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Michael Ellis phones Stan Harvey and tells him that Gokol are holding a party for the staff and he is invited.  Ellis asks if they can hold it at the Crossroads motel.  Jill phones Meg and asks her if that's alright. 
Meg asks David about his family and David says he received a long letter from Chris who is overseas doing voluntary work.  "It would be nice to see Rosemary again, and Chris," he says.  Meg says she often grumbles about her family but she has been really lucky.
Vera tells Gus Harmon that he can stay one night on her boat.  She tells him that she has someone staying on the boat and tells her about Clive Merrow.  At that moment Clive arrives back from London a day early.  "You must be Clive," asks Clive.  "Yes, that's right.  Who are you?" asks Clive.  "My names Gus Harmon.  I'm a friend of Vera's," Gus tells him. 
*** End of Episode 2661 ***
 Clive goes to put his belonging in a wardrobe but finds Gus's stuff in there.
Gus tells Vera that he feels in the way but Vera says he'll like Clive once he gets to know him.  Clive returns and he and Gus have a drink together.  Gus tells him that Vera explained to him who he is.  Gus leaves Vera and Clive alone.  Clive says he came home a day early because he was feeling sorry for her.  "I thought you might be lonely," he says sarcastically.   
Stan tells Jill about Jim Baines's idea of starting a break-down service at the garage.
Ed Lawton tells Benny that Diane has to wait on Clover Hawkins day and night and it can't go on.
Gus Harmon goes to the motel and asks Carney for the key to his cottage, where Gus is staying.  "Oh sorry to break up your evening," says Carney.  "You didn't.  he did," says Gus, looking over at Clive Merrow. 
Faye tells Sandy that she is waiting for a call from her fiance, Andrew, and she is going to tell him that the engagement is off.  "No Faye.  You're not going to do that.  You're going to marry him," Sandy tells her.  The telephone rings.  "What am I going to say to him?" asks Faye.  Andrew tells Faye that his flight arrives the day after tomorrow.
Ed Lawton tells Benny that Clover Hawkins will have to go.  Benny say she can't throw her out of her own home.  "That's just it.  It isn't her home," says Ed.  "What?" asks Benny.  Ed tells Benny that Tom Read bought Clover Hawkin's house and put it in Benny's name.  "So that house belongs to you," says Ed.
Meg tells Vera that Clive's enthusiam for his work seems to have waned, and he doesn't seem to be enjoying his job.
Benny tells Ed and Diane that he is going to employ a woman to look after Clover Hawkins.  They work out the wording for an advertisement.  Ed says they shouldn't tell Clover Hawkins yet.  "I don't think she'd like it," he says.
Faye Mansfield says her goodbye's to the motel and Sandy takes her to the airport in his car.
Gus Harmon goes to Vera's voat and tells her that he is taking her out to celebrate the new year.  Vera tells him about Clive and says he doesn't seem to understand that they are just friends.  Gus offers to talk to Clive. 

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