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Back at his flat John Farnham looks in his medical bag and discovers a scalpal missing.  "Oh my god," he says.
Diane arranges with David Hunter for Heywood Farm to deliver their first batch of vegetables to the motel.
Benny tells Tommy Read that Ed Lawton needs the money to keep the farm going otherwise he will have to sell to John Sackville.  Tommy Read tells Benny that he can help him but he must not tell anyone he is his father.
David tells Sandy that he drove all over Birmingham looking for Lia but had no luck.  "You should stop feeling guilty," says Sandy.  "If something heppens to Lia how am I supposed to stop feeling guilty for the rest of my life," says David.  John Farnham comes to the sitting room and asks to speak to David alone. 
Episodes 2523/4/5/6 Compilation April 1976
See Dvd Volume 3 / Archive Volume 4
The two men go into the office and John tells David that one of his scalpals is missing.  He says he remembers Lia fiddling with it the evening before she disappeared.  "She's under great emotional strain.  She's trying to avenge the death of her parents.  She talked about you, well, she said she hates you," says John.  "I know.  John, what are you trying to say?" asks David.  "David, I'm trying to warn you that your life might be in danger," says John.
David tells John that he appreciates his concern but he really thinks that he is making too much of it.  All the same John warns him to be careful and on his guard.  John tells David that he is going to report Lia's disappearance to the police.
A policewoman arrives at the motel to ask David some questions about Lia.  She asks David if he knows why Lia is in such a bad state and David tells her he doesn't. 
Diane asks Josie what she will do after she has left Heywood Farm.  Josie says she would like to work at the Crossroads motel.  "That bloke, what's his name?" she asks.  "David Hunter," answers Diane.  "Yeah.  I could go for him all right.  Do you fancy him? asks Josie.  "No, but plenty do," says Diane.
Benny arrives at Heywood Farm with Tommy Read who introduces himself as a friend of the family.  When they are alone, Tommy gives Benny a letter to give to the bank, and says he will open an account for him.  Tom Read asks Benny to forget all about him.  "I won't come looking for you again but you can't make me forget you.  The way you do call me son, I'll never forget it," says Benny. 
Wilf Harvey has a go at Vera for giving Sheila the sack, but Vera says she had no choice.  Later, Vera shows Sheila the books with the salon takings.  Sheila compares them with last years takings.  "You see.  It's nothing personal," says Vera. 
Jim Baines arrives back at the motel and tells Jane Smith that he has been away on a job for Cliff Leyton.  He tells Jane that his wife, Muriel, isn't very well and might have to go into hospital.

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