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David receives a telephone call from the building site of the Jason Hotel.  David tells Jill that Stan has had an accident.  "How bad?" asks Jill.  "They don't know but they think it's serious," David tells her.
David tells Meg that Stan was knocked unconscious when part of a wall collapsed on him.  Jill goes to the hospital and Meg joins her there.  Later, Hugh Mortimer tells Meg that he has to go to London to file a report on Stan's accident.  Jill comes into the room and tells Meg and Hugh that Stan is still unconscious.  "Why is it that whenever he gets involved with you and your schemes something always happens," sobs Jill, looking accusingly at Hugh.
Jill sits by Stan's hospital bed.  "Sarah sends you a big wet kiss.  Why can't you hear me," she sobs.  At that moment Stan wakes up.
Meg gives Jill a cheque for 100 made out on Hugh's company's cheque book.  Later, Jill sees Hugh and tells him that Stan is going to be alright.  She thanks him for the cheque.  "Cheque?" asks Hugh, puzzled.  "Yes, the cheque mum gave me," says Jill.  Hugh leaves to find Meg.
Sheila Mollison joins Jill in the sitting room and tells her that Hugh was in Birmingham the other night when he said he was in London.  "Roy and I went in a pub in Brum and we saw Hugh with a woman at the bar.  And he went upstairs with her," says Sheila.  "I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation," says Jill.  "If it was so harmless, why did he say he was in London," asks Sheila.
Faye tells Harry Warner about the cheque that Meg gave to Jill.  Harry talks to Hugh later and asks "What's this about a cheque?"  He says it's bad for the company.  Hugh finds Meg and tells her that by giving Jill and Stan that cheque she has made Mortimer Investments look as if they are accepting liability for Stan's accident. 
Hugh and David are in the office when Hugh receives a telephone call.  "Yes, but I can't talk here," he says to the caller.  David takes the hint and leaves the office.  "Yes Anita.  That will be fine," says Hugh after David has left. 
Bill Warren fails to turn up for work and David sends Simon Wittaker to his flat to see what has happened.  Simon returns and tells everyone that Bill paid his rent and left early that morning.  Mrs Witton says she knew Bill was only after Avis's money.
David receives a telephone call from their night porter to say that he is ill.  David tells Meg that he will cover night duty.
Faye breaks the news to Avis that Bill has gone and taken all her money. 
The following day Carney finds David Hunter cat-napping at the reception desk.  He coughs loudly and David wakes with a jump.  "Oh hello Carney," says David.  "What did you want me for?" asks Carney.  "What?" asks David.  "You sent me a note," says Carney.  "Did I?" asks David.  "Yes.  Don't you remember?" asks Carney.  "No.  Come to think of it I'm forgetting quite a few things these days.  Like who I am and where I am..." says David.  Meg comes into reception.  "Ah, Carney, glad you've come," she says, joining Carney and David at the desk.  "You sent me a note.  Mr Hunter doesn't remember," says Carney.  "No.  Well he's going to bed," says Meg, looking at David.  "I'm not.  Yes, well perhaps I will," says David, and begins to walk away.  "Goodnight Meg," says David.  "Good afternoon David," laughs Meg.
Meg asks Carney if he would take on the night porters job and Carney accepts.
Avis, alone at the flat, hears a noise outside and goes to investigate.  She finds Bill Warren outside.  He says he was about to leave but couldn't do it.  He gives her back her money.  Avis is prepared to forgive him but Bill says he is no good for her.

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