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Ed Lawton and Diane go into town to see the bank manager leaving Benny and Josie at the farm.  Benny finds Josie dozing in an armchair and tells her to work.  "You wouldn't care if this farm went bust," says Benny.  "Why should I?" asks Josie.  "Come on work!" shouts Benny waving a bread knife at her.  "Don't you wave that at me, you half-wit.  You ought to watch that temper of your's Benny bot," says Josie.
Sandy tells Meg that he feels sorry for Bill Warren and manages to persuade her to give Bill his job back.
Josie apologises to Benny for calling him a half-wit.  Benny says he likes her too much to hurt her.
Ed and Diane return from town and Ed tells Benny that the bank won't lend him any money.  He says Josie will have to go because they can't afford to pay her wages.
David decides to go and see Lia and goes to the lodging house where she is living.  He see's Lia coming down the driveway and sits down to wait.  Lia comes into the house andsee's David.  "Lia. I have to talk to you," he says.  John Farnham comes into the house.  "Tell him to get out!" screams Lia hysterically.  "Did you have to come here to upset her," says John.  "Get out," he orders.  "I'm going.  And I won't even try to explain," says David and leaves. 
Once David has left John sits Lia down and asks her what David has done.  "I hate him, but I will not betray him.  I owe him that, and only that" she says.
John Farnham see's David at the motel the following day and says Lia is more unsettled than before.  He asks David to explain.  David tells him that the men in Lia's village were shooting at him and his men, so they had to return fire and in the process Lia's parents were killed.  John tells David that he will do his best to explain his side of the story to Lia and get her to understand.
John Farnham returns to his flat and tries to explain to Lia.  "I don't want to understand.  I hate him and I will always hate him!" shouts Lia.
Episode 2518 April 1976
See Archive Volume 4
In the sitting room David reads Sandy a letter from Lia.  'My parents are dead and I wish you were too, so you could suffer like I am now,' he reads.
Benny takes the day off work to go and see his gran.
John Farnham finds Lia studying hard and she tells him that she isn't going to let David ruin her chances in her exams.  "He hasn't ruined your chances before," points out John.  He asks her to come to a club with him but says he has a few calls to make first.  "One of them is at the motel," he says.  "Then I shall wait in the car," says Lia.
Ed Lawton tells Josie Welch that he can't afford to keep her on.  Josie asks Diane where Benny is and Diane says he has gone to see his gran.  "He told me he was going to see his father," says Josie.
John Farnham goes to the motel and talks to David, who tells him about the letter he received from Lia.
Mrs Witton lets slip to Vera that Sheila is doing hairdressing at home.  "I'll kill her.  I'll damn well kill her," says Vera and goes to find Sheila.
Lia Hua comes into the motel reception and finds John Farnham at the bar.  "You were so long John," she says.  John orders her a drink which David brings to her.  He attempts to talk to her but Lia interupts.  "Did you cure someone today John?" she asks.  "What?  Oh I suppose so" says John.  "I suppose you're used to seeing people die.  How you must hate people who kill," says Lia.  John puts his drink down on the bar counter and says they must go.  "I would like another drink please," says Lia.  She sits down and begins to sob.  "I'm sorry Lia," says David, and walks from behind the bar.  He tries to comfort Lia but she shrugs him off.  "Don't touch me," she says, and runs out of the reception. 

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