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Diane Parker arrives at Vera's boat and meets Clive Merrow.
David and Sandy are in the office when the phone rings.  "How are you Hugh?" asks David.  "You do know who this is," he asks.  He explains that Stephanie Colby has gone to America with Anthony.  "Yes, we'll manage quite well without her.  We've got a marvellous girl to take her place," says David.  "What girl?" asks Sandy.
Benny receives a phone call from Mrs Meacham, the woman who owns the shop near Clover Hawkins.  She tells him that Clover Hawkins won't let her in to the house.
David is working alone in the office when Faye Mansfield arrives.  Sandy and Meg join them in the office and Sandy tells Meg that Faye is only here to help out whilst Stephanie is away.
Clive Merrow asks Diane Parker about her husband and Diane tells him that she is divorced.  She tells him that she has a son and that Vince is not the father.  "Did you keep him?" asks Clive.  "Oh yes," says Daine.  "Vera didn't want me to find her," says Clive.  "But she's glad she found you now," says Diane. 
Benny and Ed Lawton go to visit Clover Hawkins but she refuses to let them in.  Benny tells Ed to keep Clover talking whilst he goes around the back of the house.  Ed tells Clover that they have come to see her.  Clover Hawkins starts singing Christmas carols and Benny creeps up behind her and puts a hand over her mouth.  She screams.  "What's going on in there?" asks Ed Lawton, from outside.  "It's ok gaffer.  It's only me," says Benny.  "Gran what are you playing at?" Benny asks Clover.
Meg takes a telephone call for Faye Mansfield and tells the caller that Faye isn't there at the moment.  Meg tells Sandy about the call.  "No name given?" asks Sandy.  "Only the origin of the call.  Moscow," says Meg.  "Moscow!?" exclaims Sandy.
Avis asks Bill if it's alright if she asks Faye to Christmas lunch.  Bill says Faye hates his guts but Avis says she has already mentioned it to Faye.  Avis says they can asks Tish and Ted Hope as well.  "Oh no.  You can ask Faye but not Tish," says Bill.
Episode 2651 / 2653 / 2654 December 1976
See Archive Dvd Volume 5
Clive Merrow tells Vera that he is going to get a job over Christmas.  He tries the motel but without success.
Ed Lawton tells Diane and Benny that Clover Hawkins has never done anything for Benny so why should they do anything for her.  Diane says she will go and see Clover the next day.  "You be careful Diane.  She's a crafty one," warns Ed.  Benny tells Diane that he will go with her.
Jim Baines receives a phone call from an ex-policeman friend of his and he tells Jim about a car that was in a crash that they can use for spares.  Jim and Stan have the car towed back to the garage.  Stan thinks about the people who were in the car and asks Jim who the driver was.  Jim explains that they had to cut the driver out.
Avis asks Tish Hope to come for drinks on Christmas day and Tish thanks her but politely turns down the invitation.  "Why don't you and Bill come to us?" asks Tish.  "Oh can we really?" asks Avis.  "Er, yes," says Tish, now a little uncertain.
Avis tells Bill that she asked Tish Hope for drinks on Christmas day but she turned down the invitation.  Bill breathes a sigh of relief.  "She's invited us round to them instead," says Avis and Bill stares at her.
Sandy suggests to Meg that they could keep Faye on even when Stephanie returns.  Faye comes into the office at that moment and Meg asks her if she would like to stay on.  Faye accepts but says she could only stay until Easter.
Vera takes Clive to the motel and introduces him to Sandy.  Clive tells Sandy that he is looking for work over Christmas and he heard that they were looking for a barman.  Sandy says they have a new barman starting next week.

1976 Episodes continued

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