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P.C Frank Tyler comes to Diane's flat.  Diane tells him that she is a bit worried about a friend of hers who is mixed up with this man who is proud of the fact that he is a thief and hasn't been caught.
In the sitting room David learns that Simone and Chris have been living together.  "Do you mind?" asks Simone.  "Did you think I would?" asks David.  "Let's talk about something else," says Simone.  "Like what?  Work, or there's my latest...." says David.  Simone puts a finger on David's lips and moves forward to kiss him.  At that moment Chris Hunter enters the room.  "I thought you were going into Birmingham," says Simone.  "Yes well, I changed my mind," says Chris. 
Jackie Barrett returns hom from work early and finds Frank Tyler at the flat with Diane.  Frank tells Jackie that he is here because Diane wanted some advice.  He goes on to explain that Diane has a friend who has got herself mixed up with someone who is a thief.  "You know, she could have been talking about herself," laughs Frank. 
After Frank has left Jackie asks Diane what is going on.  She says she knows Diane was hinting about her to Frank.  "The only person Frank suspects is you," says Jackie.  "You've done me a favour," Jackie adds.
In Chris's chalet, Chris asks Simone what is going on between her and his father.  Simone says David asked her out to dinner thinking she would talk.  "If you'd have told me I'd have done the gentlemanly thing and gone out," says Chris.  "If you weren't such a jealous little boy I would have told you," says Simone.  "You aren't in love with him are you?" asks Chris.  "Even if I was attracted to him there isn't time to do anything about it," Simone tells him. 
Chris tells Simone that Rosemary Hunter's boyfriend, Ballini, won't be in Geneva as he has had to go on an important business trip.  "So the plan is off," says Chris.  "Chris, I warn you.  If you try anything," warns Simone.  Chris tells her it isn't his fault and leaves.  Simone phones Paris.  "A change of plan.  Yes, it was a mistake.  Don't worry, I have a better idea," she says.
Sandy shows Diane a letter from Vera Downend to say that she is not coming back to the motel.  He asks Diane if she would ask Jackie Barrett and Sidney O'Neil to come and see him.
A lady comes to the motel hairdressing salon and books an appointment to have her hair done.  Jackie Barrett tells her that they are fully booked because of the conference taking place at the motel.  The lady says she knows abll about that because her husband is here for the conference.  Jackie comments on the ladies locket and warns her to be sure to lock it in the safe. 
Diane Parker comes into the salon and tells Jackie Barrett and Sid O'Neil that Sandy would like to see them both.
Frank Tyler goes to the motel and asks Carney how well he knows Diane Parker.  "How trustwirthy is she?" he asks.  "That's not the sort of question you ask about Diane," says Carney.  Frank says Diane seems to be worried about a friend of hers who is in trouble.  Carney says Diane sometimes worries more about her friends than herself. 
Jackie Barrett and Sid O'Neil go into the sitting room to see Sandy, who explains that Vera Downend won't be coming back to work at the motel.  He asks them both if they would be interested in staying at the motel permanently.
Meg talks with Stan Harvey on the phone and he tells her that he will be staying in Germany for a while longer.
Sandy tells Meg about Vera's letter telling them that she won't be coming back to work at the motel and tells her that he has asked Jackie Barrett and Sid O'Neil to stay on at the salon. 
Jim Baines comes out of hospital.  He tells Muriel that he is going to the pub to find out some more about the gossip which has been going on whilst he has been in hospital.  Later when Jim returns from the pub he tells Muriel that he wants some answers.  He grabs Muriel's arm and asks her how many times Victor Lee came to the house.  "One of the neighbours was at the pub.  He's got a list as long as your arm," he shouts.  Jim goes to the door and says he is going to see Victor Lee to get some answers.  "And if he doesn't give me the answers you'll wish you never clapped eyes on each other, both of you," he shouts.
Meg tells David that Chris and Simone have booked in for a few more days.  David says he won't be sorry to see the back of Chris.
Jim Baines comes to the motel and sits next to Victor Lee in the reception foyer.  Jim tells him that he has a bit of a thing going with Sharon Metcalfe once but they decided to stop to try and save a marriage which was shaky.  "I don't want someone else messing that up, if you know what I mean," says Jim.  Victor Lee assures him that nothing went on between him and Muriel. 
Victor tells Jim about the night Muriel tried to go out alone and got stranded in a phone box.  He says he rushed round there.  "Why couldn't Sharon go?" asks Jim.  Victor tells him that Sharon ket Muriel talking on the phone whilst he went.  "She was terrified and couldn't be left on her own," says Victor.  At that moment Jane Smith comes up to tell Vcitor Lee that he is wanted in the garage.  "Excuse me," says Victor.  "You haven't heard the last of this," says Jim.

1978 Episodes continued

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