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David talks to Reg Hayles before he leaves and asks him to stay a while longer.  "You see, I'm taking Kelly for a drive tomorrow and that'll be my chance to have a serious talk with her.  And if you stay behind you might have something to your advantage," David tells him.
Bill Warren suggests to Avis that he moves in with her but she says it wouldn't be right.
David and Kelly return from their day out in the country.  "No, where was I?" asks David.  "The South American jungle," says Kelly.  David tells her that she should go rather than regret it later.   "But it's too late.  Anyway I want to be with you," says Kelly.  "But it isn't too late," says David, going to the sitting room's french windows.  He opens them and Reg Hayles steps into the sitting room.  "Reg!  I've been tricked, conned.  Oh I hate you!" says Kelly, looking at David.  "I love you," she says and hugs David fiercely.  Kelly tells Reg to go on ahead to London and she'll join him there.  Reg and David shake hands as Kelly puts her arms around David's waist.  "Only one thing Reg.  Take care of her because if something happened to her now I'd break your neck," says David.
Meg tells Diane that she had a letter from Bart Fisher and he is doing a fashion show in Birmingham, so he will probably be staying at the motel.
Kelly and David look at a map in the part of the office which has been converted into a relaxing area.  "Just think tomorrow I'll be there," says Kelly stabbing her finger at the map.  "Touch wood," says David, and puts his hand on her head.  She takes his hand.  "You might get picked up at customs, or stuck in the loo on board," says David.  "Or the plane might go wrong," says Kelly.  "And I'll come and bail you out," says David.  "I'm going to miss you so much," he says.  Kelly turns away from him.  "We'll be so busy we won't have time to think about each other.  Have you ever felt excited and miserable at the same time?" she says.
Kelly asks David to put on some relaxing music so David kneels down next to the record player and places an LP on the turntable.  "Nothing's happened," he says.  Kelly kneels beside him on the floor.  "Try saying hey presto," she suggests.  David tries but still no sound comes from the record player.  "There's probably a loose wire.  Won't take a minute to fix," he says and lays on his back under the record player.  Meg comes into the room.  "I never knew you were holding a prayer meeting," she says.  David and Kelly stand up.  "I'm glad you're here.  I didn't think I'd see you to say goodbye," says Kelly.  "Goodbye?" asks Meg.  "David persuaded me to go," says Kelly.  "Well, come back safely and soon," says Meg.  "I will come back," says Kelly, then looking at David, adds.  "As soon as possible."  
Faye Mansfield returns to the motel to say hello to old friends.  She goes to see Sandy.
Kelly sits on the sofa whilst David lays on the floor trying to fix the record player.  Finally he gives up and sits beside Kelly.  Kelly tells him that they must think of it as if she is on a flying visit to Birmingham.  David gives her a St Christopher necklace.  "You know, I can't see you giving up flying around the world," he says.  "I am.  I promised and I've made up my mind," says Kelly.  They are about to kiss each other when there is a sudden whirring sound as the record player starts playing.  "Hey presto!" they chorus together.
Diane returns to her penthouse flat to find a strange lady there.  "What do you think you're doing in here.  Walking in here as if you own the place," says Diane.  "I do.  This is my place.  You must be Mrs Fisher.  I'm Margie Gibbons.  I expect he's told you all about me," says the woman.
Bill Warren, who is very intoxicated, asks Avis to marry him and she accepts.
Margie Gibbons tells Diane that she thought she was a burglar.  "Well, Margie.  I'm not who you think..." begins Diane.  "If you were a complete stranger I would call the police.  What were you saying Mrs Fisher?" asks Margie.  "Nice weather we're having," says Diane.
Hugh telephones Meg and tells her to lay on a dinner party because he has got a surprise for her.  Meg later tells David that Hugh's company has bought the new Jason Hotel and would like them to invest in it.  David is not keen on the idea but Meg tells him to give it some thought before turning it down.
Avis tells everyone about her and Bill getting engaged.  Amy remarks on the strange affect romance has on people.  "What?" asks Mr Booth.  "Tina!  You must be blind," says Amy.
Tina tells Carole Hewson that she is so excited about Avis and Bill because she is in love herself.  "It's marvellous but it does mix you up a bit.  Anyway keep your fingers crossed for me Carole," says Tina.

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