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Bill Warren tells Tish Hope that he would like to make a phone call and Tish tells him to use the payphone.  Bill goes to the payphone in the reception area and dials the number of the phone on the reception desk.  "Hello Crossroads motel," says Tish.  "Hello," says Bill.  Tish recognises Bill's voice and looks over to him at the other side of the reception foyer.  "Bill Warren, what are you playing at?" she asks.  Bill asks Tish to put him through to the office.  Tish puts him through.
In the office Meg answers the phone and Bill asks to speak to Celia Warren.  He puts on an American accent and gives his name as Pogo, his mothers rich American boyfriend.  He speeaks to Celia and tells her that he is phoning from the casino in France and he wants her to come to France.  After she puts the phone down, Celia tells Meg that she must have her bill made up because she is leaving.
Jim Baines phones a friend of his about a second hand car for Jill Harvey.  Walton hears him and tells Stan that Jim is cooking something up concerning him.  Jim Baines tells Jill that he knows about a second hand Herald and asks her to come and see it with him.  Later, when they return, Stan see's them and Jim explains about the car.  "It wouldn't be a 1969 Herald.  175?" asks Stan.  "How did you know?" asks Jim and Jill together.  "What about it anyway?" asks Stan.  Jill looks pleadingly at him.  "Oh no.  It'll do you no good.  You're not having it and that's that," says Stan.  "Does that mean I lose the deposit?" asks Jill.
David takes a phone call from Hugh Mortimer and hands the phone to Meg.  "Didn't he recognise my voice?" asks David after Meg has finished talking to her husband.  "He wants me to meet him on the forecourt," says Meg.  "Why?" asks David.  Meg explains that Hugh doesn't want to come in because he thought David might think he was interfering.
Celia Warren goes to the motel to get her bill and Bill see's her.  "Oh are you leaving?" he asks, innocently.  Celia tells him about the phone call from Pogo and tells him that she is going to France.  Tish Hope tries to tell Celia about Bill's trick but Bill carries on talking and then hurries his mother outside.  Bill goes back into reception and Tish Hope tells him that she is going to tell his mother what he is up to.  "You'll do nothing of the sort," says Bill.
David and Sandy discuss the secretary to replace Stephanie, and David says he has already written to someone about the job.  David leaves the office and the telephone rings.  Sandy answers it.  "Hello Faye," he says.  Faye tells Sandy that she wanted to speak to David Hunter.  Sandy tells Faye that their current secretary, Stephanie Colby, is on holiday in New York so they need another secretary to replace her.  "I suppose there's no chance of you coming back whilst Stephanie's away?" asks Sandy.  "Can I think it over?" asks Faye.
Celia Warren tells David that she is leaving and asks him if he can spare time to talk.  David says he has to go to the office.  "Ok, we'll go together darling," says Celia.  Tish Hope tries to get Celia's attention but to no avail.  Celia comes back from the office and Tish forces her to listen but before she can speak Celia says.  "It was very rude of you to butt in while I was talking to David.  Of course I realise he's a very charming and attractive man, and I suppose you were feeling a teeny bit jealous."  Tish stares at her. "I beg your pardon," she says.  "I must fly," says Celia Warren and walks out.
Stan tells Jill that he has decided she can have a car.  "But there's just one thing," he says.  He kisses her on the cheek.  "Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday," he adds. 
Bill Warren see's his mother before she leaves for France.  He says she must like Pogo a lot if just one phone call from a casino can make her run to France.  "How did you know it was from a casino?" asks Celia.  Bill stutters, trying desperately to think of an excuse.  Tish Hope tells Celia that she took the phone call from Pogo and told Bill about it afterwards, and that's how Bill knew. 
Celia finally leaves the motel.  "Oh my handbag," she says.  "I'll get it," says Bill and rushes back into the motel.  Tish hands it to him and Bill shakes Tish's hand as a thank you for getting him out of a pickle.        

1976 Episodes continued

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