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Jill finds Hugh at the airport and says she will come with him to the departure lounge.  Hugh says there is no need.  Jill goes to the viewing area and watches as Hugh boards the plane.  As Hugh reaches the plane Jill watches as he puts his arm around a blond haired woman.
Tish Hope see's her estranged husband Ted at the motel Christmas party and isn't very happy to see him. 
David takes a telephone call and then goes into the sitting room where he finds Meg, Stan and Jill.  They notice his worried expression.  "What's wrong David?" asks Jill.  "Bad news," says David.  "It's Hugh isn't it?" says Meg.  "Yes.  I just had a phone call from Anita Fielding.  Hugh's had a heart attack," says David.
Doug Randall telephones Vera and tells her that he is in Birmingham, but Vera tells him there is no point in coming to see her because it is over between them.
David tells Tish and Ted Hope about Hugh.  Ted tells him that he and Tish are going to try and sort out their marriage problems.  Margie Gibbons tells Diane and Trevor Woods that her boyfriend wants her to marry him and go back to London with him.  She says she will have to find another model to take her place once she leaves.  She shows Bart Fisher a photo of a model friend of hers called Zelda.
Vera arrives at her boat after work and finds a sailors hat on the table.  She finds it belongs to Doug Randall's friend, Gus Harmon.  He tells Vera a few home truths because he assumes she finished with Dough because she has another boyfriend.
Bart Fisher is awaiting the arrival of his new model, Zelada.  He pays Trevor Woods to take Diane out whilst he gets acquainted with Zelada.  Trevor Woods asks Diane out and she accepts. 
Carney tells Diane that he heard Bart Fisher and Trevor Woods plotting something, and Bart telling Trevors Woods to take Diane out.  "So that's his game," says Diane, angrily.
Jill makes Faye a dress in her spare time.
Carney offers Gus Harmon a room in his home.  Gus learns that Vera didn't finish with Doug because she was seeing someoone else but that it was Doug's wife who caused trouble between them.  Gus goes to Vera's boat and apologises to her. 

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