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Meg brings Hugh home and packs him off to bed to rest.  Bart Fisher asks Meg if he can go and visit Hugh.  Meg agrees but asks him not to talk business.  Hugh asks Bart to post a letter for him. 
Mrs Rawlings arrives at the motel to replace her sister Mrs Jenkins in the ktichen.
John Farnham asks Faye Mansfield out to dinner but Faye says David Hunter is ill so she has a lot of work to do.
Bart Fisher goes to see Meg in the sitting room and puts a pile of letters down on a chair whilst he puts his coat on.  He leaves, forgetting the letters.  Faye notices them and gives them to Meg.  Meg looks through them and finds an envelope in Hugh's handwriting addressed to Anita Fielding.  She keeps the letter and asks Faye to take the rest to Bart Fisher.
Whilst on reception duty Diane receives a telephone call from her uncle Ed Lawton.  She replaces the receiver and Mr Booth, noticing her shocked expression, asks her what is wrong.  "It's my aunt.  She's just died," Daine tells him.
Meg talks to Tish Hope about the letter from Hugh to Anita Fielding.  Tish says it might be business, but Meg says surely Hugh would have asked one of his secretary's to type it.
Tish takes a telephone call for David from an old army frient of his who wants to know if David is coming to the annual regimental reunion.  Meg tells Tish that David gets an invitation every year but never goes. 
Stan still objects to Jill spending so much of her spare time dressmaking, but something Tish says about David not trying to change Kelly even though they will be apart for months makes him see things differently.  That evening when he goes home, Stan tells Jill that she can do as much dressmaking as she wants.     
Diane travels to Heywood Farm to attend her aunt's funeral and finds her uncle Ed Lawton in a bad state.
Hugh asks Bart if he posted his letter and Bart tells him that Faye posted them.  Later Hugh thanks Faye for posting his letter.  "I didn't post any of your letters Mr Mortimer.  I would have recognised your writing.  I think Mrs Mortimer held one back.  That must have been the one," she says.
Meg brings Hugh some letters from his office and Hugh asks her to open them.  "There's nothing here but business letters," she says.  "Not even one from Anita Fielding," says Hugh.
At Heywood Farm everyone is ready for the funeral.  Benny finds Ed Lawton in the kitchen and says he hasn't brought Mrs Lawton any flowers, but he will buy her some in the spring.  "Yes, she'd like that," says Ed.  "That's what I thought," says Benny and leaves.  Ed clutches his wife's apron and sobs.
Tish Hope takes a telephone call in the sitting room.  "Meg.  Anita Fielding is in reception and she wants to see you," she tells Meg.  "Perhaps she's come to help Hugh make his decision," says Meg.  Meg refuses to see Anita Fielding and Tish says she will take Anita Fielding up to see Hugh.
Tish meets Anita Fielding in reception and takes her up to Hugh's room.  Tish leaves Hugh and Anita Fielding alone.  Anita walks up to Hugh and he takes her hand. 
In the sitting room Tish tries to persuade Meg to see Anita Fielding.  "Whatever she's come about, she means trouble," says Meg.  At that moment the door opens.  "Oh I'm sorry to burst in, but you are Hugh's wife," says Anita Fielding.  Tish Hope leaves the room.  Anita Fielding tells Meg that she knows she has been avoiding her.  She explains that she went to Australia with Hugh, but only to back him up.  She assures Meg that there is nothing between her and Hugh, that they are old friends.  "No one tells me what to do.  I go my own way," says Anita Fielding.  "Is that why a private detective follows you?" asks Meg.     

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