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Benny goes to his fathers office and waits for him.
John and Lia go back to their lodging house.  Lia breaks down again.  "I'm ashamed," she says.  "For embarrassing you, only that," she adds.  She says she wanted to hurt David.  "I don't know what to do," says Lia.  "You're using me in your quarrel with David," says John. 
Tommy Read finds Benny in his office.  Benny shows him the letter belonging to his gran, Clover Hawkins.  "I thought you'd turn up sooner or later.  Alright, how much?" says Tommy Read.
*** End of Episode 2518 ***
Episode 2519 April 1976
See Archive Volume 4
Vera Downend finds Sheila Mollison and says she knows about her doing hairdressing at home.  Sheila says she only did one of Vera's regular customers hair.  The two women begin shouting at each other and they are interuped by Stan Harvey.  "That's my sister you're talking to," he tells Vera.  "You should have belted her one when she was young," says Vera and storms off. 
Benny tells Tommy Read that the bank won't lend Ed Lawton any money to change the farm to a market garden.  "I'm beginning to see the light.  Have a drink," says Tommy Read.  "No," answers Benny.  "Come on son," says Tommy Read.
Late that evening, Lia finds John Farnham in the sitting room of the lodging house.  She tells him she couldn't sleep.  She walks over to John's medical bag and handles the scalpal.  "Be care Lia, you might cut yourself," warns John.  She asks John for a sleeping tablet and whilst John fetches one Lia takes the scalpal and puts it behind her back.  John offers to warm some milk for her but Lia says there is no need.  "I know what has to be done," she says and leaves the room.
Stan tells Sheila that Vera does have a point about her doing home hairdressing.  He says he has done some extra work in the past but he never put anyone out of business. 
Carney tells Bill Warren that he has entered Jasper, his whippet, into his first race.
Tommy Read and Benny visit Clover Hawkins.  During a heated discussion Clover Hawkins decides to blame Benny for everything.  "You chucked him out of his own home when he was fifteen.  And there's another thing you didn't tell him.  This house doesn't belong to you, it belongs to him," says Tommy Read. 
Bill Warren opens a betting syndicate for Carney's whippet.  Stan bets two pounds and Sandy bets five pounds. 
Mrs Lupton, John Farnham's landlady, tells John that the hospital rang to ask where Lia was.  John Farnham goes to the motel and tells David and Sandy that Lia is missing.
Vera tells Sheila that she has no option but to sack her.
*** End of Episode 2519 ***
Diane takes Josie Welch to the motel to show her where she used to work.  Josie is very impressed by what she sees and says she wouldn't mind working at the motel herself.
Carney goes back to the motel after Jasper the whippet's first race and tells Sandy that Jasper came in fourth.  "That's not bad," says Sandy.  "But there were only four in the race," says Carney.      

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