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Meg and Hugh are joined in the sitting room by David who is in pyjamas and dressing gown.  "Does a retaining wall mean anything to you?" David asks Hugh.  "Why?" asks Hugh.  "I had a phone call from Harry Warner and he said the retaining wall had to be knocked down, and it would cost 10,000 to rebuild.  He gave me the impression that you were in deep trouble," says David.
Later, Harry Warner arrives at the motel with Mr Williams.  Harry tells Hugh that the builders built the wall so it would collapse.  Mr Williams and Hugh go into the office and Williams demands the 5,000 that he was promised.  Hugh says he didn't promise any money to anyone.  Mr Williams insists that Hugh telephoned him but Hugh denies it.
Hugh tells Meg that he is supposed to have offered 5,000 to Williams in exchange for the contract on the Jason Hotel.  He says Willaims even has a cheque with his signature on it.  Meg advises him to phone his bank manager and see if he made out a cheque for that sum of money.  "Of course, I'll have all the proof I want because only my bank manager knows I haven't written that cheque," says Hugh.
Hugh's bank manager telephones Hugh and tells him that 5,000 was paid into his account on the 25th June.  Meg looks in her diary and tells Hugh that he was in London at a board meeting on that date, but Harry Warner says that Hugh could still have phoned his bank manager.
Harry Warner tells Hugh that he framed him.  He says he will enjoy watching him crumble.  "All this because I wouldn't give you a seat on the board," says Hugh.  "Harry, will you do me one last favour," asks Hugh.  "Yes, what is it?" asks Harry Warner.  "Get out!" shouts Hugh.  Hugh tells Meg that Harry Warner framed him.  Meg tells Hugh that he must call in the police, but Hugh says it wouldn't do any good.
A man called Mr Unwin arrives at the motel and begins asking Faye Mansfield questions about Hugh Mortimer.  Faye calls David Hunter and tells him that Mr Unwin wants to ask some questions bout Hugh.  David tells Unwin that they do not give out any information on guests.  Mr Unwin explains to David that he is following Hugh Mortimer. 
Hugh tells Mr Williams that he didn't make that phone call to the bank but he knows who did.  He says he can't prove it but he will pay the 5,000 if no names are mentioned.
Carney and Wilf erect a Christmas tree in the reception area.  Carney explains that he got it from this man who was selling them cheap off the back of a lorry.  Mrs Witton says she was reading a newspaper article about a man who has been selling stolen Christmas trees in the Birmingham area.  "Off the back of a lorry eh" says Simon Wittaker.
Jill finds David deep in thought and he tells her that Hugh is having an affair and is being followed.  "You're not surprised?" asks David.  Jill tells David that Hugh was seen in Birmingham with another woman.
Carney and Wilf discuss what to do with the Christmas tree and decide the best thing to do if get rid of it.  David comes into reception and stares at the empty space in reception where the tree was.  "Where's the tree?" he asks Carney and Wilf.  "What tree?" they ask.  "There was a Christmas tree standing overthere," says David.  "We haven't seen no Christmas tree have we Wilf," says Carney.  "That's funny," says David, puzzled. 
Jill finds Meg in the sitting room and tries to talk to her about Hugh but the telephone rings.  Jill has a change of mind and hurriedly leaves.
David tells Faye that the Christmas tree has been delivered.  "I didn't know," says Faye.  "Yes, well it was there one minute and gone the next," says David.  In reception the men from the nursery deliver another tree.  Tina stands it up carefully against the wall in reception.  David and Faye come into reception.  "Where did that come from?" asks David, seeing the tree.  Tina tells him it has just been delivered.  "I must be seeing things.  It must be the strain," mutters David as he leaves reception.      

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