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Bill asks Avis to take all her money out of the post office so that he can look after it.
Bart Fisher arrives at the motel and tells Meg that his wife, Rachael, is in Bermuda with some friends.
Bart Fisher arrives at the penthouse flat Diane is living in and Margie tells him that his wife is here.  Bart is bewildered.  Margie goes to have a bath.  Diane comes into the room and accidentally pours wine down the front of Bart's trousers, then tells him to take them off so she can sponge them down.  Bart tries to stop Diane going into the bathroom because Margie is in there, but Diane hears someone singing from the bathroom.  Bart tells Diane it's his wife.  Diane tells Bart that he can sleep in the double bed with his wife and she'll sleep in the spare room.  When Diane and Margie are alone Diane tells her that Bart bought the flat for her, and Margie says he did the same for her.
Hugh offers Stan a job as electrician at the Jason Hotel and Stan says he is very interested.
David tells Meg that he won't be buying shares in the Jason Hotel because he wants to buy a house for him and Kelly.
Carole Hewson tells David that there has been an illness in her family and she would like to leave as soon as possible.   
Hugh Mortimer asks Carole Hewson to do some secretarial work for him but Carole says she has a lot of other work to do.  David comes into the office and Hugh asks David to settle it.  David says it's up to Carole if she does the work or not.  Carole says she can't do the work.  "Sorry Hugh," says David, and Hugh storms out.  "What have I done?" asks Carole.  "Made my day actually," smiles David. 
Later, Faye Mansfield comes to say goodbye to David and Hugh.  Hugh asks her if she would stay and be his secretary and Faye agrees.  David says if he knew Faye would take on temporary work he would have asked her to replace Carole.  "Too late David.  You know what they say.  First come, first served," says Hugh.
Vera guesses that Carole was lying about the family illness, and Carole tells her that she is leaving because of Simon. 
Bart Fisher goes to the flat hoping to catch Margie on her own.  Bart pays Diane to go out, and then goes into the bathroom to tidy himself up.  Margie grabs her coat.  "Where are you going?" asks Diane.  "I'm coming with you.  You don't think I'm staying here with him do you," she says and they leave together. Bart comes out of the bathroom and thinks that Margie is hiding from him.  "You know Margie, you're the one person I could really fall for," he says.  Vera walks out from the bedroom.  "Ar, Mr Fisher, I never knew you cared," she says.
Tina Webb invites Simon Wittaker to her flat and tells him that she is in love with him, but Simon tells her that he loves someone else.
Harry Warner, an associate of Hugh Mortimer, arrives at the motel looking for Stan Harvey.  Faye Mansfield tells Harry that Stan was looking for him too because he is worried about some cracks in the cement at the Jason Hotel.
Diane tells Margie that she wants to hold an undies party.  They asks Tina and Avis to come.
Tina Webb confides in Mr Booth that she is in love with someone who is in love with someone else. 
Avis Tenneson serves Bart Fisher with a drink and thanks him for inviting her to the party, which Bart knows nothing about.  He decides he is very interested when Avis says it's going to be all frilly knickers and bras.

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