 / December 1976
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Faye tells David that she can't stay on at the motel until Easter after all.  "I'm getting married," she says.  "Married.  Here or in Moscow?" asks David.  Faye explains that she is getting married in London but her future husband's job has taken him to Moscow.  Later, David tells Meg that Faye is getting married and Meg asks Faye if she has told Sandy.
David tells Bill Warren that the barman they had taken on to replace Jeff Gilbert has been offered another job so they will have to re-advertise.  Bill suggests Clive Merrow for the job.
Stan Harvey receives a phone call from Sir Claude Harrison who asks him to repair his car, but Stan tells him that they are fully booked and he can't do it until the New Year.  Sir Claude phones Meg and complains about Stan.
Jane Smith goes to Vera's boat and tells Clive Merrow that the barmans job is his if he wants it.  Clive is pleased and says Constance will understand that he can't go home.
David asks Meg how she thinks Sandy will take the news about Faye getting married.  He says Faye could leave without telling Sandy.  "Better that way then getting a slice of wedding cake through the post," says David. 
*** End of Episode 2655 ***
In the office Faye tells Sandy that she didn't sleep last night worrying about how to tell him something.  "I can only stay on until the first of January," she says.  "Those phone calls from Moscow?" asks Sandy.  Faye nods.  "When and where are you getting married?" asks Sandy. 
Benny tells Diane that he might telephone his father Tom Read and asks his advice about Clover Hawkins.  Diane warns him to think carefully because he promised he wouldn't get in touch with Tom Read again.
Michael Ellis telephones Stan Harvey and tells him that he has to apologise to Sir Claude Harrison as he is a friend of his.
Benny telephones Tom Read and tells him that Clover Hawkins will be alone over Christmas and asks him if he could come over.  After some thought Tom Read tells Benny that he will come over the next day.
Sandy, Faye, Meg and David go to Stan and Jill's house for a Christmas meal.  Jill tells them that she isn't ready and tells them to go back outside.  "As long as I don't have to sing carols I don't mind," says David, putting on his coat again.  Meg, Faye and David go outside whilst Stan gives Sandy a drink inside the house.  Outside, Meg, David and Faye sing Good King Wencelas and then ring the doorbell.  "Oh I wonder who that could be," says Jill, dramatically.  She opens the door and Meg, David and Faye come back inside.

1976 Episodes continued

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