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Carney and Wilf come into reception and see the Christmas tree, so they move it to the back of the potting shed.  David comes back into reception with Sheila.  "It's a fine speciman standing seven feet tell.  Right up against the wall.  I thought I saw it last night but in the morning it was gone, but the most important thing is that we now have a Christmas tree....." he tells Sheila, pointing to where he last saw the tree.  "What Christmas tree?" asks Sheila.  David puts a hand to his forehead.  "Oh no.  Not again," he groans as he stares at the empty space.
Bart Fisher's wife, Rachael, employs a male secretary by the name of Trevor Woods in order to make Bart jealous.
Episodes 2450 /2451 December 1975
See Archive Volume 4 / Dvd Volume 2 
Tina Webb and Simon Wittaker get engaged. 
A police sergeant arrives at the motel to ask Carney and Wilf some questions about Christmas trees.
Jill tells Meg that Hugh is having an affair and is being followed by a private detective. 
Rachael Fisher lets Trevor Woods move into the spare room at the penthouse flat.
Meg tackles Hugh about his affair.  Hugh tells her that Anita Fielding is his financial advisor.
Diane tells David she heard they had acquired three Christmas trees.  David tells her they haven't got any now because they have all been donated to the local children's home.  David goes into reception and see's Meg decorating a Christmas tree.  "This is rediculous.  Meg where did that tree come from," he asks.  "You know what David.  Because we gave our trees to the children's home, they're sending over some children," says Meg, ignoring his question.  "Where did you get it?" asks David.  "As I was saying, they are sending some children over to sing some carols," says Meg.  "Meg!" says David.  "Now wasn't that nice of them," says Meg, still ignoring David's question.  "Well I wasn't going to leave the decorating to an old scrooge like you," she says.  "Thanks," says David, slightly hurt.  "Well you hate Christmas, or at least you pretend to," says Meg.
Jill asks Meg if she has spoken to Hugh yet.  Meg tells her that she has and they both misunderstood the situation.
David and Hugh are in the office together and David is wrapping up Meg's Christmas present.  Meg comes into the office and David hurriedly puts the present behind his back.  Meg looks at him as he edges towards the door trying to hide the present.  "Is everything alright David?" she asks.  "There's something I have to do," says David and leaves quickly.  Meg laughs.  "How not to act when trying to hide something behind your back," she says.
David asks Tish Hope to spend Christmas day with them instead of being alone.
Hugh tells Meg that he has to go to Australia and is leaving on Boxing Day.
On Christmas Day the motel staff go to church and the back to the motel for lunch.  Afterwards Sarah Jane opens her presents around the Christmas tree.
David telephones Ted Hope and asks him to come to the motel and he accepts. 
*** End of Episode 2451 *** 
Hugh has left to catch his flight and Meg realises that he has left his spectacles behind.  Jill volunteers to drive to the airport with them, and says it will give her a chance to apologise to Hugh for jumping to the wrong conclusion about him and Anita Fielding. 

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